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  1. Works fine on my s7 with nougat
  2. Updated Hack from XxRuitxX. NoSpread/Norecoil is not included because Serverside Anticheat detect this features.
  3. Normally we are no modsharing site like ar. I post only great mods like your sniper arena mod. Pity that they fixed it. @fatima_khan talk to ruit, maybe you can make a mod for this game with aimbot, maybe together with ruit. He has good experience with that.
  4. Name: Dead Effect 2 Version: 161213.1706 Root: No Mods: -Crosshair (Pre-Modded) -ESP lines & 3D boxes (Don't use it while aimbot is on) -Show Distance (Don't use it while aimbot is on) -Shoot 2 bullets at once (Pre-Modded) -Fast Movement -Godmode -Chams -Mass Kill -Silent Aimbot (No need to aim at the enemy just shoot near them) -Inf Ammo (Pre-Modded) -Inf Money (Pre-Modded) -Inf Crystal (Pre-Modded) -Inf Upgrade Points (Pre-Modded) -GUI Improvements Install Steps: 1. Download Modded APK 2. Open APK then download resources -If it says you cant download resources then go to googleplay download the game from there to 1% then click cancel and try my apk again. -You will have to sign in to continue playing after chapter 1 if you have facebook installed in your device then delete it or disable it and you will be able to sign in with facebook normally in the game. Credits To: XxRuitxX GooglePlay: | Here | Modded APK: | Here |[URL/]
  5. No update next days
  6. Sorry guys. The devs Changed to IL2CPP. No update next days
  7. Not for the new update but epic @Ahalau
  8. Yeah @NoFear please please look into that game. Someone is hacking but we need a Wizard
  9. Something must be possible, but needs a skilled mem hacking guy like @NoFear
  10. @geribaldi

    The game has a new protection, its not possible to use gg with that until enyby find a way. @Enyby, we had already tested this months ago. Now the devs updated this to all country Versions
  11. @Enyby Would be nice if you can add nougat support GG still work for me on 7.0 bit timejump freezes the game Log_2017-02-03_17-24-27.txt
  12. If the gamedata are synced with server on the fly(serverside), you cant hack that game because every data you change on the client will be overwritten or ignored from server. There are "half serverside" games where data only synced at roundstart, you can hack that. Real serverside games can only hacked with package editing or you hack the server