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    REAL RACING 3 UPDATE AUTOCOMPLETER Current version: Beta Working RR3: 9.2.0 Description: Auto complete all the races added in latest update. One click script. Instructions: Run the script, then restart the game.That s all! Known issues: STILL BETA VERSION 64 BIT ONLY Video:
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    View File Real Racing 3 (9.2.0) Update Autocompleter REAL RACING 3 UPDATE AUTOCOMPLETER Current version: Beta Working RR3: 9.2.0 Description: Auto complete all the races added in latest update. One click script. Instructions: Run the script, then restart the game.That s all! Known issues: STILL BETA VERSION 64 BIT ONLY Video: Submitter MarioRossi93i Submitted 02/21/2021 Category LUA scripts  
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    SINGLE CAR UNLOCKER Use this if main script doesn t work for you rr3_car_single_unlocker.v9.
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    New version released
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    REAL RACING 3 CAR UPGRADER Working RR3 version: 9.2.0 Current version: Description: Upgrade all cars without spend currencies. Instructions: Run the script in the garage, then set the number of wanted upgrades. Eg: 7554332, See video for more info. You can decrease upgrades too by selecting checkbox when you rum the script. Known issues: You can set level to max 9, some old f1 need 10. Probably this will fix in next release. Video:
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    This script doesn t work on many emulators, you ll can use the single car unlocker that will be released asap, stay tuned!
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    And top geo makes the strong encryption used by many script writers.
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    APK modding tut Good tut if you haven't watched already @AKidWithMidgetFriend
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    You would use a disassembler... IDA for example. Then could search strings for the "0xD0". Granted, will be insane number of results. Because the 0xD0 I believe could be used for something else on another function. I'm still relatively new with lib editing.... I know enough to be dangerous [added 0 minutes later] Scripts for lib editing. Do exist.
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    Not sure why but I think your hex is wrong. Here's part of my script no recoil: function G3() gg.setRanges(gg.REGION_C_DATA | gg.REGION_CODE_APP) name('libil2cpp.so') myoffset = 48267460 original('7F454C4601010100') replaced('9900A0E31EFF2FE1') gg.clearResults() gg.toast("NO RECOIL ACTIVATED") end I'm using hex 7F454C4601010100, you have 4C7011D52C8CB1DE. Also I don't see any clearResult in any part of your script which is a must. Always.
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    Firstly, since we are dealing with bitwise operations, it is reasonable to convert all values to hex: Anti-cheat 1 = 0x50D00B6E Anti-cheat 2 = 0x120B5C6E Real value = 0x428C0000 Now let's define new values that are derived from these "anti-cheat" values: Key1 = Anti-cheat 1 = 0x50D00B6E Key2 = Anti-cheat 2 with 2nd and 3rd bytes swapped = 0x125C0B6E Real value can then be calculated from previously defined values like this: Real value = Key1 XOR Key2 Real value = 0x50D00B6E XOR 0x125C0B6E = 0x428C0000 Following the same steps for this example: Anti-cheat 1 = 0x50015F1D Anti-cheat 2 = 0x135F511D Real value = 0x43500000 Key1 = 0x50015F1D Key2 = 0x13515F1D Real value = 0x50015F1D XOR 0x13515F1D = 0x43500000
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    REAL RACING 3 FAME POINTS HACK Current version: Working RR3: 9.2.0 Description: Set wished fame points, then run a short race to get them. Instructions: Run the script and set fame points, then goto Road Collection -> Amateur -> Pure Stock Challenge and run 2nd race in first level: Autocross - Brands Hatch (1.2) - Get you reward Warning: Over 50000 gold you get banned so use it with moderation Video
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    Variable "lastIndex" indicates index of the last element of the table that will be edited, meaning that up to first 5 values will be edited. It can be less than 5 when saved list has less values, but it won't be more than 5. The approach is same, just little modification to the code is needed. For example, code of the second example from my previous post can be modified this way: local items = gg.getListItems() local count = #items local firstIndex = 3 local lastIndex = 7 if lastIndex > count then lastIndex = count end local newItems = {} for i = firstIndex, lastIndex do local item = items[i] newItems[#newItems + 1] = {address = item.address, flags = item.flags, value = "12345"} end gg.setValues(newItems)
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    Memory browser. Goto address. Xa range, select the lib you will be editing. Goto it's start address. Long press address. Offset calculator. Enter your offset (hex). Click goto
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    It's xor. Xor key = 320,017,171 Xor value = 1,363,350,291 Xor result = 1,112,539,136 Dword 1,112,539,136 = 52.0 float Edit: If you want 500,000,000 gold dword edit 1,593,669,691
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    Tested and worked very well I wondering if you're working on this script to complete all races like that it would be amazing. Thanks for your amazing scripts
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    Even if encrypted value is interpreted as float by the game, one still needs to know exact values to be able to analyze how values in the pairs you provided are related. That's why you were asked to provide the values interpreted as dword.
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    if ch==2 then gg.loadResults(gg.getListItems()) mphck = gg.getResults(999999999999) for i, v in ipairs(mphck) do if v.flags == gg.TYPE_FLOAT then v.value = "0.10000000149" v.freeze = true end end gg.addListItems(mphck) --gg.removeListItems(mphck) gg.clearResults() gg.clearList() mphck=nil gg.toast("MAPHACK DISABLED") end
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    New version released
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    ID rather you gave the money to the developer of the game that would make more sense
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    So far I have found out, 1) This is a split apk. 2)There are some notable things that can be modified 3) My first attempt at modifying this has returned me a parsing error. I believe i know which modification caused this as I am fairly certain it isn't the decompile and compile method I used. I think I confused a get_gears method for a currency rather than a gear shift for a car and I set the hex to FF 09 0C E3 00 10 A0 E3 9A 0B 43 E3 1E FF 2F E1 which would be 999,999,999. I will make further attempts later as I am fairly exhausted right now
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    It doesn't seem you guys had any luck with gg. I will try to make a modded apk if I can but I'm still rather new to it. I do not want the € this will serve as practice. No promises but wish me luck!
