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    Version 8.31.0


    Overview: Play games your way! “GameGuardian” is a game hack/alteration tool. With it, you can modify money, HP, SP, and much more. You can enjoy the fun part of a game without suffering from its unseasonable design. Requires Android: 2.3.3+ GameGuardian Features Summary Runs on ARM, x64 and x86 devices, including x86 emulators (BlueStacks, Droid4X, Andy, NOX, Memu, AMIDuOS, Windroy, AVD, Genymotion etc.) Supports Android 2.3.3+ (Gingerbread) through Lollipop (5+), Marshmallow (6+) and Nougat (7+). Game deceleration and acceleration (speedhack) for ARM and x86 devices, including x86 emulators. Also supports 32-bit applications on 64-bit devices using speedhack. Search feature: encrypted values. Search of unknown values when specifying the difference between values. Explicit and "fuzzy" numeric searches Supports: Double, Float, Qword, Dword, XOR, Word, Byte, or Auto data-type searches Modify all search results at once Filtering of search results (address greater than and less than, value greater than and less than) App locale for over 90 languages And, much, much more Notes: ** ROOT ONLY ** This tool only works on rooted devices! You can find more information about rooting your device at XDA Developers. Want to help us improve, or add a translation? Then please visit thread "If you want to add a new translation or improve an existing". If you are having issues with the app, please visit thread "Gathering information about GG errors". Want to donate and help keep the project going? That's awesome! You can donate any amount (anything helps) here: Donate Need help with how to use this application? Please visit "Video tutorials" and forum "Guides". If you are experiencing issues while trying to download this file, use this link: https://gameguardian.net/apk Credit: @d2dyno - Owner, lead designer, project management. @Enyby - Lead coder, project management. @Trasd - Technical consultant, project management. @Aqua - Creator (retired).
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    XOR SEARCH: This method of search is very unique and not intended for you to try as a first method. Once you've tried all memory types, all ranges, unknown increased and unknown decreased and all fail, this method might be what you want to do last. XOR is a simple encryption method, but without the key, you can't know the value. And games lately (not all) will have a key that changes on value change, making finding these types of values EXTREMELY difficult if not impossible... Until now. HUGE thanks to @Enyby The search All the games I've come across that use this method have all been dword, so I'll stick to dword. Also most games (except For Emblem Heroes and some parts in GunPie) the XOR key and XOR value are 4bytes apart. Let's say you have 25 gold. To search 25 with xor key 4 bytes away 25X4 If you know your value is within a range but not 100% on value, so you know you collected about 40 to 45 gold, your search can be 38~50X4 Then when you collect 10 more 48~60X4 During these searches, if you want to eliminate many results that are most likely not it, you can do a does not equal 0 and does not equal the value. You search 500X4 Followed by ≠0 ≠500 Then you can resume the XOR method. This search cannot be done with a group search. If done properly, can do unknown changed/unchanged. Editing You have a couple ways you can edit values. Edit results and if you want to edit to 12345 Put 12345X4 If you want to edit multiple values keeping xor and doing a different value for each. If you have 3 results from searching 500X4 Edit results 100;5000;15000X4 First value week be edited to 100 2nd 5000 and 3rd to 15000. The other option ,goto address, copy value above (xor key) using the xor calculator built into GG, calculate value and got can type values and re-encrypt with proper xor key. Increment edit If you have 5 results and want each to be different, separate each edit with a ;. So for 5 results 5;10;15;20;25X4 Value 1 will be 5, 2 will be 10..... Then you can figure out the correct value, revert and remove the wrong values and continue with editing that one value. List of known games using XOR protected values. Tiny Miners Bullet Force Gunpie Super Mario Run Fire Emblem Heroes (SP: 8 is xor offset. Level: 24 is xor offset) Touch Tank Target Acquired Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow Pokémon: Magikarp Jump Skychamp HAWK: Freedom Squadron Candy Crush Heroes Infinite
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    Almost reads like those who are aggressively asking for the gems hack are posers from the dev team... haha
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    It's free craft people want for latest version...?
