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    Name of Game: Hill Climb Racing Game Version if known: 1.6.2 Name of Cheat: Money Cheat Search Regions Needed: 4byte Steps: Open both Hill Climb Racing, and GameGuardian. Go into the store/main menu. Search your current amount of money. Either spend some, or gain some money. Search your new amount of money. Repeat this process until you find a few values. Change them all to whatever you want.
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    Name of Game: Zombie Diary: Survival Game Version if known: 1.0.4 Name of Cheat: Coins Cheat Search Regions Needed: 4byte Steps: Open both Zombie Diary: Survival, and GameGuardian. Search your current amount of coins. Either spend some coins, or gain some coins. Search your new amount of coins. Repeat this process until you get a few values. Change them to whatever you want. _________ Name of Cheat: Diamonds Cheat Search Regions Needed: 4byte Steps: Open both Zombie Diary: Survival, and GameGuardian. Search your current amount of diamonds. Either gain some diamonds or spend some diamonds. Search your new amount of diamonds. Repeat this process until you get a few values. Change them all to whatever you want.
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    Hello all, As I am sure most of you have noticed, I have taken a more hands-off approach as of late, and focusing more time and effort on the site infrastructure. In the last few years, we've transferred from decent trustworthy hosting to now hosting ourselves in a different country. We have done lots of backend updates (moved to newer PHP versions, MySQL versions, Nginx, etc). Now, I am here to talk to you about our latest updates: Dual-encrypted backups: We backup to 2 separates sources hourly, and encrypt all of our backups. It is worth noting, we have not had to restore a backup in quite some time, but it never hurt to be cautious. We have updated to the lastest Invison Power Suite software, 4.3 . This now allows us to have these new features: New payment methods for subscriptions/donations: Google Pay, Apple Pay, Alipay, and the traditional credit cards and BitcoinPay are still available. Better VIP system for those that use it. Overall performance improvements. Better search system using ElasticSearch. Some new emojii (I know you were all waiting on this). More reaction types (upvotes, downvotes, and emojii that count as reputation points). Posts that have received lots of positive reputation are now automatically highlighted. We brought all our server software and kernel patches up to the latest versions, which includes various improvements (mostly security). Up until yesterday, our server had an uptime of over 365 days, something I personally as a nerd am proud of ? We only reported a few of you to the NSA.... (relax, I am just checking your attention span. I mean, why are you even reading at this point bro ?) We added some more bugs to annoy you. ? Enyby is mad at me, send help ? Things to look forward to in the future: Multiple server hosting/load balancing. This should take the load off of our one server, while also enabling us to deliver content and downloads to you much faster. VIP rework/update. VIP is no longer about hidden/restricted content. It is more about continually supporting the site. However, I still want to have some sweet perks for those that help us. New logo/theme. I am currently looking for a designer to work with (if you are interested, send your portfolio along my way). Dark theme. Implemented for VIP. Automatic content moderation (still to be implemented). Implemented. Here's to giving back more power to you, and less from those greedy lootboxing developers ? - d2dyno
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    Howzit everybody, Consider this being the official announcement of improved android hacks and for the first time ever, Android Trainers! Well kinda, more of a patch You download the trainer/loader/patch for the game, install it on the phone, open it, select the options that you want and click patch! That is the method that we are seemingly going to use, but I will investigate a single patcher application where you can browse for the data and download only the data to be patched. The game will then be patched so the effect will remain constant until the files are modified again or unpatched This method of hacking android games is still in heavy testing and nothing will be released until later this year, early next year, but this is more to make you aware of the concept having been developed and tested! Unfortunately such methods will be unique to GameGuardian so don't ask us how to do it, or for source code (this changed slightly)! Just enjoy using the hacks! Once we start releasing to the public this topic will become a list of currently available hacks, guides on how to use them, etc! Hacks will be released into VIP+ for a week or two then will be released publicly, the same goes for my iOS Trainers now that cheatscapes has died..... The source code will be available to certain people only through request! List of hacks: Will start posting forum links soon! UPDATE LOG: A successful beta version has been built and fully functioning hacks should be released sometime soon
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    Version 1.2.0 GG


    Requires Android: Android 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich MR1) or later. There is support for x86. Video: No root via Virtual Space - GameGuardian (#1pmmphuv) Before installing the optimized version, uninstall the version from Google Play. Differences of the optimized version: no error 105.