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    Found the mistake in your post. So you're searching or using "goto" function in your libil2cpp for "0x05AB36CC" and copying hex from there. Instead you should copy the first 8 bytes from the beginning of the hex file. This above is wrong. Like mentioned by @TekMonts This is what you should've copied for the "original"
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    I've had no luck so far. Game is a bit buggy with my emu. I will try some different methods on a different machine soon.
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    Game Guardian is best hack tool no one can out game the guardian =)) This cracker you made is like a door to entertainment. Without this app i would never stop looking for a legit app.
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    Thank you so much! So it is related to data structures. I will try to look for with this information. thanks again for sharing your knowledge
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    https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rfentertainment.estilobr This ? If I Can hack it , I'll happily share . No payment needed.
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    0xD0 You look for something like Ldr W8, [x25, 0xD0] Where W8 and X25 are just random for this example. You'll have to find offset. In dump still.
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    Try adding to value instead of replacing it Or try freezing it May I ask which game it is?
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    There are multiple ways to achieve the same result. Either you can use table returned by "gg.getListItems" function and modify required fields before calling "gg.setValues" function with this table as argument or you can create a new table based on values from returned table, but with required fields having different values on your choice and then call "gg.setValues" function passing the newly created table to it as argument. Example of implementing the first way: local items = gg.getListItems() local count = #items local lastIndex = 5 if lastIndex > count then lastIndex = count end for i = 1, lastIndex do items[i].value = "12345" end for i = lastIndex + 1, count do items[i] = nil end gg.setValues(items) Example of implementing the second way: local items = gg.getListItems() local count = #items local lastIndex = 5 if lastIndex > count then lastIndex = count end local newItems = {} for i = 1, lastIndex do local item = items[i] newItems[i] = {address = item.address, flags = item.flags, value = "12345"} end gg.setValues(newItems)
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    there is encryption , which reserves whole opcode and makes unreadable for decompilers . its vip , you should pay for it, but you can be sure it will be safe. only one way of decoding is to rewrite opcode, but nooone will try it , since opcode is large and really obfuscated. also there is free ones , but they are simple ones... its your choise .
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    Things you should do when posting in request forum: 1. can you specify what kind of cheat you are wanting to do? (gold, gems, some form of currency or ammo or weapon) 2. is it a script your trying to make? (game guardian has a scripting documentation or if not then you may request a script in requests) 3. what are you trying to crack? (gold, gems, damage, weapon durabulity) (or is it a problem with cracking something?) when posting in requests and help send as much detail about what are you cracking in a game =))
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    you can not use gameguardian for this game .. fully server side ..
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    New version released
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    Is there anyway to fix when everytime i execute a script especially aimbot, no recoil or speed hack,.. the game always crashes? I use vmos pro with geek rom 7.1 (i simply mod this rom) I just download and activate debugger in Xposed which make the app debug=true (debuggable) and also set the gg settings: Select memory ranges = Anon Hide gg 4rm d game = 2,3,4 and Prevent unload = 3 but its no use. What im going to do?
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    Hi I need elimination hack script can u please update script
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    Watch on Youtube: How to install on the BlueStacks emulator - GameGuardian
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    TUTORIAL OF UNBAN DISCLAIMER! (You Will Not Get Your Account Back But You Will Be Able To Play Again) Requirements: Common Sense & 2 minutes of time How To Do So 1. Get Banned 2. Go To Your Accounts Within Phone Settings 3.Click On Your Gmail 4.Turn Off Save Game Data 5. Go To Apps And Then Click On The Game You Are Banned In 6. Clear The Data Of That Said Game 7. You Are Done! Credit:Me (i Found This Method Years Ago So When I Was A Member Of AndroidRepublic So Dont Say Nothing About Stolen Becuase I Was The First To Do This) |This Also work's with virtualexposed and parralelspace just clear the data after you turn off the save data & if you get banned again just go back turn data on and off again |
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    View File RULE OF SURVIVAL SCRIPT ➤ Visit my channel : Youtube/xMeliodaz ➤ Press here to subscribe to my channel : www.youtube.com/channel/UCAZemgccjfWahZGtyqmSU4g?sub_confirmation=1 ➤ Use with your own risk! ➤ Features & MultiChoice ✔ Fastshoot ✔ Players color 『Add more colors』 ✔ Anti-wall ✔ Change weathers 『Fix』 ✔ Speedhack 『x.1 x1.2 x1.5 etc』 ✔ Color vehicle/weapon 『Add more colors』 ✔ Invisible houses/Wallhack ✔ Antenna 『Add new antenna function』 ✔ Walk Under Water ✔ Higher Scope 『Fixed & Deal damage』 ✔ See Through Floor ✔ Underground 『Risk + WORK ON OLD APK v1.13』 Etc...! ➤ Noted : Some functions is not working. Submitter xMeliodaz Submitted 07/09/18 Category LUA scripts
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    Thank you very much it worked 100% I hope that gg can work without virtual environment nowadays
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    You can find the exact value if you want as I was lazy and showing method.

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