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    Name of Game: Candy Crush Saga Game Version if known: 1.12.0 Name of Cheat: Boosters Search Regions Needed: 4byte Commentary: For this cheat, you will need to search a value in a memory editor, like GameGuardian, find the address, and search this address in the memory, to find, finally, the booster count. Steps: Open both Candy Crush Saga, and GameGuardian (or GameKiller). Search for 1252424193 (Color Bomb data value) You will find some addresses. The first one is the address we need. Note down the hex of the address, example, 2A6D9C20. Get the address of the step 4 and add +4 hex offset, so if it is 2A6D9C20, the new address is 2A6D9C24. Add this address to your cheat list, type 4byte or DWORD. You found the Color Bomb booster count. Edit the address with your desired value. Repeat steps 2 to 7 with another booster data value. Color Bomb = 1252424193 Jelly Fish = 729039361 "Pink Wheel" = 705827841 Lollipop Hammer = 1249391617 "Striped and Packed" = 705801217 Enjoy!
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    Name of Game: Dragon Warcraft Game Version if known: 1.04 Name of Cheat: Gold Cheat Steps: 1. Open both Dragon Warcraft & GameGuardian. 2. Start the game. 3. Search your current amount of Gold. 4. Buy something using the gold. 5. Search your new amount of Gold in GG. 6. Repeat steps 3 & 4 until you get 1-2 result. 7. Change it to any number you want. And you are done. Name of Cheat: Gems Cheat Steps: 1. Search your current amount of Gems. 2. Play a game. 3. Search your new amount of Gems. 4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 until you get 1-3 result. 5. Change it to any amount you want. And you are done. Posted by RayySP From my Rooted SGS2 via Tapatalk 2
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    This is a notice If any user does not upload their gamesave into the download system(found here: http://gameguardian.net/forum/files/category/4-gamesaves/), Their gamesave is subject to be uploaded by a moderator or administrator. I have told many users before about this, and none listen. What's the reason? We don't want gamesaves to be taken down by file hosting sites.
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    This is the Official GameGuardian.net guide to Downloading, Setting Up, and Using GameGuardian. Pre-Requisites: Root is required. It doesn't matter if you use SuperSu or Superuser. You must enable installation of 3rd party apps. Part 1: Downloading & Installing Go to gameguardian.net/forum. If you are on mobile, it will come up as this: ​​Click the 4-dots button, in the upper right hand corner. This will present you with a menu like so: Click the downloads icon from within that menu, which will then bring you to this page: Click the "Official Downloads" section text, which will bring you to this page: Click the logo icon (GameGuardian), which will bring you to this page: Now, Click the download button. That will bring you to this page: If you agree, press "Agree & Download" At the time of this writing, the latest version is 6.0.5, so click the download button next to that: You may receive a warning, click yes or ok to begin the download: That will begin the download. Now, check your notification bar to see the progress of the download. Once it is complete, click the notification to begin the installation. This will now bring you the next screen. If you agree with the permissions used, press "Install": Once the app is installed, you will see the next screen. Press open: Now, your root app (either Superuser or SuperSu) Will prompt you for access, unless you have auto-allow on: You are done with this part! Part 2: Configuring In this part, I opened Temple Run 2, but you can just open GG on any app you want to configure. It really doesn't matter. Click the GG icon that is floating in the middle of your screen: You will now see this: Now, to configure GG, press the menu button on the top, all the way to the left. This will bring up the settings menu: Here is a rundown of the settings: "Reset GameGuardian": This setting restarts the GameGuardian app. If you have issues such as searches taking along time, use this. "Set Guardian Location": This will allow you to move the hovering app icon, by first pressing somewhere on the screen you would like to place it, then confirming that action with another tap: "Opacity": This allows you to set how 'see-through' you want the icon to be. To be fully present, set to 100%, to be barely present, set to 10%: "Vanishing Time": This setting allows you to change how long you want the icon to disappear from view for. You are still able to tap the icon though. "Set Search Range": This is probably the most important setting. It allows you to either search through barely any values, to ever value in the game. To find values most of the time, we recommend setting this to "All Regions": "Stop GameGuardian": This setting is pretty self explanatory. Pressing it, and then yes, will close the GameGuardian app:
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    Yup yup. I like to drop the 1183 when I'm able to. Most games I use 1183 since NoFear is "taken". and thank you.
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    <p>Play Store Icon Image (upload it to GGImage)<br><strong>Name of Game</strong>:<br><strong>Game Version if known</strong>:<br><strong>Name of Cheat</strong>:<br><strong>Search Regions Needed</strong>: 4byte (default is 4byte)<br><br><strong>Steps:</strong></p> <ol class="bbcol decimal"><li>Open both {game_name}, and GameGuardian.</li> <li>&nbsp;</li> </ol>
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    "ZOINKS!1!! NO MODZ!!" "RUH ROH RAGGY!!" I know these times may seem gloomy as the modders work hard on bypassing those server checks with the latest version of Castle Clash. To try to bring a little happy in your day, I found a fix to a lovely virtual machine that supposedly isn't compatible with the latest patch and will share with you, GameGuardians!!
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    Zepher i will show you how to mod them if you are still there somewhere
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    Name of Game :Baseball Superstars 2012 Game Version :1.05/1.06 Name of Cheat: Gpoints Name of Address:varies Steps: Make you have value locking abilities 1. go to challenge mode --> Homerun Race 2. Play a match and search for the value of gpoints your earn 3. Do step 2 until you get only 2 values or 2 values that are close to each other (should be 3 or 4 times) 4. set the both values to 99999, do not exceed 5. lock the values on both 6. Play 1 more match and bang free gpoints This could work in Strike race also
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    + Name of Game:Shakes Spears Game Version if known:1.15 Name of Cheat: Gold and crystals + potions same steps for all Steps: Open both the Game, and MY game killer - gameki11er770cracked.apk works for both Path to glory and Act of valor - Path to glory - Act of Valor - Instructions - download my cracked or any paid Gamekiller My cracked GK - http://www.mediafire...eglxmfbi59gew07 select app by pressing inbuilt menu button search for your gold value press dword(0-4294967295) then change last 10-20 results to 0999,999,999 include zero infront or your gold will go zero Remeber you need over 1000-1250 gold to hack the game easily as i've done. Don't forget to like if i helped you by giving my precious instructions to you.