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    Name of Game: Beach Buggy Blitz Game Version if known: 1.1 Name of Cheat: Coin Cheat Search Regions Needed: 4byte Steps: Open both Beach Buggy Blitz, and GameGuardian. Start a level. Get some coins, pause the game, and search your amount of coins. Resume the game, and collect some more coins. Pause the game, and search your new amount of coins. Repeat this process until you get 2 values. Change them both to whatever you want. Finish the race. __________________ Name of Cheat: Item Cheat Search Regions Needed: 4byte Steps: Open both Beach Buggy Blitz, and GameGuardian. Go into the store, under the page with the items with quantity (1 per 1 use). Buy about 3 of each item. Search 3. Buy 1 more of each item, then search 4. Repeat this process until you get 3 values. Change all 3 to whatever you want.
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    Got all the best codes and methods compiled into a new video with new cheats! MIGHT MODIFIER CODE: 2076258406 PROC CODE: 40108288 (8 LINES UNDER BLUE LINE) SKILL HACK (20 LINES UNDER BLUE LINE) CHAMP 25 CUPID 55 DRUID 35 GR 49 IMMO 60 NJ 7 PAL 1 PD 45 SM 5 SUC 19 SNW 50 TG 43 UPDATED SBGH TUTORIAL (UNLISTED) Hero list download on youtube, sb game hacker http://gameguardian.net/forum/files/category/3-vip/ Use hiro macro pro to bot (includes a buildbot script!) Enjoy it while it lasts, looks like next update is a doozy and it will be a bit for new hacks! Go forth and wreak havoc, Crashers~!f
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    [uPDATING - 06/04/2014] Name of Game: Real Racing 3 Game Version if known: 2.1.0 Name of Cheat: Unlimited R$ and Gold Search Regions Needed: Auto OS Used: Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean (Rooted Devices Only!) Steps (Unlimited Gold): Open both Real Racing 3, and Game Guardian. Go to the Game Guardian settings while in the game. Access the 'Set Search Settings' and change it to 'All Regions'. Check the amount of Gold you have at the top right hand corner and search it up using 4 Bytes. Steps (Unlimited R$): Open both Real Racing 3, and Game Guardian. Go to the Game Guardian settings while in the game. Access the 'Set Search Settings' and change it to 'All Regions'. Check the amount of R$ you have at the top right hand corner and search it up using 4 Bytes. [NEW METHOD 07/04/2014] Name of Game: Real Racing 3 Game Version if known: 2.1.0 Name of Cheat: Unlimited R$ and Gold Search Regions Needed: N/A OS Used: Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean (Rooted Devices Only!) Note: This new method does not require Game Guardian; it will require Freedom Steps (Unlimited Gold & R$): Download and install Freedom (Google it up, it's an .apk file). Open Freedom and allow it to install any updates it specifies. Look through the list for Real Racing 3 and click on it. Freedom will prepare the game and launch it. In the game, go into the Store and purchase a Gold or R$ package. During the payment confirmation prompt ensure that the card used is "FreeCard" and NOT your own! You will see a message from Play Store saying ''Payment Successful". You now purchse unlimited amounts of Gold and R$! Note: I highly recommend you backup your Character.dat file after using this method to obtain large amounts of Gold and R$ in case anything goes wrong. You can either use Titanium Backup or simply copy and paste the Chracter.dat file into a secure location.
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    Name of Game: Candy Crush Saga Game Version if known: 1.12.0 Name of Cheat: Boosters Search Regions Needed: 4byte Commentary: For this cheat, you will need to search a value in a memory editor, like GameGuardian, find the address, and search this address in the memory, to find, finally, the booster count. Steps: Open both Candy Crush Saga, and GameGuardian (or GameKiller). Search for 1252424193 (Color Bomb data value) You will find some addresses. The first one is the address we need. Note down the hex of the address, example, 2A6D9C20. Get the address of the step 4 and add +4 hex offset, so if it is 2A6D9C20, the new address is 2A6D9C24. Add this address to your cheat list, type 4byte or DWORD. You found the Color Bomb booster count. Edit the address with your desired value. Repeat steps 2 to 7 with another booster data value. Color Bomb = 1252424193 Jelly Fish = 729039361 "Pink Wheel" = 705827841 Lollipop Hammer = 1249391617 "Striped and Packed" = 705801217 Enjoy!
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    Hey guys, For those of you who are having problems, where after updating your SuperSu app, you can't use GameGuardian (it force closes after a few seconds), here is the fix: GG_6.0.2.apk Changelog: 6.0.2: -Changed process name, just for fun -added ACCESS_SUPERUSER request. -updated version number on main screen, to reflect change. 6.0.1: -fixed process name to not use MMS, but use a unique process name. This fixes SuperSu problems. -changed things to make it temp. undetectable. Note: this is an official fix supplied by me. If/when Aqua updates the original version, this version will be removed, and the original file updated in the Downloads section. Enjoy! GG61-signed.apk
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    Version (v4.1)


    This script is completely created by me. My channel "Ajay Gaming & Tutorials" got 4 copyright strikes from EA. So it got deleted. So if u want me to continue to update the script, then please show your support by sharing this script. More features are coming soon. I barely get any time to do these all. So it can be late to update the script. My YouTube channel : https://www.youtube.com/c/AjayGaming08 (R.I.P.)
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    Name of Game: Dragon Warcraft Game Version if known: 1.04 Name of Cheat: Gold Cheat Steps: 1. Open both Dragon Warcraft & GameGuardian. 2. Start the game. 3. Search your current amount of Gold. 4. Buy something using the gold. 5. Search your new amount of Gold in GG. 6. Repeat steps 3 & 4 until you get 1-2 result. 7. Change it to any number you want. And you are done. Name of Cheat: Gems Cheat Steps: 1. Search your current amount of Gems. 2. Play a game. 3. Search your new amount of Gems. 4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 until you get 1-3 result. 5. Change it to any amount you want. And you are done. Posted by RayySP From my Rooted SGS2 via Tapatalk 2
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    Name of Game: Temple Run 2 Game Version if known: 1.0 Name of Cheat: Coin Cheat Search Regions Needed: 4byte Steps: Open both Temple Run 2, and GameGuardian. Start the game. Get some coins. Search your amount of coins. Get some more coins. Search your new value of coins. Repeat this process until you get 2 values. Change them both to whatever you want. _________________ Name of Cheat: Score Cheat Search Regions Needed: 4byte Steps: Open both Temple Run 2, and GameGuardian. Start the game. Run a little. Search your current amount of score. Run a little more, and search your score again. Repeat this process until you have 2 values. Change/save them both as whatever you want. Saving them will make you have that score every run. ________________ Name of Cheat: Diamond Cheat Search Regions Needed: 4byte Steps: Open both Temple Run 2, and GameGuardian. Start the game. Make sure you have at least 4 diamonds. You earn diamonds by leveling up. Search your current amount of diamonds. Spend 1 on an upgrade. Search your new amount of diamonds. Repeat this process until you get 2 values. Change both values as whatever you want.
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    This is a notice If any user does not upload their gamesave into the download system(found here: http://gameguardian.net/forum/files/category/4-gamesaves/), Their gamesave is subject to be uploaded by a moderator or administrator. I have told many users before about this, and none listen. What's the reason? We don't want gamesaves to be taken down by file hosting sites.
