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    Have you tried this method? It worked for me on rooted bluestacks so it should work on android device as well, it's by far the easiest method. Instead of Gobstones I hacked Meal with the friend one which is 6 hours = 21600 seconds
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    If you're talking about how I got the diamonds in my inventory then I got those with the quest rewards. Btw I think you got the wrong idea with utf-8 :x I tried looking for some String at first too but there's no useful value to find in my case it was just display so I think NoFear means a byte when he says utf-8 since one character is contained in a byte. Well in the end idk but String seems useless to me. _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later 10,000 10,014 21,018 Are some interesting values for this.
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    Mirrored from YouTube with some crop: Tutorial: Hack any android game with script+GameGuardian PART 2 Script: freezetest.lua
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    You can write same as: local a = gg.choice({'Lang 1','Lang 2'}) if a == nil then os.exit() end if a == 1 then lang = { -- lang 1 ['hi'] = 'Hi', } end if a == 2 then lang = { -- lang 2 ['hi'] = 'Hello', } end print(lang['hi'])
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    You can find these values with xor. The xor keys are 4 bytes away from the encrypted value and the key needed for the values I changed on my screenshot is 444,444. Since you're new I'll leave these screenshots and instructions so you know how to use a xor key known search Dword click on the arrow inside the white circle next to the entered values and select "XOR ... = ???" enter the xor key search encrypted value
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    I was able to hack diamonds but idk why it worked :x since I succeeded I moved onto weapon stats... and what I found was even more stuff I need to figure out have been added to the list well it's good when it's not too easy nor too hard I guess good time killer xD Btw @alliver15 where are you at with stats ? I can only find 2 stats for now and they're only temporary change too. Also @NoFear in your screenshots of hacked weapon did it the stats stay permanent on the weapon stat ? And did it already have that many different stat or did you add some stats yourself ? Ty for the hints(didn't understand much tho :x) and help you gave btw.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Craf and Money Hack
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    Version 2.6


    Discord link: https://discord.gg/J88WPSC Enjoy guys
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    This 2-mb "loader" is useless. Just post that file from your github repository. Here it is: online.lua
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    Hello guys, i'm selling VIP hacks for RoS. Since a fuew mental issued kids enjoy stealing my hacks they can now just buy it, See video. Join my discord channel if you are intrest in buying the hacks. Then i will put you in the VIP list. Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/PJSU8AH You tube: