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    Version 1.1


    Real Racing 3 Profile Statistics Hack Current version: 1.1 Description Change player profile statistics: eraned/spent r$, gold, total time played, fame points, level and trophies won. Instructions Logout and disconnect device, then run the script and edit your stats. Video
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    Version 1.1


    Real Racing 3 Auto Win Hack Description Auto win any race without run it. Instructions Select race then run script. Video
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    exactly what it say...SIZE. the higher the SIZE...then more likely you will ever find the values you seek. it is use to widen/expand your search area/ radius within the address. same as when you wanna buy something like your favourite t-shirt/shoes with cheapest price possible. you may or may not find it by go to 1 or 2 shop only...but if you go to 10 or 20 shop...the chances are much higher.
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    View File Real Racing 3 Profile Statistics Hack v1.1 (new) Real Racing 3 Profile Statistics Hack Current version: 1.1 Description Change player profile statistics: eraned/spent r$, gold, total time played, fame points, level and trophies won. Instructions Logout and disconnect device, then run the script and edit your stats. Video Submitter MarioRossi93i Submitted 07/06/2020 Category LUA scripts  
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    Because offset is between 2 addresses
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    View File Real Racing 3 Auto Win Hack Real Racing 3 Auto Win Hack Description Auto win any race without run it. Instructions Select race then run script. Video Submitter MarioRossi93i Submitted 07/09/2020 Category LUA scripts  
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    [VIP Cheat Feature PUBG Mobile] √ Wallhack + Body Color + Antenna √ Recoil Hack Like Pro Player √ Auto Headshot + Magic Bullet If Experiencing Force Close When Cheating, Please Download PUBG Mobile Anti Force Close (Bash Shell) Here Which You Can Run Through MT Manager, Macrodroid, or Other Bash Shell Script Runner Application. [Connect with ReGoom] YouTube Channel: ReGoom Telegram Group: @ReGoom_Group WhatsApp Chat: +6288289182643 Telegram Profile: @Regoom
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    How to hide GameGuardian to avoid detection (Root only) Are you tired of nasty anti-cheats detecting GameGuardian ...even you are not using it? You can hide it in virtual space apps Using GameGuardian from virtual space with root permission can help hide the fact that there is a GameGuardian on the device. This method may not work on some ROMs/firmwares or virtual spaces. The games must still be installed outside virtual. Only GameGuardian should be installed inside virtual and uninstalled from outside Download links: https://gameguardian.net/download https://github.com/android-hacker/VirtualXposed/releases List of working virtual apps for hiding: https://gameguardian.net/forum/tags/app%20hide/ Video Tutorials: http://gameguardian.net/forum/gallery/image/580-free-fire-avoid-detection-root-from-virtual-space-virtualxposed-gameguardian/ http://gameguardian.net/forum/gallery/image/581-avoid-detection-root-from-virtual-space-virtualxposed-gameguardian/ https://gameguardian.net/forum/gallery/image/587-avoid-detection-root-from-virtual-space-notepad-gameguardian/ https://gameguardian.net/forum/gallery/image/585-avoid-detection-root-from-virtual-space-multiple-accounts-gameguardian/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPBp0zpQEdw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5hUehNmgJ4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9MQx-9WCNA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iqRel5w5HIM Text Tutorial (VirtualXposed): In this tutorial, I will use VirtualXposed app to install GG with root permission Download VirtualXposed and install it Launch VirtualXposed Click on white icon to open settings Click on Add App Allow the storage permission Install/clone GameGuardian. Note: it may have different name Choose way to install. I just choose VirtualXposed Open the GameGuardian. You will see a welcome screen. Below, click on the button Fix it on right side Select Use root in virtual space Choose Yes (dangerous) Save and restart Do not forget to uninstall GameGuardian outside virtual Open GameGuardian again and start it If it can see apps outside virtual (apps that don't have icons), it works No cheat detection If you are using GameGuardian and the game detects it, you can hide it in runtime Open Menu -> Hide GameGuardian from the game Select all 4 The game should not detect it anymore (depending on the game securities)
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    Thanks a lot for this app . It is best hacking app . Very useful tool . It have finally kicked game killer , game hacker , xmodgames and etc from hacking tools . Noone use this idiot apps which need licence and only can search and edit values . And game gourdian is 100% free . Now everyone who is interested with hacking games, they use Game Gurdian . Thanks a lot again .
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    Excelente. Thanks d2dyno
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    Version 1.0