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    Watch on YouTube: 73.0: Formula calculator - GameGuardian
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    This is the Official GameGuardian.net guide to Downloading, Setting Up, and Using GameGuardian. Pre-Requisites: Root is required. It doesn't matter if you use SuperSu or Superuser. You must enable installation of 3rd party apps. Part 1: Downloading & Installing Go to gameguardian.net/forum. If you are on mobile, it will come up as this: ​​Click the 4-dots button, in the upper right hand corner. This will present you with a menu like so: Click the downloads icon from within that menu, which will then bring you to this page: Click the "Official Downloads" section text, which will bring you to this page: Click the logo icon (GameGuardian), which will bring you to this page: Now, Click the download button. That will bring you to this page: If you agree, press "Agree & Download" At the time of this writing, the latest version is 6.0.5, so click the download button next to that: You may receive a warning, click yes or ok to begin the download: That will begin the download. Now, check your notification bar to see the progress of the download. Once it is complete, click the notification to begin the installation. This will now bring you the next screen. If you agree with the permissions used, press "Install": Once the app is installed, you will see the next screen. Press open: Now, your root app (either Superuser or SuperSu) Will prompt you for access, unless you have auto-allow on: You are done with this part! Part 2: Configuring In this part, I opened Temple Run 2, but you can just open GG on any app you want to configure. It really doesn't matter. Click the GG icon that is floating in the middle of your screen: You will now see this: Now, to configure GG, press the menu button on the top, all the way to the left. This will bring up the settings menu: Here is a rundown of the settings: "Reset GameGuardian": This setting restarts the GameGuardian app. If you have issues such as searches taking along time, use this. "Set Guardian Location": This will allow you to move the hovering app icon, by first pressing somewhere on the screen you would like to place it, then confirming that action with another tap: "Opacity": This allows you to set how 'see-through' you want the icon to be. To be fully present, set to 100%, to be barely present, set to 10%: "Vanishing Time": This setting allows you to change how long you want the icon to disappear from view for. You are still able to tap the icon though. "Set Search Range": This is probably the most important setting. It allows you to either search through barely any values, to ever value in the game. To find values most of the time, we recommend setting this to "All Regions": "Stop GameGuardian": This setting is pretty self explanatory. Pressing it, and then yes, will close the GameGuardian app:
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    hello I have found how to earn ~10-12x more coins. I have spend a lot of time watching tutorials, searching forums, decompiling, trying several emulators, installing a lot of software etc...and bingo - looking into code I've found simpliest way and it worked. I can share this method, but not public here. I'll try make video tomorrow and upload somewhere.
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    Yo guys! Install and open this app https://www.dropbox.com/s/18ggnjkwwk61v7g/IAP%20Cracker.apk (no root needed) and then close it and open Plague inc. Once you choose any purchase it will say: make free?, click ok and its bought.
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    I added all GAPPS zips to GENYMOTION TOOLS zip link and included new video showing developer options to set to ensure optimal gameplay. Worth noting that cheat engine can be used on Genymotion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8h29LkPDd0g ************************************************************** https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_8iW5w_I5w PRECONFIGURED JENNEH MOTION TABLET DOWNLOAD + VIDEO: HIRO MACRO PRO... PRO BOTTER XD What Genymotion is good for ;]
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    Name of Requested File: Clash of Clan Link To Download: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.supercell.clashofclans Comments : Please mod this game with créé shopping because the number of elixir and coins is visible .
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    Play Store Icon Image (upload it to GGImage) Name of Game: Game Version: Name of Cheat: Steps: Open both {game_name}, and GameGuardian.
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    Mirrored from YouTube: Tutorial: How to make a hack with GameGuardian Example script: demo.lua
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    @BadCase and I will work on a script...
