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    Pixonic changed their protection to a more difficult one. We are still working on that Gesendet von meinem SM-G930F mit Tapatalk
  2. battle bay

    Using speedhack is possible in that game but there are no real advantages with that in my eyes . Nope i said that because you need advanced reversing skillz and package editing experience to hack serversynced data. Yes its possible to hack everything, but not for 99,9 % of the gg users. So its not possible for 99,9%, because they have not the required knowledge.
  3. Then you are banned. Thank you for that trick, i will talk to our coder about that
  4. All Credits to kmods Features: 1: Extended long Guideline 2: Guideline Enabled in No Guidelines Tables 3: Correct Aiming – for better aim 4: Less Chance To ban 5: No Table Resets 6: Tutorial Skipped 7: All Cue Can be buy without level limitation 8: Cues Never need recharge. Note: I will not responsible for any ban. 8 ball Pool-v3.9.1-Mod1-2.apk
  5. What’s New In This Mods: 1. Unlimited Ammo 2. No Reload 3. No Recoil 4. Hidden Cheat Menu Enabled(Not much Usefull) 5. Increased Range 6. No Bullet Spread 7. Fast Firerate 8. Almost Anti-Ban (dont use the shotgun to much with fast firerate our you will instantly banned) All credits to kmods. Guns Of Boom v2.2.1 Mod By KMODs-1.apk
  6. If you want to buy the VIP Hack, join our discord Community and pm me. https://discord.gg/qKKgBCv Main free mod – Magic Split – Unlimited Durability – Money Mod(addition only) – Free Crafting – High Weapon Damage(3000) – No level Requirement – Visual Level Up – Zero Energy Use – Anti Cheat Detection Vip mod: (join https://discord.gg/qKKgBCv if you want to buy it) – All free mods – Advance money mod(multiply and add both) – Instant Travel – Instant Box Unlock – Unlimited Inbox Items – Unlimited Items – No Fuel Bottle Reduce – Fast Fire Rate – Unlimited Health(Not Tested) LDOE-Patcher-v1.5.8-Free-1.apk
  7. SuperHack for Crisis Action

    Yeah i know. I tryed to use timejump without "go to desktop" (my phone is to fast, there is no time to go to desktop without that the game closes) and it works too. Sometimes i get a "security error message where you must close the game" Good job sir. Only aimbot didnt work, gamecrash
  8. SuperHack for Crisis Action

    Do we need to do this step one time or more times depends from detection?
  9. SuperHack for Crisis Action

    How to use the anticheatexploit?

    Their is no antiban. We disabled the anticheat to use gg without risks. If other players report you,you can be banned. The best is to use a second account to hack. You need 3 hours from level 1-20 with the hacks And gentlemens,this is no mod. This is a full engine hack of the game. Only few things arr premodded
  11. Ah, you are the owner of http://www.sinfulandroid.net/downloads/techx-hack-pack/ I tryed to contact you. Did you found any solution with il2cpp in your game? Your idea its not bad. We have now a protection system where the hack self is in the server and not in the apk. The apk only work as loader similar to pc hacks with some leak protections. We have some success with that. The big headache make il2cpp but im sure we found a solution to inject code or similar things.
  12. Next days we release our War Robots Engine Hack with exclusive Gameguardian Support. A made few video where you can see the power of our multihack in combination with gameguardian. FEATURELIST WILL BE: ESP, Chamz, ESP Lines, Enemy INFO AIMBOT TELEPORT BEACONJUMP MECHMAGNET ENEMYPUNCHER Fly NO Clip Float Safezones (like god mode) Speedhack (hack) Speedhack (gg) Timejump (gg) And some others...
  13. A amazing Job did Sir @Aufar_R All known Memoryhacks in one Script. Thank you SuperCheat.lua
  14. GameGuardian

    I hope your real job boss know about your knowledge and experience @Enyby thats not the first time im amazed about the deep of knowledge you have in a lot things. Respect