    Real Racing 3 Total Time Played Hack Requirements - Game Guardian 96 + Instructions - Run it and set wanted values Video
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    Hi to all Dominations game suddenly after the last update of the game stopped to work with gg. Could you help please on this? thank you in advance
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    Yes! D = Dword What do you mean ??? It's already Numbers. For more explanation contact me t.me/zswnx
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    I m trying to fix the script, but probably it will run only for 64 bit devices.,.
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    It is the distance between 2 addresses
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    This is best script of Mini Militia on web. Thx.
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    Version 1.1.1


    Hi there is no thing to tell ,only run this file and enjoy . (useful for developers) [You can use this file for create Stylish String function] i hope to see your comments ...
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    This script is not working , the script only advertises on the your youtube site....
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    View File Real Racing 3 freeze and ghost bots Real Racing 3 Ghost & Freeze bots Requirements - Game Guardian v.96.0+ - Rooted device - Android 10 - Real Racing 3 v.8.4.2 Instructions - Run it after the traffic light has turned green Video: Submitter MarioRossi93i Submitted 05/13/2020 Category LUA scripts  
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    Simple but overpowered! I would be very happy if you update the script for the new Shadow Fight Version! Thanks.
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    Dear Mario and Igor, Thanks for this script because it saved one of my friend....he was aggressive with endurance script, too many level gained and too much values as well.. after 2 consecutive ban I will remodel some part of his profile. Thanks always for your continuous support Cheers, Raffa
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    Version 0.428571428571


    I am not an author. I am only upload the app here. Address all requests for updating the app to the author on Github. He does not exist here. It is useless to write here in the comments, reviews, or to me in PM! All of this will be ignored. Write to the author on Github! Requires Android: Android 5.1 (Lollipop MR1) or later. There is support for x86. Uninstall the official version before installing the optimized version. Differences of the optimized version: no error 105. To install any applications, you may need to disable safe mode in the settings. See screenshots.
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    U should run the game and if ur uusing parrallel spaxe then the game must be added to parrallel space then run IT
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    Support Game Version 1.70 Feature : Speed Hack [BETA] Unlimited Boost Drone View Mode Instant Money & Level Freeze Time (FREE DRIVE MODE)
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    Ok dears, i ve rewrote script, test it and let me know if it works fine this time... ps: soon combo hack to activate autopilot, freeze and ghost with one script only rr3_freeze_bots.v2.0.lua
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    RealRacing 3 PE Points Cheat Instructions[/b] 1) Goto driver profile and search your current PE points DWORD. 2) Then run any race, go back driver profile and refine results with new value. 3) Repeat step 2 until you get 2 o 3 results. 4) Edit all with high value, exit driver profile then go back. Your PE points should be updated now. Follow video tutorial if you have issues
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    Here is a new video tutorial to get max level:
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    awesome script, thank you
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    finally it works perfectly and I love it epic script moment
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    What is your currwnt driver Level? If you are not in first Level you have to add your current score to points earned until now. Eg Livello 1 = 500 Livello 2 = 3500 Livello 3 = 7000 Livello 4 = 12000 Livello 5 = 17000 Livello 6 = 25000 Livello 7 = 35000 Livello 8 = Max if you are in 3rd level and you have 1000 points. You have to search 4500 (1000+3500) to find your values
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    Version 1.0


    Real Racing 3 Fame Points Hack - Tested on Android 4.4.4 and 10 - Logout and disconnect device - Run script and update your fame points reward - Goto Road Collection -> Amateur -> Pure Stock Challenge and run 2nd race in first level: Autocross - Brands Hatch (1.2) - Get you reward WARNING Script writes a file in your EXT_STORAGE to run properly Over 50000 gold you get banned so use it with moderation Video
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    Version 99.0