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    Yup yup. I like to drop the 1183 when I'm able to. Most games I use 1183 since NoFear is "taken". and thank you.
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    To start, you need to draw a pentagram with the correct spells. Then kill the victim on the altar. Sprinkle the blood of the victim pentagram. Then say the spell. Well, or something like that.
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    You must have already earned some points to spend for this to work: 1. Open Game Gaurdian 2. Open 9 Innings Pro Baseball. 3. In G.G. Search for the amount of points you currently have. 4. In 9 Innings, go into Card Shop, Draw Card. And draw the cheapest pack. 5. In G.G search again for the points you currently have. 6. Repeat steps #4 and #5 until your left with the hex code for your points, change to any # of points you would like (max 9,999,999) If that worked for you, awsome. If your like me, and the game completely shut off when you tried to change the points value, keep reading: 1. Start a new game, exhibition, season, whatever, doesnt matter. 2. Play until you get your first "achievement" i.e. 2-base hit for 10 points or so. 3. Immediately in G.G. search for that exact value of points earned for that achievement. 4. Play until you get a 2nd achievement. 5. Add the points for the 1st and 2nd achievement, and search for that value in G.G. 6. Repeat steps #4 and #5 until your down to the only hex value thats keeping track of the running achievement points value. 7. Change that value to whatever you want (max 9,999,999) 8. Finish playing the game, and at the end, you will be given however many points you put in. I discovered this on my own, so thought I would share with all the other baseball fans out there. If someone else discovered this before me, I apologize, let me know and I will give credit to you as well. Well there you go guys/gals. Hope you enjoy getting that all Platinum team to kick a** with.
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    Hello you. You can guide your castle Clash hack new version 1.2.25 not up date. This may not be the hero hack anymore. the hack still present but normal values ​​in the drop-hero, the game will be thrown immediately.
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    <p>Play Store Icon Image (upload it to GGImage)<br><strong>Name of Game</strong>:<br><strong>Game Version if known</strong>:<br><strong>Name of Cheat</strong>:<br><strong>Search Regions Needed</strong>: 4byte (default is 4byte)<br><br><strong>Steps:</strong></p> <ol class="bbcol decimal"><li>Open both {game_name}, and GameGuardian.</li> <li>&nbsp;</li> </ol>
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    Version 4.0


    FEATURES [Thank for code saiaapiz] No lognger updating this anymore 4.0 1.TruePersonal (Explode on death. • Show Enemy on Minimap. • Hide footsteps from enemy. • Nightvision ready. • Anti Flashbang. • God 95% Mode) 2.Infinity clip 3.Wallshot 4.EasyAim360° 5.No Reload weapon 6.No Recoil + No Spread 7.Dark Sky 8.Change fire rate 9.Change Fov I'm not good English Old script version Script Menu Modern Strike Online (#5uga4mky) Video
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    Watch on YouTube: 8.69.0: Bypass ptrace protection - GameGuardian
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    Watch on YouTube: How to get offline help on scripts - GameGuardian
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    Hi! good news! I am trying it as well, for both crystal and vip status. Once I was frustrated and changed xor value of some lines randomly (after a fuzzy search, so not total random of course), and I was able to gain just 1 crystal each run. Trying to replicate now, I will keep you updated.
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    Hello world, I'll leave you the latest updated hacks with game guardian. of the game the last day on earth to get more information visit my channel. Channel youtube anonymous 1000 hacker. https://m.youtube.com/c/ANONYMOUS1000HACKER Channel youtube game guardian. https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC6AGYmGsRgmpXgz4mxAkRoQ _______________________________________________ added 3 minutes later Hack level last day on earth: survival 2018 by anonymous 1000 hacker and GG application. https://m.youtube.com/c/ANONYMOUS1000HACKER
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    Hey guys, We're looking to improve compatibility of GameGuardian, with MIUI, but need a handful of testers to help us with testing new bug fixes/features. Testers must be able to intelligently articulate any issues that may occur, and must be able to provide any requested logs. Let me know if you are interested.
