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  1. I hope your real job boss know about your knowledge and experience @Enyby thats not the first time im amazed about the deep of knowledge you have in a lot things. Respect
  2. You made my day enyby. I saw xmodgames use lua too. Ia it possible to protect lua scripts?
  3. At Saturday 15.July we start our first official Community Rage. All Cheaters are welcome to Rape Legit Players on Critical Ops. Yes we Android Cheaters are now a powerfull community who never must play alone. LET us play together on this event and let us show them who dominate the servers. All cheaters, even with other hacks are very welcome to have fun with us!!!! Because of time differences, we play the complete Saturday. Its highly recommended that you make a second account. I dont want to see that you play under the radar, give 101% with your rage style!!!! To play with us join our discord community This event is powerded by and
  4. Never had so much fun in this game before
  5. I think hack is ready for you in two weeks!!!!
  6. I made it to show people the wrong editing
  7. Okay Gentlemens, we want you and your videoskills. All what you need is the cops premium Hack if you want to win beta access to our War Robot Premium Hack, or our Cops Public Hack if you want to win our War Robots Public Gameguardian Edition (with bypassed anticheat to play safe with GG's Speedhack) two weeks before we will release it. Please record your funny moments, stunning knife rounds and all stuff what you think other people will love to see. We want to use your video to advertise our cops hack, so please use recording apps without any watermark with a resolution of 720p or 1080p Please dont delete the raw file of video. I need it if you win to add some gg and apk logos If your video is ready post the youtube link here. We let the community decide about the winner. Lets go!!!! Here is a example where you can see a very bad video from me. This is what we dont want to see because there is no real sight on the hack self. And here one where you can see that i focussed the feature minimaphack
  8. No way, its serverside
  9. Sounds you are satisfied with this new generation of android hacks?
  10. @NoFear @Enyby Here's a proof where i use our multihack in combination with gameguardian's speedhack. This is only possible because ruit has bypassed the speedhackdetector. Pixonic has removed codestage and using a own anticheat, but as you can see.....they fail🤣😂😁
  11. Ladys and Gentlewomans, We have no a own Discord Server where you can cheat with other from us. Time is gone where cheater must play alone Join GG's Android Premium Killer (APK) Community on Discord
  12. Yeah we are looking for a solution to break il2cpp
  13. Maybe weapon range, jump features, damage, aimbot with visibility checks and so on
  14. We planning to add features for clan and league players what dont want to loose their accounts. But something is serverside. We will see what ruit can find
  15. @Enyby believe me that devs know about it. They dont care about teleport. Also they using code stage for detections. They already detect speedhack and Timerhacking, but that can easily bypassed. Its not much work. Ruit did it in few hours