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  1. Where should i download? You should at least put a link for 64 bit version
  2. Hey its still not working Why it ALWAYS say valuee not found???¿ Not working
  3. Hey how do you find the 64 bit version of the game?
  4. Can you make a tutorial???
  5. What the yes your saying??? Im asking if you can fix the script??
  6. Hey... Your script wont work? Can you tell us how to use it? Or you need to do something to make it work? Show some tutorial.. I tried to use your script many times and it still not working any idea how you use it like in the video??? ASAP
  7. What value your finding? So i can try if i can find them because some value is hard to find
  8. It still works tho but they just change the order of the value and add some number to it so you cant no longer uses these values given by someone but the ID on these are usefull to find values you want to edit. I save all the ID of the items,hero,weapon that are in here so i just have to use those as base and find the rest of the values. ps: i tried to unlocked all S rank hero and unlocked all group item still didn't get banned.. then when i tried to unlock and max the equipment/weapon i got ban so yeah... Srry for my bad English
  9. Hello guys anyone know if theres a easy way to scan the values? I tried to find but nothing and the only thing they change is the value order... Someone know how??
  10. Is there a way to edit the cooldown of money printer?... Anyone knows how??
  11. Yo any tried to find any values thats working here rn? I really love this game
  12. Theres a way to do this but it depends on your phone model. And i have the video of how to do this its not mine tho.
  13. Can someone create a script for this?
  14. Well hacking ur resources cap will not get u banned(because i already tried this im using my acc for months idk maybe for over a year but sadly my phone restarted) I already tried everything i didn't get banned and i max everything the only thing i did not max was the map the last 3 place i didnt unlocked because i need to capture 80% of the creatures but i captured 70% so i gradually become bored of the game.. so yea u can max everything but still dont get ban but u will get ban if u edit dias in quest i did that but i always get ban maybe because i reach the limit. I used script someone made here if your curious how i max everything [added 0 minutes later] -------
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