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  1. Soldiers you can get from the quest rewards. Just going to make the script and I'll send it on a pm
  2. Not what you're really asking for but so far I've managed this: (1) Time jump works so you can keep collecting daily rewards or free items from the shop (2) Free Building upgrades (3) Free Artefact upgrades (4) Quick levelling up of your units 2,3 & 4 are all done using the dump.cs so it's not so easy to explain exactly how it's done. If these are of use to you I can either make a script or explain in more detail how to do it. I'll keep looking for other stuff too.
  3. Is this what you're looking for? Pixel Gun 3D Unlock All Clan Weapons (#1rcd5b6a) Maybe gadgets is different to weapons? I dunno. I never played the game
  4. https://sbupload.com/3fa38792dcface3d Only reason I suggested using the range search is because sometimes I noticed the mana wasn't a whole number. Also remember to pause the game when you go into GG otherwise the mana amount will keep changing.
  5. Attack & Attack Speed are E:Double values but they are not whole numbers. The values on the main screen don't change but you can see in battle they change. The other values like HP and Avoid% are probably stored in that area too but I didn't look too closely. I'm sure you can find them if you need them.
  6. Memory Range: Anonymous Blue (mana), value type E:Double. Try searching a range. If you're showing 200 go into GG and pause the game and search 199~201. Then change value and refine in same way. You should end up with one value and change to whatever you like. Green & Yellow, value type Dword. Search double the amount you have and for me they were stored next to each other. If you have 10 Green and 20 Yellow you would search 40;20::5 so that's yellow first then green.
  7. Things must've changed since I played because I don't remember any time to craft items before.
  8. It's been a long time since I looked at this game but how you describe it is how I remember it although time has passed so things could've changed in any updates to the game. You say things are expensive to craft and mention not having enough crafting materials so why don't you hack those too? I seem to remember only needing one or two of an item to be able to hack the amount. Also can't you use golden eggs to speed up the crafting?
  9. You can hack the quest rewards to get coins. I found if I went over 100 million then I got banned. Sorry I'm not CYBORG-WARRIOR but I thought I'd offer a reply anyway.
  10. Did you try valueX4 & valueX8? Maybe search the value and edit in small groups if the game crashes when searching a lot of results. Search the value x10 or x100 or x1000 and so on
  11. My hack made the handling similar to the acceleration. So I just used to upgrade acceleration and occasionally top speed too. Never needed to touch handling. I only ever played on one device. Maybe that was possible before they made everything server sided
  12. How far into the game do you have to play to get the Emporium?
  13. Lady Alex pissed off so many players I was a member of the FB group and only kept playing because it was funny watching them b**** about her Interesting that someone else modded the stats recently. Maybe I should take another look
  14. The only thing I ever found to change in this game was to boost your handling stat but they fixed that exploit. Still find it funny that they messaged me to basically ask how I was cheating the game (Ps I wonder if that someone that modded the car stats was me )
  15. No, it just reverts back if I try to change the level. Just give yourself lots of cookies and keep levelling up manually.
  16. For me memory range Other (could be Ca on other devices) Value type E:Double Search cost of power up, edit to minus and buy.
  17. @pepeitaka300 It's because the script is made for Arm8 (64bit) devices.
  18. @MonkeySAN @CYBORG-WARRIOR Have you had any success locating the EXP value and either editing it or freezing it? I've tried basic & encrypted searches and also X4 & X8 but no success so far.
  19. I've attempted to make a script to change the quest reward amounts. I haven't fully tested it yet but if anyone wants to give it a try I'll send it to them to test.
  20. Or find other static values near to your one so you can do a group search and find it easily.
  21. You can start a guild for 1000 gems. That's a Double value. I made that -50000 and haven't been banned even on restart. Edit: done this twice now so have just under 100k gems and no ban.
  22. @MonkeySAN Nice find I hadn't even found or looked in a quest tab.
  23. I think lots of things get you banned in this game now ☹
  24. I know this isn't what you was asking for but I'm going to post it and it might inspire somebody else to find a gem or cash hack for you. For me I found this in memory range "Other" so I believe that also could be in "Ca" depending on your device. I found I could buy the decoration items for free. You need to multiply the cost by 100 and search that amount dword. You can either make them all 0 or increment edit and then change the correct value. Making them a minus figure still made it a free purchase and didn't credit cash or gems. As an example the Gummy Arcade costs 750 so I searched 75000 dword. Then edited all to 0. You can then see it was a free purchase and then the item in the shop. I tried the same method to purchase cash in the shop with gems but was unsuccessful. I shall keep looking..........
  25. Try other virtual space apps like x8sandbox or f1vm
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