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  1. You did it with gg? How? Please make a guide in our gg online games section. Sniperarena is only detected if you Install the signed mods. They can see if you dont use the orginal certificate. Its easy to bypass with Installing unsigned apk over original game
  2. Im not, i installed the unsigned mod over Original apk. They cant detect it
  3. Cool app Hex, Dec, Bin, RGB Converter v2.5 [Unlocked] (1).apk
  4. Yes, ruit will upload it tomorrow
  5. Whats about forum search? We have a new mod for that game
  6. Whats about "dont hijack threads" ? The mod is updated, ruit post it later.
  7. Are you from ag? Read pm on discord _______________________________________________ added 3 minutes later We have now a official discord channel Our Team Name is ANDROID DOMINANCE Please join us for requests, you can ask everything there
  8. Hack isnt beta. Its the release version. Sorry. _______________________________________________ added 2 minutes later Check pm
  9. If anyone interested to get a private Hack for Critical Ops PM me. FEATURE LIST: *SILENT AIM (shoot near target and you kill them easy, looks legit) *ESP(Wallhack) (it changes the color depend from enemy health) *Meleerange 5m (knife them from distance) *NoFlash (dont care about flashnades) *CROSSHAIR (use sniper riffles without zoom) * Fast Reload * Minimap Hack (see all enemy on the map) * INGAME Hackmenu (MAGIC BULLET AND ANTIAIM IS NOT INCLUDED BECAUSE ITS HIGH RISK OF BAN, IF YOU REALY $$$$ WANT IT, TALK WITH RUIT) VIDEO: This is not a gameguardianservice at this time!!! REQUESTS Only via PM or Discord!!!! You can downlad discord on
  10. All credits to Dragon Star. This guy spent a lot of time to find a lot ways to hack shadowgun with gameguardian. Great community job Gentlemen!!! @all Give a look on his nice youtube channel. He release new stuff weekly
  11. Hack updated to latest version 0.7
  12. This is the original Version of xXRuitXx legandary CritOps ESP Hacks updated to latest Version 0.7. If you be interested for a NOT FREE privat Hack with more features like Aimbot, you can pm ruit or me. Maybe ruit has a solution exclusive for you😀
  13. Yeah he did it. Gimme me five Minutes.