    Overview: Play games your way! “GameGuardian” is a game cheat / hack / alteration tool. With it, you can modify money, HP, SP, and much more. You can enjoy the fun part of a game without suffering from its unseasonable design. Requires Android: 2.3.3+ GameGuardian Features Summary Runs on ARM, x64 and x86 devices, including x86 emulators (LDPlayer, Droid4X, MOMO, KOPlayer, Andy, Memu, Leapdroid, AMIDuOS, Windroye, RemixOS, PhoenixOS, AVD, Genymotion, Nox, BlueStacks etc.) Supports Android 2.3.3+ (Gingerbread) through Lollipop (5+), Marshmallow (6+), Nougat (7+), Oreo (8+), Pie (9+), 10+. Support work without root via different virtual spaces. Support different emulators like PPSSPP, ePSXe, GameBoy etc. Game deceleration and acceleration (speedhack) for ARM and x86 devices, including x86 emulators. Also supports both 32-bit and 64-bit applications on 64-bit devices using speedhack. Search feature: encrypted values. Search of unknown values when specifying the difference between values. Search addresses by mask. Explicit and "fuzzy" numeric searches. Text (String, Hex, AoB) search. Supports: Double, Float, Qword, Dword, XOR, Word, Byte, or Auto data-type searches. Lua scripting support. Modify all search results at once. Filtering of search results (address greater than and less than, value greater than and less than). Search in the background feature. 'The fill' feature. Time jump feature. Dump memory. Copy memory. Customizable UI. App locale for over 50 languages. And, much, much more. Notes: ** ROOT or VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENT ONLY ** This tool only works on rooted devices or in virtual environment (without root in limited mode)! GG can work in limited mode without root, through a virtual environment. For example, through Parallel Space, VirtualXposed, Parallel Space Lite, GO multiple, 2Face and many others. Read the help for more details. You can find more information about rooting your device at XDA Developers. Want to help us improve, or add a translation? Then please visit thread "If you want to add a new translation or improve an existing". If you are having issues with the app, please visit thread "Gathering information about GG errors". Want to donate and help keep the project going? That's awesome! You can donate any amount (anything helps) here: Donate Need help with how to use this application? Please visit "Video tutorials" and forum "Guides". Credit: @d2dyno - Owner, lead designer, project management. @Enyby - Lead coder, project management. @Trasd - Technical consultant, project management. @Aqua - Creator (retired).
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    Done. Offset from address 0000000: For 32 bit game - A3DEC444 For 64 bit game - 78D1FF851C
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    View File SIMPLE SCRIPT RADAR MAP + TABLET VIEW JUST AN SIMPLE SCRIPT.BUT TRY TO IMPROVE IN THE FUTURE.PLEASE RATE BEFORE DOWNLOADhttps://gameguardian.net/3f7NSIB Submitter eppy89 Submitted 05/24/2020 Category LUA scripts  
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    Bro i Just made a Video but it's size is much larger so i will tell u therotically, listen. Example - COIN VALUE -500 DIAMOND - 200 search known value in Dword 500;200 Whatever result u get Just all edit to whichiever amount u want and play a ome game to exchange the value of coins. And one more thing bro. No need to pay to any body here, we R just here to help each other. If u want to pay then Just donate to enby
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    Hello. Today i heard about Game Guardian and decided to try it. I installed VirtualXposed to use it since my phone cannot be rooted at the moment but I noticed an issue. Everytime i start up GameGuardian I get an error that says "Daemon is not running. This function is not available if daemon is not running. Wait until daemon starts up. (Did you forget to grant root access? Or is root not installed?)." Like I said before, I'm using VirtualXposed
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    I can,t open any app with google play services, becouse it doesnt install
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    Hi, which values do i have to modify in order to raise the damage? Thanks!
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    View File Shadow of death hack script.lua This is the first file i uploaded. I made it by my own. If you have any problem please let me know. Password; Time and Minutes (enter the time that has shown on the upper part of the prompt. See the image that i uploaded) Submitter Un_Hacker0901 Submitted 04/30/2019 Category LUA scripts  
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    I think it very useful,thanks
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    I'm stuck in this infinite loop any suggestions
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    A copie tard is a thief and thief(rata) steals so yeah its stolen. Steal someone else his work and just copy past it...withohy the permision...if ya had the permission if the creator it woudnt be stolen
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    Hello guys, We are very happy to see that our lua feature get some success. But we noticed that some guys leek and use functions whats not made by their self to sell other guys work here. We have no problem if you advertise selfmade vip scripts on our side, but if we find out that you use functions what made by others people (we will decrypt everything you upload here) without to post credits, your content will be deleted and you get banned. Leachers and copy paste guys are the shame in the hacking community, especially if they make money with other guys work. If you use other guys functions, you can upload it here for free, but you have everytime to post the credits in the mainpost of your upload. If you dont know who made because a functions is a copy of a copy of a copy of a stolen script....you can write "credits: to a unknown guy" At reversers and guys who made the real work: if you see your functions in other scripts without credits to you, pm me with a small prove that you are the creator and we will remove it from our site. Its very frightening to see that there are some script kiddies who make money with stolen scripts. You guys are not welcome here!!!! Geri
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    You can subscribe to our new videos. Watch on YouTube: How use eye icon - GameGuardian
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    Now, it is "the best". But I have one suggestion for make it the best. You may add there search values between. I mean if any value is visible like integer, but it is float in shadow. E.g. I see that I have 2 points in game. Well, I will search between Value>=2 and Value<=3. This is possible in computer (e.g. on Cheat Engine or ArtMoney). Because I am not able choose this value to filter in GameGuardian.

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