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    @Krakken Wow huge score. Get crazy amounts of game store items. I just found this and it works in 1.5.3. I used Game guardian on this to make 99,999,9999 m16. I filled a dozen boxes and the rest are waiting in my inbox. If only I hadn't already bought my 2 AK47's from the store sigh https://androidrepublic.org/forum/threads/last-day-on-earth-survival-v-1-5-3-hacking-resources.37234/ It's in Russian but you don't need words to figure it out. Here is the run down: 1) fill all your inventory slots but 1 2) in the store but something with a large stack like 200 wood. 3) Buy the good stuff from the store after the wood like an AK47. 4) Search for the wood (dword) removing 20 at a time from your inbox till found. With only 1 slot in inventory only 20 can be removed at a time. You can change this value directly and next collect will show you new value. 5) Go to memory address and scroll up if good single item is under found item in inbox. Look for the first dword with the value of 1. Change it to 99,999,999. 6) you will not see a stack icon on a single item but when you empty you inventory and remove the item from the inbox it fills the inventory and the inbox still has the rest. 7) I reset game and the hack stayed!
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    We DO post things in their right place, however; some don't, and they are the new people as I suspected. We tell them tough to post things at their right place. For learning gameguardian, the apk have it's own "Help" option, there are many videos here, you can check "Android/Cheats" and "Android/Help" section at forum. About this, something may happen soon...(MAY I said, don't expect) We are trying our best to help others with information "We know". For example, the post about Last day on earth is very hot these days, so many questions, they are being answered because those users have the knowledge to answer them, we'll I don't post anything there because I didn't played it nor hacked it, it's not I'm ignoring, it's because hacking that game is not inside of my field of knowledge, so better don't post anything, than posting something wrong. If a post isn't answered, it may have many reasons. Your right, somehow. Everyone is important, and more is the VIP members, and this is why this posts exist, we want you (VIP Members) to tell us what you want? Tell us and we try our best, if possible and of we can, to fulfill it.
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    Not sure if it will be a public or vip only.... Crystals can be hacked.
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    If you don't have a lot of xp... This same method might work for gold... But I went creative on the dev
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    What's New in Version 8.29.0 Added XOR search mode. Read help for more info. Added group edit for many values. New API functions: getVisible, setVisible, sleep, getValuesRange, choice, multiChoice. Improved API. Improved refine search. Improved compatibility with some firmwares. Improved UI. Improved logcat view. Fixed UI. Bugs fixes in API. Bugs fixes. Fixed crashes. Updated translations.
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    Name of Game: last day on earth survival Play Store Link (If it's a paid app, the apk): Version: What cheat? Health, xp, gold...: Have you tried cheating this game? What happened?: i tryed lucky patcher didnt work i tryed d word search on the game guardian didint work Comments: i tred the mod hacks of the game but nothing working just looking for a money hack or something like life hack
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    Bypassing XOR encryption in mobile games with Game Guardian In the last few months we noticed increased number of mobile games that uses some sort of encryption. Some of them are simple, like multiplying value with some random number (example: let’s say random number is 8 – in that case, 10 gold in our in-game inventory will be stored as 80 in memory). This simple kinds of encryption can’t trick anyone. But XOR encryption is different story. It is one of the simplest encryption methods, but in most cases it can’t be broken (if data and key have the same length). It is often used as a part in more advanced ciphers. But we will cover this latter. There are lot of tutorials that teach us how to bypass XOR encryption in mobile games, but most of them don’t show us process that lies behind. So before we start, we need to read some theory about the subject. If you learn this, you will be able to bypass XOR encryption with only basic memory editor, paper and pen. Of course, this is some sort of advanced tutorial – we assume that you are at least familiar with basics of memory editing. Cryptography 101 (logic for dummies) In the beginning, there was Boolean algebra. For those who haven’t overslept math and logic classes, you can skip this chapter. If you have overslept, read carefully. George Boole was mathematician, logician and philosopher who published his most famous notes in the middle of the 19th century. You probably asked yourself why are you reading about some dude who lived 100 years before ENIAC. This dude is father of all computers – every digital circuit on our planet works on his principles. For