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  1. Android reboots after use 'prevent protection'

    Stupid question, what protection is meaned. The "hide gg 123"? Or is there any new protection whats automatically loads with gg?
  2. GameGuardian

    Same Problem, phone restart after pressing the "restart without protection" button Log_2017-12-12_02-47-39.txt
  3. Then i will try to make a lua script for it
  4. I got some requests from users who got banned in online games because of using Speedhack with gg. FIRST: If you saw any gamemod with a feature called "antiban" This is bullshit. It cant work. If you get a ban, your account was banned. Its not possible to use the account again, except the developer lift the ban after a request. Most Games using Unity Engine and Proton Backend. They ban your unique id. If the id was banned the server block you from login. Whatever the modcreator said about antiban. Its fake or cant work. We recommended to you. If you want to use speedhack in a online game like Guns of Boom or War Robots, use the gg textstring search function to look if the game using a anticheat what scanning for speedhack: Simply enter "speedhackdetector" or "codestage" in the searchfield. If GG find strings what contained this words you can be sure, if you use speedhack with gg you will getting banned. So dont use gg in this games! @Enyby im not sure if gg can look for engine functions, but maybe you can add a autoscanfeature what automatically search for this things if user start gg in a game the first time
  5. Hack Crisis Action by Vu Duy Mung

    I will never understand why asia people ignore that most people on this planet speaking english. Everyone who make scripts, hacks, coding stuff etc...release his work in english...except people from asia. Annoying. Script is useless

    Yes.. send me a pm

    Pixonic changed their protection to a more difficult one. We are still working on that Gesendet von meinem SM-G930F mit Tapatalk
  8. battle bay

    Using speedhack is possible in that game but there are no real advantages with that in my eyes . Nope i said that because you need advanced reversing skillz and package editing experience to hack serversynced data. Yes its possible to hack everything, but not for 99,9 % of the gg users. So its not possible for 99,9%, because they have not the required knowledge.
  9. Last Day on Earth - 1.58 Free Public Hack by Kmods

    Then you are banned. Thank you for that trick, i will talk to our coder about that
  10. 8 Ball Pool 3.91 MOD by Kmod

    All Credits to kmods Features: 1: Extended long Guideline 2: Guideline Enabled in No Guidelines Tables 3: Correct Aiming – for better aim 4: Less Chance To ban 5: No Table Resets 6: Tutorial Skipped 7: All Cue Can be buy without level limitation 8: Cues Never need recharge. Note: I will not responsible for any ban. 8 ball Pool-v3.9.1-Mod1-2.apk
  11. What’s New In This Mods: 1. Unlimited Ammo 2. No Reload 3. No Recoil 4. Hidden Cheat Menu Enabled(Not much Usefull) 5. Increased Range 6. No Bullet Spread 7. Fast Firerate 8. Almost Anti-Ban (dont use the shotgun to much with fast firerate our you will instantly banned) All credits to kmods. Guns Of Boom v2.2.1 Mod By KMODs-1.apk