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  1. dont try to hack crit and eva they maxed crit 90 and eva 60 def and atk can be hack but not permament they reset after crash so u need to make script for atk and def use x4
  2. @Kimastar try this scripts which i made for me and working for me com.journey 1.45hrs.evilhunter.lua com.journey 1hrs.evilhunter.lua com.journey 2.45hrs.evilhunter.lua com.journey 4hrs.evilhunter.lua com.journey 30min.evilhunter.lua
  3. for doing journeys? yes for 30 min journey do before start journey search 1800x4 then refine >1000000000 <2000000000 again refine =1800x4 then edit 1x4 ☺ @sammax71 @Reaction @Kimastar you guys can hack tap tap heros? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.westbund.heros.en
  4. use x8 sandbox if secruity mgs pop up then go to setting, root manager then turn off all applications except game gaurdian then evil hunter works fine but Crashes most
  5. If you using x8 sandbox or other just go to setting ,then root manager then uncheck evil hunter like this turn off root manager for evil hunter only Never hack stuffs on main account always try on temparory account
  6. can u try to hack this enchancement crystals I, II, III, IV nd V more 5k or something ? i dont wanna try this with my main account
  7. at what limit hack items in normal inventory 999? or more than that
  8. can u hack materials in inventory like special technical books and enchant crystals I, II, III, IV and V and phionix feathers , fragments
  9. are you using discord?if yes then thats my discord id Justice#8201 otherwise give me your id i want to talk more about evil hubter hacks please @Kimastar
  10. evil hunter got new update soon maybe now hack will work?
  11. 3500 gems hack also got showing saved data not found then i hacked 3000 gems now fine but game banned in 3 days why i did no pvp
  12. how to refine and edit value to get gems 3x4 search ? then >1000000000 refine then <2000000000 then again 3x4 after that what to do ? results are more 5000
  13. Can u give a explaination how to do that cuz my main also got banned i need to start again and reach fast again x21 that my 2.5 months hard work..
  14. actually i want ask should i search (1800x4) after start journey or before start
  15. how u did this ? Can u give me a proper explanation of how to reduce journey time
  16. if you want shadow souls then hack shadow soul chest with x4 in special tab big chest will give you 300k per use
  17. thnk you bro now i can hack shiny coins without banned i just edit value 900x4 and its 900 i tried with other things also with invite scrolls , awakening crystal nd all everything is fine Thnk you bro Now only 1 thing I want to learn that is hack for gems in achievements and also how to refine values like (>1000000000, <2000000000) where i found to refine like this i dont know where it is @sammax71
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