our story, it is important to notice that every algebra has own values and operations. Imagine that, in some sort of simple algebra, values are set of natural numbers from 1 to 10 [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9], and only operations are addition(+), subtraction(-), multiplication(*), and division(/). From our knowledge of elementary algebra (math from school), you can tell that 1+1 =2, or 2*4=8. While elementary algebra deals with numbers, Boolean algebra use only two values – TRUEand FALSE. They are represented as 1(true) and 0(false). All operations are done on this two values. Of course, you can’t preform multiplication or subtraction on this values. We need some other operations that can be preformed on TRUE and FALSE. These operations are called bitwise operations. There are three basic operations in Boolean algebra – NOT(¬), AND (∧) and OR (∨), and they are really simple to understand. Take a look at this image, and everything will be clear. Source: Wikipedia Just kidding, forget this and let’s move on. Basic bitwise operations I know this will maybe be hard to understand, especially if this is your first time you read about logic. So I will try to make it simple. Boolean algebra (and any other logic) are made to teach us how to make correct conclusions. In elementary algebra, correct conclusion is when we write that 1+1=2. As we said, in Boolean algebra there are only two values, and we can only preform operations on them. Now imagine that we have a few true or false statements: Tom is a cat (TRUE or 1) Jerry is a mouse (TRUE or 1) Sky is green (FALSE or 0) NOT operator This is fairly simple examples. Let’s see our first operator, NOT(¬). “Tom in not a cat”, is this statement true or false? Of course, it is FALSE. Jerry is not a mouse = FALSE or 0. Sky is not green = TRUE or 1. This operator preforms logical negation on a given statement. 0 become 1, and 1 become 0. We can write it like this: ¬0 = 1 ¬1 = 0 AND operator AND(∧) operator takes two arguments, and returns TRUE only if both arguments are TRUE. Tom is a cat AND Jerry is a mouse = TRUE(1). Tom is a cat AND Sky is green = FALSE(0). You can easily remember this operator – just multiply two arguments and you have correct result. We can write it like this: 1 ∧ 1 = 1 1 ∧ 0 = 0 0 ∧ 1 = 0 0 ∧ 0 = 0 OR operator OR (∨) operator takes two arguments, and return FALSE only if both of the statements are FALSE. In every other case it returns TRUE. Tom is car OR Sky is green = TRUE(1). Sky is green OR Sky is red = FALSE(0). 1 ∨ 1 = 1 1 ∨ 0 = 1 0 ∨ 1 = 1 0 ∨ 0 = 0 Maybe you wonder why are we talking about Tom and Jerry. In computer world, everything is made in binary system. There are only two states in computer – there is current flow (1) and there isn’t current flow (0). So every information is stored in binary numeral system. Each digit (0 or 1) is called bit. Group of 8 bits are called byte. Any information can be translated into binary system. So our “tom” will be 01110100 01101111 01101101 in binary, and “sky” will be 01110011 01101011 01111001. Guess what? You can preform this bitwise operations on binary values. So, “tom” OR “sky”? 01110100 01101111 01101101 tom ∨ 01110011 01101011 01111001 sky ____________________________ 01110111 01101111 01111101 wo} If we want preform AND operator, this will be result: 01110100 01101111 01101101 tom ∧ 01110011 01101011 01111001 sky _______________________________ 01110000 01101011 01101001 pki Well, this was not very useful. But it is important to remember this, because now you will learn another bitwise operation – exclusive disjunction (exclusive OR, known as XOR). XOR (exclusive OR) bitwise operator I hope you understand these basic bitwise operators. There is also so-called “secondary operators or operations”, which can be derived from basic operators. One of these secondary operators is XOR, or exclusive OR. You will understand why is it called “exclusive OR” when you see the following table. 1 XOR 1 = 0 1 XOR 0 = 1 0 XOR 1 = 1 0 XOR 0 = 0 As you can see, if you perform XOR operation on two different values, it will return 1 or true. If values are the same, it will return 0 or false. So what is the catch? Why are XOR so special, and why is it used in cryptography? Now, look again our previous example, and you will see. From now on, we will preform XOR operation on original data (“tom” in our case) with the key (“sky” in our case). 01110100 01101111 01101101 tom XOR 01110011 01101011 01111001 sky _____________________________________ 00000111 00000100 00010100 //this can't be converted to meaningful text But what will happen if we XOR out new value (00000111 00000100 00010100) with the same key (sky or 01110011 01101011 01111001)? Let’s try it. 00000111 00000100 00010100 XOR 01110011 01101011 01111001 sky ___________________________________ 01110100 01101111 01101101 tom Right, we got our original data. But there is more -what if we don’t know the key (“sky”) 01110100 01101111 01101101 tom XOR 00000111 00000100 00010100 ___________________________________ 01110011 01101011 01111001 sky We have out original key. This is the reason why XOR operator is special. We can’t achieve this with other operators. XOR encryption in mobile games So let’s see some real world example – using XOR encryption in mobile games. Imagine that