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  1. @Smoqcheater Apologies for not answering your question but I'm just curious if you've hacked anything else in this game like coins?
  2. View File Volleyball Arena 1) Unlock Characters 2) Unlock Clothing 3) Dive Always Usable 4) Jump Always Usable 5) Unlock Powers 6) Bot No Powers 7) No Ads Submitter sammax71 Submitted 11/27/2022 Category LUA scripts  
  3. Version 1.8.3


    *** MADE FOR 64BIT DEVICES *** 1) Unlock Characters 2) Unlock Clothing 3) Dive Always Usable 4) Jump Always Usable 5) Unlock Powers 6) Bot No Powers 7) No Ads
  4. sammax71

    badminton master

    Memory Range: Anonymous Value Type: Dword Stats, coins and gems can all be found by multiplying your actual amount by 2 and searching that Dword. If you find your Coin value then the Gems for me were at offset 90 from there. The stats values are all located next to each other so are easy to find with a group search. Remember to multiply your actual stat by 2. Not certain if changing stats has any affect but coins and gems can be used and are there after rebooting the game.
  5. Rock beats scissors, paper beats rock and scissors beats paper. That's how you win the game.
  6. sammax71

    Fruit ninja 2

    These can be hacked if they are any use to you?
  7. There are two upgradable items in the game, Size & Power.
  8. @Alessa- Are you banned?
  9. @crimsontrooper https://sbupload.com/fdf6b7e2cada7b4e
  10. Maybe it was because I was changing the actual reward I got that got me banned then. Oh well, I can't enter any more anyway
  11. @crimsontrooper No, the shop that has tabs like "container" and "module". I've deleted the game now or I'd provide screen shots. By searching X4 I mean if the value you're searching is 60000 then you search 60000X4. The actual value you'll be editing will most likely show as being over 1000000000. I think I tried with the co-op points but it didn't work.
  12. I think you'll get banned from editing through rewards in quests but it's not immediate. I did but it took 24 hours for it to happen. Any idea how to start a new game once you've been banned?
  13. @crimsontrooper Some of the values are X4. So you can make them free to buy and also edit the amount of an item you receive. Be careful though because today I can't access online features so there may be a soft ban. I was trying to hack many things so I'm not sure exactly what triggered it.
  14. Can't work out how to hack it with GG but it's hackable using Cheat Droid.
  15. @crimsontrooper I know you're asking about medals but have you had any success hacking anything else in the game? I've found items in the shop can be bought for free.
  16. @blocx Most likely this one: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.scopely.wheeloffortune I've tried changing cost of refill and time to refill but all seem visual only. Think I managed to remove ads after the games. That's about all.
  17. I know it's not using GG but you know there's websites where you can get the solutions for the puzzles. Maybe that would be useful to you
  18. @SynnV2 Check your pm's. Sent you a script there.
  19. @DOOM1212 No idea about being banned as I don't play it. Maybe test with a dummy account first if you're concerned about losing the game.
  20. @w4rrick Try searching 2;200::5 (Anonymous, Dword) You can then change the "2" to a bigger number to get more slots for your heroes.
  21. https://sbupload.com/26f49f2f569280b2 If you don't find it in "Other" then try "Ca".
  22. @tarun_sach Strange that I find lives as an ordinary dword search rather than encrypted
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