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  1. All credits to nemesis/ very good mod Name: Sniper Arena: PvP Army Shooter Version: 0.7.3 (?) for Android 4.0.3+ (Ice Cream Sandwich MR1, API 15) Root: No/Yes (No Need Root) Mod features: 1. Better scanner 2. Steady crosshair 3. Always head shoot 4. Fast shoot / reload Note: - always head shot (just shoot any enemy part will count as head shoot) - Music On >> work termal will not counted || Music Off >> work termal will counted - better scanner have faster scanning and long lasting battery - complite tutorial first before using mod Tag me if it need update Install Steps: 1. Download and install clean apk. 2. Complite tutorial. 3. Download & install Signed Mod. 4. Done. Credits To: NEMESIS - JMT Clean Apk Download: PlayStore|ApkPure Mod Download: SignedMod
  2. War Robots 2.8 Premium activated just a small proof of concept to show what is possible to hack in that game. We dont release that! All credits for vip hack goes to RoyalGamer from WAR-ROBOTS-UNGINED-MOD-2.8.0.apk WAR-ROBOTS-MOD-APK-2.8.0.apk
  3. Yeah, without aqua/water we cant exists
  4. You must email the support
  5. I forgot that, sorry. This mod isnt made by me. Gold ams silver, health, all that is serverside. If you need a aimbot in the that game, you need external hack. Aimbot isnt possible with modding. I can give you contact data to a friend, but you need to pay for it, because its a private hack where you have lot funny features, but with a high chance to get ban because of reports of other players. WAR-ROBOTS-MOD-APK-2.7.0.apk
  6. Yeah, timejump float button i need too @GoodWin i asked enyby ca. 1000 times for that feature, but we have along list with more important things and the biggest world problem is that enyby is a human what cant be splitted in two or more enybys without to loose his skills permantly 🙃 So please wait few weeks, he will make that if he get time for that.
  7. Works fine on my s7 with nougat
  8. Updated Hack from XxRuitxX. NoSpread/Norecoil is not included because Serverside Anticheat detect this features.
  9. Normally we are no modsharing site like ar. I post only great mods like your sniper arena mod. Pity that they fixed it. @fatima_khan talk to ruit, maybe you can make a mod for this game with aimbot, maybe together with ruit. He has good experience with that.
  10. Name: Dead Effect 2 Version: 161213.1706 Root: No Mods: -Crosshair (Pre-Modded) -ESP lines & 3D boxes (Don't use it while aimbot is on) -Show Distance (Don't use it while aimbot is on) -Shoot 2 bullets at once (Pre-Modded) -Fast Movement -Godmode -Chams -Mass Kill -Silent Aimbot (No need to aim at the enemy just shoot near them) -Inf Ammo (Pre-Modded) -Inf Money (Pre-Modded) -Inf Crystal (Pre-Modded) -Inf Upgrade Points (Pre-Modded) -GUI Improvements Install Steps: 1. Download Modded APK 2. Open APK then download resources -If it says you cant download resources then go to googleplay download the game from there to 1% then click cancel and try my apk again. -You will have to sign in to continue playing after chapter 1 if you have facebook installed in your device then delete it or disable it and you will be able to sign in with facebook normally in the game. Credits To: XxRuitxX GooglePlay: | Here | Modded APK: | Here |[URL/]
  11. No update next days
  12. Sorry guys. The devs Changed to IL2CPP. No update next days
  13. Not for the new update but epic @Ahalau