you have 1000 gold in some game. Developers implemented that all values are XOR-ed with the key 1337, and stored in memory. So look at the example. For conversion for decimal to binary you can use Windows calculator, or some online tools [BINARY TO DECIMAL CONVERTER] 0000001111101000 1000 XOR 0000010100111001 1337 _________________________ 0000011011010001 1745 This means that “1000” gold is stored as “1745” in memory. If you earn more gold (let’s say you got 1050 gold now), it will be stored in memory like this. 0000010000011010 1050 XOR 0000010100111001 1337 _________________________ 0000000100100011 291 So how we can bypass this sort of encryption? Bypassing XOR encryption with Game Guardian We already saw that: original value XOR key = encrypted value encrypted value XOR key = original value original value XOR encrypted value = key With this principle, we can bypass XOR encryption even if we don’t know that key developers used. So let’s start with practical work. If you aren’t familiar with fuzzy search, it will be useful to first read this tutorial [GAME GUARDIAN FUZZY SEARCH TUTORIAL]. We are going to use examples from previous paragraph. Our first step is to find address where the encrypted value is stored. This step is simple. First, scan for unknown starting value – this is done by selecting Fuzzy search from Game Guardian. As value type, you can choose DWORD (it was DWORD in all games that we cheated). Change the amount of gold in-game, then search for changed value. Repeat this step until only one address has left on the list. Now it is time to check if XOR encryption is used. Let’s say you got 1000 gold in game, but with fuzzy search you found value 1745. Preform XOR operation on this two values. 0000001111101000 1000 //Ingame gold XOR 0000011011010001 1745 //Value that you have found with fuzzy search _________________________ 0000010100111001 1337 //Key? --write it down Now change original value – earn or spend some gold. Let’s say you have 1050 gold now. Look at the address that you found with fuzzy search, and read the value. Again, preform XOR operation with in-game value and in-memory value. 0000010000011010 1050 //In-game value XOR 0000000100100011 291 //Value which is stored in memory _________________________ 0000010100111001 1337 //KEY!! If two keys are the same, XOR encryption is used and you have found the key. If they are not, XOR encryption is not used. Now, let’s change our gold (it was our primary goal, right?). We want 9999 gold. Again, preform XOR operation on it with key that you found (1337 in our case). 0010011100001111 9999 XOR 0000010100111001 1337 ___________________________ 0010001000110110 8758 Change the value that you found with fuzzy search – as new value set 8758. Open game again, and you should have 9999 gold. You can now cheat game using paper and pen, as we promised on the beginning. But it would be smarter if you use XOR calculator built in Game Guardian Second method to bypass XOR encryption Now, you will see the true power of Game Guardian. For this method, it is important to note that in most games, encrypted value and key are stored next to each other in memory – for DWORD type,one value occupies 4 bytes,so the key is usually 4 bytes away from encrypted value. Look at this picture. In Game Guardian, there is builtin method which automatically search for values, and XOR them with value which is X bytes away. That means that we don’t need to do fuzzy search, or calculate XOR values. Game Guardian can do it for us. Let’s get back to our previous example and imagine that encrypted value and key are 4 bytes away. If you have 1000 gold in-game, click on Known search, as type choose Dword (it can be some other types too, but it is usually dword.). As value, put in 1000X4, and click on search. In this example, first number “1000” is amount of currency that we want to change. Second part, “X4“, marks how many bytes away is the key. For dword values it can be X4,X8, X12, X16… Earn or spend some currency – let’s say that you have 900 gold now. Now input 900X4, and click on refine. Repeat previous step until you have only one address left (or few addresses if you want). Click on Edit, and as a value input 9999X4. And that’s it. Game Guardian will automatically search for encrypted values, and XOR them with key which is X bytes away. Pretty impressive feature. With this, our tutorial has finished. There will be reference links bellow, if you want to know more about this subject. Any suggestions are appreciated. Happy cheating. Reference links [Algebraic operation – Wikipedia article] [Binary numbers] [Boolean algebra] [Exclusive OR – XOR, Wikipedia] [NoFear’s tutorial – Xor search guide] [Binary to decimal online calculator]
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    What's New in Version 8.31.0 Implemented hide/show toolbars with respect the screen orientation. Implemented hide/show buttons on the toolbars. Improved avoid detection. Improved editor interface. Added calculation of XOR between the selected elements. Added button to restart the script. Added new API functions: getLocale, skipRestoreState. Added recovery of state after script execution. Fixed bugs in Lua. Fixed bugs with the speedhack panel. Fixed bugs in the API. Fixed crashes. Fixed detection of older versions. Updated translations.
