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  1. https://www.mediafire.com/file/zra3w210lme3m77/ChaosCruiser.mp4/file
  2. Memory Range: Anonymous Value Type: Dword Make the cost of a vehicle a minus and purchase. The game may crash when editing but if you reload the game the minus purchase price should show.
  3. Or you can just edit to 399. That puts it to 4000km when you upgrade once more which is where I think he needs to be.
  4. Memory Range: Anonymous Value Type: Dword 50km = 1 60km = 2 70km = 3 80km = 4 Enjoy your reward
  5. Try editing Qword I don't think those offers ever pay out
  6. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.danielpolish.a64b****ecker
  7. The premium & biz chests in the shop can still be bought for free. You can get the gems from the season pass rewards.
  8. @bickwit Are you playing on a 64bit Android device? It won't work on a pc emulator.
  9. This script is made for 64bit version. Will give unlimited amount of currencies. That's coins, gems, dust, dark orbs & heroic (not sure where this is in the game). With the Fast Level Up if you enable it and play a battle the game will crash at the end. Reboot the game and you should be at max level (101). LittleAlchemist_1_5_1e.lua
  10. It should just be a switch to enable & disable. Shouldn't take any time. Been a while since I made it so I don't really remember it though.
  11. MightyParty.lua This is the script. It was made using BadCase Toolbox. I left it open source so you can update it and add to it. Be careful with the get_speedCost. Don't make it too big of a minus. That's what got me banned. I know 250 was OK but I changed it to 65000 and that was too much.
  12. Do you play on 64bit android device?
  13. Do the 4800 and note the address. Then search 60 Dword (gem cost) and refine using the address (mask) search. Just assume the address of your coin search is 6FE854F1E4 then when you use the address mask search for the gems refine by searching 6FE85????? and then increment edit. Hopefully you'll find one that changes. If not then try again but use the first 4 digits of the coin address.
  14. Just do the same with one that costs gems to buy
  15. I see the amount of downloads for one of my scripts is still increasing so I guess not everybody is facing this problem. Hopefully it will get corrected soon
  16. Memory Range: Anonymous Value Type: E Double When searching your value just add "000" to the amount of your currency. Using your pic as an example I would try searching 39417695000
  17. Try using another virtual app. VMOS, x8 sandbox are a couple you could try.
  18. Punball_3_5_3e.lua That's it in script form if that's any easier. I think it's possible to edit the damage multiplier but it's difficult to find anything as the dump is obscured.
  19. Memory Range: Java Heap Value Type: E Double Just search the cost of an item and edit it to a minus value and purchase. As seen in the pic. Doesn't have to be that exact item.
  20. Try searching: 6;40;4;your double rep;20;44:: as dword. See if that gives you any results
  21. For Rep check memory ranges either Other or Ca
  22. Isn't that Evil Hunter Tycoon?
  23. Sadly I got banned but you can hack gems if you're not too greedy. You can unlock the premium rewards and make yourself VIP also (but I didn't get to fully check if it was working). I was just trying to get to a point to try to help with your epic card evolves. Hopefully someone else can take over and help you now.
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