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    You can modify the items needed to buy buildings. Make them a negative value and then purchase.
  2. Wood & coins done from building a house. Think the cost was 50 wood and 10 coins. So I searched 50;10::50 (dword) then refined 10 and increment edit. Once you find the correct value you can edit to -999999999 then goto the address and you'll see the 50 nearby and you can change that as well.
  3. sammax71

    Wolf tales

    I think you'll find most cheats were either patched for this game or you get banned very quickly now.
  4. You already requested this game once. I'm not sure asking a second time will produce any better results. You could've just bumped your other thread if you wanted it to be seen again.
  5. I think you'll find lots of Idle games are hackable. Egg Inc, Prison Empire Tycoon, that's just two but I know there are lots more.
  6. The best way to learn is to try things. Look at games in the request section that have replies and solutions for people's problems. Try them out for yourself and see if you can get them to work. Then moving forward if you're trying a game for yourself you can try the different ways to search for values that you learn from these games.
  7. The way I found to do it was wait until you have a quest reward that is for 200 gems then search 1;200::5 (dword). Then refine 200 and increment edit to find the correct value.
  8. sammax71

    speed hack

    Don't know if it's the same thing but you can use gg.timeJump("d:h:m:s")
  9. I may have found a way round it but somebody would have to check if the artifacts actually work because I haven't. What you need to do is activate the base artifact. So not upgraded to epic, rare or legendary. Once it's activated you can then search it and change the 0 to 3 and add your stones. I don't get any error messages doing it this way but I don't know if the artifact is having any affect. Once you deactivate and activate again I get the error message so you would have to do it each time you use the artifact.
  10. Looks like something has changed. Some of mine I get a message saying the item isn't authentic. If I change any now they all seem to get that message. Somehow though I've got some in my inventory that work OK.
  11. Do you mean you want to hide the GG icon? If so look under the UI Settings. You can make it transparent.
  12. Just as an example if in a game you could buy 10000 coins for 200 gems then I might start by searching 10000;200 (generally dword). If I find results and can locate and change one of the correct values then I would see if I could change the 200 gems to a negative (to get gems) or 0 (to buy for free). If that worked then I'd probably start looking at the values near to those and see if changing anything made the item I was buying change. Sometimes in some games you could find the item you're buying (in this case 10000 coins) then you may find the line above may be 1 dword. If you change the 1 to 2 and go back to the shop then you possibly could see the 10000 coins has changed to 10000 gems. Then if you change the 2 to a 3 and look again maybe it's now 10000 energy you're buying. These are just examples of possible things to look for. I'm not saying they will work in Days After.
  13. I think it's unlikely you're going to be able to do anything with items that you need to purchase with real money. Maybe if there are items in the shop that you can buy with an in game currency you might be able to modify those. It also might be possible to find the ID codes of different items so you could swap what you are buying in the shop.
  14. If you want other stuff apart from coins and gems you can pretty much get everything you need from the market. It can be quite handy having extra Mana.
  15. LL1 - Coins are simple dword search. I found in memory range "Other" but that could be different for you. I would suggest trying the basic search in the other LL games as well. I'm not going to try them all.
  16. If you change it directly it doesn't work. It just reverts to the correct value.
  17. Here's a screen recording showing how I did it: https://sbupload.com/31d6f943744eccd9
  18. Exactly. You put a "." that's why you get an error.
  19. You can't use "." when searching dword
  20. Maybe means banned rather than deleted
  21. Yep, that's the one they wanted
  22. It's the PvP currency I think they really want. I'm still looking.
  23. Find where your coin value is located and the gems are the line below it.
  24. Crystals can be hacked I think as long as you use them or maybe don't hack a ridiculous amount. I just did it and I've restarted the game twice since and my progress hasn't been reset so it looks like it has worked. They are an e:double value but you have to remember when you search you need to use a range search because the actual value isn't a whole number. So if your crystals say 781 then you should search 780~782. Then wait for them to change and refine in the same way.
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