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    Very many things. Obviously, they clung to something that appeared only there. Perhaps these are the names of libraries.
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    Verify your chopper/ATV then restart game. i group search with this order. i will group 7 - 8 - 9 - 10 group size i set is 50 but when you group more you need to change group size. search above first value and see. see group value. It about -1,xxx,xxx,xxx D ; 0D ; partvalueD after edit them, you need leave your base then restart game.
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    +1 Couldnt say it better! Thanks @NoFear
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    You guys can trust him... Just bought some packs from h =)... Tnx again NoFear
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    I advise you to buy, very profitable and without cheating, if you are experiencing ...
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    What's New in Version 8.30.0 Added search for strings (HEX, AoB) through the built-in Lua script. Greatly increased the speed of the first search on many firmware and emulators. Added option to hide one of the launch icons. Added information about the icons of launching into the FAQ. The list of memory regions added their volume. Changed the comparison signs in the search: more by more or equal, less by less or equal. Improved search for type Auto. Improved search by conditions more or less. Changed signs in the search results filter. Improved detection of empty memory. Improved work with empty memory. Improved floating icon. Improved changing the size of the floating icon and its panels. Improved removal of older versions. Fixed bug in the installer. Fixed bug when detecting root. Improved the process list. Added additional checks to eliminate bugs in API calls. Implemented the completion of the script when the game fell. Added support for localization in scripts. Renamed some constants in the API. Renamed some methods in the API. The API adds new functions: copyText, getTargetInfo, getFile, getLine. Added the ability to specify a header in choice and multiChoice. Implemented saving of the input history in scripts. Improved short description of API functions. Fixed errors in the work of scripts in different locales. Improved handling of errors in the API. Fixed bugs in the API. Bug fixes. Fixed crashes. Added link for downloading scripts. Added a reference to the video on XOR search to the Help. Added information about searching for strings to the Help. Updated translations. Built with support for ARMv5.
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    Gold, xp and skill points were made a little more difficult to hack, so possible. I just need to find an exact string of numbers to search to make it easy for everyone.
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    HAHAHAHA 😂😂 Also, closing this thread, since this has been answered already.
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    I don't think there is a need to prove something to you. You are not forced to install this app nor paying anything for it.
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    The unique program with an excellent set of features. Distinctive features: support x86 and x64 devices and emulators (BlueStacks, Droid4X, Genymotion etc.); support Android 5+ and 6+; deceleration / acceleration speed games (ARM devices only); direct and fuzzy search; multiple fuzzy search for equality; search encrypted XOR values; search for fractional values; modify all the values found at once; show search progress; advanced filtering of search results; search value not only for equality but also in terms of more / less. Unique features GameGuardian Availability Search for encrypted values. Group Search supports all data types, including float and xor. Search in the application code. Changing the application code. Support of "data type" xor, are often used to protect the values of the changes in the games. Displays an unlimited number of search results, the main thing that you have enough memory. Filtering the search results according to various criteria. Autofill on values change. The ability to enter data in hexadecimal. The rollback feature values change if you do not need. Extended freeze values. Advanced application settings system. Viewing the game screen, without closing the program interface. The input history. Unique in-memory data storage system that allows you to store data in memory and avoid crashes the program when available memory runs out. Speedhack runs on x86 devices. Speedhack runs on android 7. speedhack Function: time jump, which allows you to go forward in time, to the exact distance. Unique speedhack configuration allows fine-tune the desired intercept timers in the game without touching unnecessary. The unique masking system unable to detect the fact of installing and running the program for the protection systems of most games. Extremely high stability. Active support. Constant updating. Localization into many languages. Special tricks against some common protective systems.
