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  1. I rarely use x8sb as I'm rooted but I do occasionally use it to test something and I get that message all the time. Is there a way to fix it?
  2. I always thought if you're rooted then it's as simple as installing GG and away you go
  3. Reputation for me is in memory range Other. I think that means some people might find it in C_Alloc depending on the device. You need to search double your current reputation dword. So, if your reputation currently says 74 then you would search 148. Then change your rep and refine in the same way. It will only be temporary. Once you close the game and restart it will be at the correct amount unless you edit the database then it would be permanent.
  4. You can but they ban people very quickly
  5. sammax71

    Help pls

    I'm guessing that the majority of people on this forum won't be able to read that screenshot so it might be an idea to say what the game is and even better still include a Play Store link for it.
  6. Anonymous, dword Although when I hit play there's no actual tiles to play
  7. Prepare for your ban.......
  8. Money & reputation hacks still work as I explained earlier in this thread. Database can be edited but I'm not sure if that will work without root.
  9. I don't think you'll find anybody that's going to spoon feed every single piece of information about Game Guardian to you. The only way you will learn is by reading threads and trying stuff for yourself. You can also hit the "help" option too which can guide you to where you can find loads of information about GG and scripting. Good luck
  10. Changing the coins in those boxes you get for completing tasks is only visual. If I find anything else useful I'll let you know
  11. Not going to be very helpful to you but most things I've tried so far have only been visual changes. The rewards in those boxes in the pic can be changed but I haven't collected any once I've changed them but I'm guessing they will only be visual too. One thing I did find but it's not what you're after is you can hack your HP. While playing search your HP dword Anonymous. Get hit and then refine. I was left with 2 results and I just made them 9999 and freeze the values. Seemed to be working. Each new level I started I was at 9999 and if I got hit it went back to 500 but no lower. Then when I started next level it was back at 9999.
  12. There's lots of games called "Tank Hero" in the Play Store. Might be a good idea to provide a link so anybody that looks will at least be looking at the right game.
  13. Only thing I can see at the moment is you can freeze your HP's so you can't be killed. They are e:double.
  14. Anybody still interested in this game you can hack anything in this game. Player names & stats, club names, reputation, sponsors. Everything is stored in a database which can be edited. Message me if you want info on how to do it.
  15. Coins are in Anonymous range and a simple dword search.
  16. If you want to get it all looking the same then I'd suggest doing the ordinary dword search first and changing to what score you want. Then in the same game do the X4 dword search and when you find the value change it to what the other score is reading at that point not forgetting to put the X4 on it too. Then they should be in sync and reading the same as I show in my screenshot.
  17. Could've just carried on in your other thread but never mind we're here now. The "score this time" value seems to be just a plain dword value in Anonymous range. Remember, you are searching and refining your score this time so pay attention to how much you're scoring each time you lay a tile and refine accordingly. You'll most likely get to a stage where you have a few results left. Maybe 10 or less and each time you lay a tile they will stay the same. I found if I changed them all or did increment edit then my game crashed but if you just try one at a time then it was OK and I found the correct one. Incidentally it was the first one of my results but I guess that doesn't mean it will be the same for you. Hope you get your gems
  18. I found a way to change the value but couldn't work out how to change it to a number I wanted. I searched Auto encrypted which eventually left me with one address. I tried changing Xor = but that didn't work for me. Maybe somebody else can explain how to change it to a specific number.
  19. You can edit your best score in the same way too to make it look more believable
  20. Memory range Anonymous. Search your score X4 dword. So in your pic you search 12X4 dword. Change score and refine in the same way. Should leave you with one value. Most likely a long random number. Edit that using the same method. If you go too high the game crashes. In my pic I edited 999999X4.
  21. Did you try hiding GG from the game? I had to hide in Magisk and I just selected all 4 boxes to hide GG from the game then the game ran with no App Guard message.
  22. What do you mean by costume codes? Do you just mean you want to unlock them?
  23. It will differ from game to game. Server sided games you'll most likely not be able to hack at all. If you have a specific game in mind then post the link and I'm sure somebody will look and help you if they can.
  24. sammax71


    This Since being on Android 11 I quite often find values in "Other" region. Especially values that other people are finding in "Ca" region.
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