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    Hello all, Today I am announcing, that we will be closing our mod/gamesave download section. Most of them have become outdated and are just taking up space on our server. With the section cleaned, we'll be able to more strongly focus on other aspects of our site (such as videos).
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    Version 1.3.2


    Hello i am just recode lua script super cheat. While learning about lua script Requirements 1.Crisis Action V2.0 built 337 2 . Game Guardian Minimum v 8.30.0 Features 1. 1 Hit All Weapon 2 1 Hit Shotgun 3 Wall Hack 4 Wall Bug 5. Fast Shoot (Only Work On TC/PVE mode) 6 Fast Reload NB : You Must Actived Anti Hack Detectes Manualy. Before use this script You can see tutorial byspass hack detected on youtube chanel sinsmedia Special Thanks to @Enyby @Aufar_R
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    I have not seen this posted yet so I thought I would. It works with the new Google store. Here is the link. http://system.in-appstore.com/freedom/freedom-0.8.5.apk Sent from my SCH-R530U using Tapatalk 4 Beta
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    Going to play a little Devil's advocate here. A. The people ranking on HBM on usually not real people they are bots and the hackers bots testing the code out with. B There is a known mole in the VIP that is in league with IGG. I suppose this is our peer's way of implementing security checks. C. This is a free hack where as you can gladly go pay someone $30-$40 elsewhere :-) D. The 20 post rule really isn't terrible, it is an idea that can be worked on yes but really it isn't all bad as it helps keeps forums updated with chatter and to help keep folks engaged and brainstorming. While I see a lot of complaints I see not a lot of solutions. So try to look at all sides of the box and try to help give back rather than be upset a member added a simple request for their free mods / hacks.
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    "ZOINKS!1!! NO MODZ!!" "RUH ROH RAGGY!!" I know these times may seem gloomy as the modders work hard on bypassing those server checks with the latest version of Castle Clash. To try to bring a little happy in your day, I found a fix to a lovely virtual machine that supposedly isn't compatible with the latest patch and will share with you, GameGuardians!!
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    Zepher i will show you how to mod them if you are still there somewhere
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    Name of Game :Baseball Superstars 2012 Game Version :1.05/1.06 Name of Cheat: Gpoints Name of Address:varies Steps: Make you have value locking abilities 1. go to challenge mode --> Homerun Race 2. Play a match and search for the value of gpoints your earn 3. Do step 2 until you get only 2 values or 2 values that are close to each other (should be 3 or 4 times) 4. set the both values to 99999, do not exceed 5. lock the values on both 6. Play 1 more match and bang free gpoints This could work in Strike race also
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    + Name of Game:Shakes Spears Game Version if known:1.15 Name of Cheat: Gold and crystals + potions same steps for all Steps: Open both the Game, and MY game killer - gameki11er770cracked.apk works for both Path to glory and Act of valor - Path to glory - Act of Valor - Instructions - download my cracked or any paid Gamekiller My cracked GK - http://www.mediafire...eglxmfbi59gew07 select app by pressing inbuilt menu button search for your gold value press dword(0-4294967295) then change last 10-20 results to 0999,999,999 include zero infront or your gold will go zero Remeber you need over 1000-1250 gold to hack the game easily as i've done. Don't forget to like if i helped you by giving my precious instructions to you.
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    Watch on YouTube: Hack Hill Climb Racing 2 - Actualizado 2017 You can subscribe to our new videos.
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    Name of Game: Coin Dozer Game Version if known: 4.4 Name of Cheat: Coin Cheat Steps: Open both Coin Dozer, and GameGuardian. Search your current amount of coins. Use a coin. ***Make sure the timer for your next coin is above 20 seconds!*** Search your new amount of coins. Repeat this process, until you find 1 4byte value. Change it to whatever you want.

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