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    Ok ok... Sim city isn't too difficult to hack though I think to understand this search, you need to understand xor. Is a basic encryption. And knowing the key encrypts the values, essentially cripples xor. With this search you tell it how many bytes away the xor key is. This is represented by the value AFTER the X. So, if I search 500X4 I'm saying the xor key is 4bytes away (the dword value above it). So you don't even have to know the key. MOST games the XOR key will be 4 away. A few are 8bytes and then the most complex is Fire Emblem Heroes. If you use device it is X24 and emulator is X48. Then for editing, to maintain xor, type the value for edit with the correct X4 or X8 etc etc after it. You cannot choose "freeze" when doing edit, doesn't function correctly with this style edit.
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    Version 1.2.5


    Hello i am just recode lua script super cheat. While learning about lua script Requirements 1.Crisis Action V2.0 built 337 2 . Game Guardian Minimum v 8.30.0 Features 1. 1 Hit All Weapon 2 1 Hit Shotgun 3 Wall Hack 4 Wall Bug 5. Fast Shoot (Only Work On TC/PVE mode) 6 Fast Reload NB : You Must Actived Anti Hack Detectes Manualy. Before use this script You can see tutorial byspass hack detected on youtube chanel sinsmedia Special Thanks to @Enyby @Aufar_R
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    Script: Asphalt 8: Airborne - hack events (Career, Tags, F1, Mastery, R&D, EDD, Championship) You can subscribe to our new videos.
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    View File SuperCheat for Crisis Action This is a combined cheat script for Crisis Action game. Requirements : 1. Crisis Action SEA apk version 291 2. GG ver. 8.30.0+ Features : 1. Time Jump - For anti detection trick. 2. 1Hit - This cheat will apply to all weapons with NO exception. (Except melee and grenade, of course) - Available in 2 modes : Large Hitbox (usually called High Damage), and Normal Hitbox (works on all maps) - For normal hitbox, it ALSO WORKS ON CREATION MODE. And penetration effect is greatly reduced. Even though, usage of pistols and SMGs with this mode is still not recommended. - Large Hitbox only works on certain maps (and sometimes on certain locations only). This mode only works on these maps : Bloodstrike, Ferry, Wasteland, PVE & TC maps, Rebel Base, Train Workshop, and Creation Mode maps. - You can swap between the two modes. 3. Wallhack - Allows the player to see and shoot through walls in front of him/her. 4. Fast Reload - Available in two modes : Stability and Normal - Normal mode is available for some players (especially on Rebels server) whom Stability mode doesn't work well. - You can swap between the two modes. 5. Bug Hack - Includes : Fly/Underground Bug Hack and Wall Bug. - Wall Bug hack allows the player to walk within walls. Please NOTE that bombs and ammo boxes can't be taken when this cheat is active. - Wall Bug hack acts as Fly hack in Creation maps. - Fly/Underground bug hack can be swapped each other. 6. Fast Run - Increases movement speed 7. Aimbot - Some players refer this as High Focus. In other games, this hack is actually called Aimbot. - Enhances aim assisting. (Or should I say, DRONE AIM😂) 8. Revert Hacks - These hacks are revertable : Fast Reload, Wall Bug, and Fast Shoot. 9. Debugging options - When turned on, script will show how many values being edited during search each time the script ends. 10. Choose to activate a hack after another or finish the script after search. - Even though GG ver. 8.31 added restart button, it doesn't matter. 11. Customized Interface for ease in usage. - All menus are organised and complete. 12. You can still play the game during search! For more information, please contact me : Twitter : @Aufar2003 LINE ID : aufarramadhan Thanks for downloading!!! -------- TUTORIAL : Submitter Aufar_R Submitted 07/31/17 Category LUA scripts  
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    @Aufar_R Nice Script. I looked at the codes, i see it could be written better. I modified your code with the changes below: 1-Better readability by using identation for functions 2-Removed unnecessary line "goto start" at first 3-Removed many unnecessary lines "gg.clearResults()" after another 4-Added "gg.clearResults()" at the endall and before the "::start::" 5-Done many modifications so the user gets back to the main menu after each hack, one may want to do multiple hacks and reloading the script every time for each is a bit hassle. 6-More clearified labels for "goto" function 7-Removed Unnecessary "os.exit()" at the end of the script, script ends if it reaches the last line, no need to put "os.exit()" 8-Removed last "gg.toast" message, a "Done" message already appears when a hack completes. 9-Some typing fixes 10-Removed all the "print" functions, not necessary to tell user what have been replaced, let the user be calm minded :) 11-Added many "please wait..." toast messages before searches to inform user, script is running and he/she may wait 12-Repositioned many codes, goto functions and labels so they are now at progressive sort 13-Modified some function names to clarify things and make it easier to understand 14-Added some comments to help readability 15-Replaced the warning "toast" to "alert" function, so the user may not miss the warning message 16-Modified one toast message from indonesian to english Super Cheat For Crisis Action.lua
