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    j_half_mute.mp4 I search and not banned.
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    I don't share that. Once I share, someone will steal it and sell. Might as well i sell myself
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    OYE OYE SOLUTION FOR BUGGED ATV Install komodias, collapse build on, go to your bugged account ..finalize the atv voila. Don't build a 2nd one! Better get some love for that solution
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    yep....posted a question 5 years ago...im still waiting on my couch....eating popcorns...while doing nothing...just keep waiting...because im too smart to do anything...even my popcorns were bought by someone else...im just keep eating...keep waiting....no need to anything.
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    Gdb + gg... One day I'll get around to creating a full gdb + gg guide.
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    I bought it and it works beautifully!
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    test(Edit).lua see if this work.
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    I clear data,and i got log in,but if i go home his stuck again,so i can go everywhere but not go home....i try to go in pine wood and i swap the id of bottle,and then i back to home and not stuck again...sorry for my english
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    Please Someone can make script of the wolf online simulator Immortal/ no skills cooldown/ fly/ Speed hack
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    Last Day On Earth (#3d0co4y8) will be close in 12 hours.
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    Dude nothing change I try run it with Parrallel space I see the same massage again if you do tutorial I will be thankful to you
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    Why can't i post my script? Please reply
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    my goshhh...some people just like a baby...a spoil baby that never grow up. just wanna spoon fed....everytime. Thank you.
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    just search = ;land_mine super duper easy.
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    @Frost_Fangz i know how to fix it. Idk if u want to use it tho. U need to factory reset ur phone. And it works.
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    Mod Russia 4Pda Max durability Free Choper All Free craft All Atv n Many more libmain.so
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    Some games can detect launch at virtual space. Or virtual space itself.
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    wood and stone works perfectly for me and my script 2019-12-10_01-40-40 (2).mp4
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    Scripts always work in English locale. Dot is decimal separator.
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    Offset (Arm64) 8B13B4 Original hex 0100150B Edit to 0100154B Energy will increase instead of decrease.
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    The application memory is very large. In order not to work with all the memory at once, since it is slow, a grouping of heaps of memory into the same type of "regions" is used, which most often have similar meaning. For example, executable code, video buffer memory, .bss sections of loaded libraries, dynamically allocated memory, and so on.
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    Not really giving enough info for anyone to help.... Game/link Original value - Edited value...?
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    Fish steaks 12;6,881,382;6,815,859;6,488,159;7,012,449;7,536,741;3,276,895::
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    I do not know what kind of yellow color it is. Show on the screenshots. Looks like you're talking about the color Double, but I'm not sure. At the moment, arm assembler is not the current task, but this is in the long-term plans.
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    @Enyby The yellow color that's the default for the memory browser, can that be changed? Or offer a new color? I find that yellow very difficult to see when phone brightness is set very low. Or might just brighten the yellow some? Could do orange, since it doesn't match any value types colors, Also, you still working on or considering the ability to input arm opcode and gg convert it in editing to the correct hex?
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    1.I don't know what I have to fix, if I repair the script it's easy but in the previous GG it didn't have a problem ,, 2.I'll just ask if it will be fixed or i'am fix my script? Tes.lua.lua
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    ;spear_chinese and; chinese_lubu_pants
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    600+ comments. Hunderds of tutorial on youtube, gameguardian site. And yet you still dont know how to start. Steps to follow: 1. Google search. 2. Trial and error for thousand times. 3. Gain knowledge.
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    There are plenty of videos for you to watch in this thread. Don’t just ask, search and learn how people do it. By the time you ask and wait for answer, you can learn a lot of things from this thread
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    then proceed to read every previous post/comments of this thread. you may learn something.
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    This is old but this might help those who don't have the habit of using automated scripts... Many of these values are still working... Specially for those who want to swap items.... LAST DAY ON EARTH ITEM CODE.pdf
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    What region u searched money and stuff
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    I would love some help on this game as well. I am unable to hack anything. Not money or inventory or anything... Any help would be appreciated.
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    how to create a script that can open URLs in chorm browser
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    Version 1.0


    Nothing spesial in here :v This free script from me with more safe values Dont Forget subscribe My Chanel NoCheatNoFun Join Telegram Grup Grup Join My Telegram Chanel Chanel NOTE.... Use virtual Dual Space and use GG latest 85.1 version Enjoyy...
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    Unlimited bingo coins and powerups
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    playstore link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.kairosoft.android.lobby_en&hl=en_US&referrer=utm_source%3Dgoogle%26utm_medium%3Dorganic%26utm_term%3Dquest+town+saga&pcampaignid=APPU_1_30eaXPXaA4Kg-Qbpk6qYDA cheat: yes, gold, stats, tickets and exp plus proof works online. note1-gold needs to use slower speed and incremental then reverse all other values before editing max as 100m because higher value might ruin your achievements value. xgold_s01.mp4 note2- stats edit not too much(suggestion 1-2k because thats the most possible dmg), might cause other players suspect of plugins. xstats_s01.mp4 note3- edit max as 999999, thats the max cap ingame storage. higher than that just wasted. xtickets_s01.mp4 note4- exp set to 13.8m will max character/pet note5- proof included at the end xexp&proof_s01.mp4 have fun goodluck
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    I think badcase ands I plan on working on this one at some point
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    Who made "War robots" script ? Can you mention him here ?
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    Saving input between script restarts local configFile = gg.getFile()..'.cfg' local data = loadfile(configFile) if data ~= nil then data = data() end local input = gg.prompt({'Please input something'}, data) if input == nil then os.exit() end gg.saveVariable(input, configFile)
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    Frozen values from the search Search for the number 10. The first 7 results are frozen with a value of 8. gg.searchNumber('10', gg.TYPE_DWORD) local t = gg.getResults(7) for i, v in ipairs(t) do t[i].value = '8' t[i].freeze = true end gg.addListItems(t)
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    Avoid use global variables Global variables is slow. Also if you put local gg = gg At top of your script it can speed up it. Just one line. Now see tests: local n = 1000000 local t = os.clock() for i = 1, n do gg.isVisible() end t = os.clock() - t print('use global gg: '..t..' seconds') local gg = gg local t = os.clock() for i = 1, n do gg.isVisible() end t = os.clock() - t print('use local gg: '..t..' seconds') a, b, c = 1, 2, 3 local t = os.clock() for i = 1, n do c = a + b end t = os.clock() - t print('use global vars: '..t..' seconds') local a, b, c = 1, 2, 3 local t = os.clock() for i = 1, n do c = a + b end t = os.clock() - t print('use local vars: '..t..' seconds') Results: use global gg: 2.138 seconds use local gg: 1.6 seconds use global vars: 2.068 seconds use local vars: 0.727 seconds It is not big difference, because I run it on powerful emulator. On real device it can be more slow. You can see disassembled code - for global vars need more Lua instructions, so it more slow in any case. Upvalue too slow, Because of that better define local copy of var in places where you need optimization. For example huge math.
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    The topic for various examples of Lua scripts
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    Yes i am presidend of the world.. and are you Enyby lawyer? lol
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