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  1. Hey how long have u been using this? And whats are AR?
  2. When will u add damage? I really love the damage features i saw on ur vids and in yt too
  3. I know the inf stamina but how u did cd skill?
  4. I think noone will do this here because it has high specs requirements and server sided game. You can find method on youtube but u will get ban.
  5. Can you add a material hack? Like it automatically get all the materials so u dont need to farm ?
  6. Hey why its not working?? Been trying so many times still not working
  7. Im still confused?? I mean can you make it easy to understand?
  8. Its still working im still currently using it.
  9. Nope it didn't work when i played a match and complete it and restart the app its still not permanent
  10. Hey i have rooted device and when i use the new script .. i hack my uncommon weapon yes it works but why it wont save? You said it become permanent but when i restart the game the only thing revert is the weapos to lvl1???
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