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    i can prove that am not spammer i can show that with payment history just am telling the truth what he did on my account and i can share all my messages to let everyone to know i understand someplayers want to get it for free but please we have to support him for what hes doing and his time he spending for us really i swear this is a big thanks for him for 2 d ill pay him again to make stabilizer 100%
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    Closing down mod downloads
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    I also usually work with the Random package named version. No diffrence, it does what it does. Copies data from the older version and uninstalls it. Don't worry, always get apk and install. Then leave the rest to GameGuardian.
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    You do not need this. Any values sended to gg.getResults override this limit and you get needed count of results.
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    You can keep them in your inventory, that's irrelevant, mate. Just do what you have to do. After the moment you move the frozen stack around you lose the address, so do everything you must before that. Here's a video on another way how to abuse freeze dupe, this time on crafting. - your frozen stack must have at least twice the amount of items necessary to craft one equip. - if the required stack is over 10, have a safety stack below your frozen stack (i.e. If it asks for 12 iron) - does not work with items requiring 20 parts like SWAT top and bottom, you need to have your frozen stack at the bottom of your inventory and splitting what you need without consuming that stack. This is just a shortcut to the same thing, but faster. I'm trying to get a second weapon crate to confirm if they stack or not. If they do, we have an infinite source of armor and weapons easily.
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    No. they are SAME, no diffrence of functionality or speed. Think of it, as you want to eat water. You have a mug and a glass. Some can't drink with mug, some can't drink with glass, some don't matter. But at the end, they drink water, and there is no diffrence in quality.
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    @Backlift gg.searchNumber('100', gg.TYPE_DWORD) -- 1_find a value local d = gg.getResults(1) -- 2_get its address d[1].address = d[1].address + 12 -- 3_use the offset on it (for example +12) d = gg.getValues(d) -- load values print(d) d[1].value = 120 -- set new value in var gg.setValues(d) -- write to game gg.getValues(d) -- read from game print(d)
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    hi! I searched for this string and found a few places, each of which contains the group of lines from "get_crystal_1" to "get_crystal_5". The game has a "Assault" mode, which has 5 missions with prizes for completing each one. Prizes are 16, 20, 25, 30, and 40 crystals, respectively. Are there enough data to see whether it is possible to hack these values so to get more? Unfortunately, I don't understand the organization of memory for Android. PS Sorry for my bad English =)
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    Honestly haven't had time. My thoughts with crystals/exp that you buy/get in packs... They aren't a "value" is my guess. They are one an "id". Hypothetical example.. You have chance to earn 1 3 20 or 50 crystals. They are crystal pack 1, 2,3,4. Since this game uses pointers I would look into finding the "end" of the pointer and work backwards. So, one method I like to use is find a word related to what you are doing. So "crystal". Convert that to hex. I would do RYSTAL and rystal saves you a 3rd search if they do a C with the lowercase. So for the lowercase Byte search this 72h;79h;73h;74h;61h;6ch::6 Then search only one of those like the 72h. Now these results are all plain text. Goto location, and see if it spells out like "crystal_reward_40" or something. Then scroll nearby and look for similar strings. You'll find patterns and most likely a value that is always above these. Copy the address, search hex dword of that address. If you get 1 result, that's the pointer. Then you find nearby something like crystal_reward_200. Copy address location of pointer, and the hex dword search value, edit the value dword and paste location as hex dword. Now what should be 40 reward points to a 200 reward.
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    This thing works. I've done it. My first try was a failure. I tried it agad. It works. I have a tip. After you edit. Dont close the game. Wait for 2 mins. Then go outside and go back again inside your base. Then try to reopen. Hope it helps.
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    Version 2.0.0


    Script which allow search and replace strings, HEX-strings and AoB (Array of Bytes). Video on example app: String search/replace - lua script - GameGuardian Video on real game: Asphalt 8: Airborne - new maps in solo/quick race - lua script - GameGuardian
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    As I know it's about Hardware Acceleration (HW) and Software Acceleration (SW). They have no difference in overall functionality, I use (HW), if one failed for you, use the other. It was implemented by developers as some devices had problems with Hardware Acceleration (As it's default at settings "Interface Acceleration") so they may start by (SW).
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    Two activities to run. The first one with hardware acceleration - "GG (HW)", the second one with software acceleration - "GG (SW)". Now it will always be so. On some firmware works only one of this options, and on the usual firmware - both work. You can use any option that works for you. This option does not significantly affect anything.
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    Video added And write up added information on how to increment edit
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    Helping others hack Last day on earth... So took more time on that than this project.
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    I hope your real job boss know about your knowledge and experience @Enyby thats not the first time im amazed about the deep of knowledge you have in a lot things. Respect
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    Those of you watching this thread. Please consider reading this: https://gameguardian.net/forum/topic/17502-xor-search-guide-gg-8290/
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    Enyby, honestly, thank you. Best developer. Best app. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
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    Hello Guys! Well In-game Money, Energy and Skill Points can be easily hacked by using the below steps. :-) For energy there are two methods 1- (The Easy One) Search for 300 double. You'll get below 20 results. Just select them all and edit their values to 0.001. You'll get unlimited energy till you exit the game. 2- (The Hard One)Set the memory search ranges to only "Anonymous". Now simply Double search the energy you have right now. Wait for few minutes or reduce the energy by going to places then search the new value then you'll get only 1 or maxx 2 values select the value and go to its memory block. Now remember to set the "view ranges" to show the "double" values. Now there you can find the various values like the energy, gold, skill point. All of these will be in double type so scroll down and search for the respected values. Now you can not change these values directly as they will reset so first of all suppose you have 93 gold, scroll down the page to find a 'Double' 93 value then change it like 90093 and also add this 900 from the front of the "second value" above this value as in the Screenshot. Am attaching a Screenshot of the selected values in which i have increased my gold with 900 but also increased the above Dword value with 900. Do this step to change energy, gold and skill points. You can test the gold by buying an XP upgrade pack. Energy will reset on restarting the game. SpeedHack also works flawlessly with this game, you can easily use it to decrease the walk time b/w areas thus saving energy or you can you it to decrese the crops production time and can fill bottles in no time BUT YOU'LL ALSO LOWER YOUR FOOD AND WATER LEVELS SO FEED YOURSELF and Check your health while frequently using speedhack. Though Zombies will also kill you faster lol. 😛 THANKYOU 😌😎😘🤗
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    View File Asphalt 8: Airborne - hack Enduro Double Down (EDD) Info: https://gameguardian.net/forum/topic/14174-asphalt-8-airborne-database/?do=findComment&comment=57974 Build 5559 no need anymore. You must use latest version (v8.29.0 at least). Video: Asphalt 8: Airborne - hack Enduro Double Down (EDD) - lua script - GameGuardian Submitter Enyby Submitted 07/20/17 Category LUA scripts  
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    Let's do it. Our topic of funny quotes must not be stopped.