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    Version 8.26.5


    Overview: Play games your way! “GameGuardian” is a game hack/alteration tool. With it, you can modify money, HP, SP, and much more. You can enjoy the fun part of a game without suffering from its unseasonable design. Requires Android: 2.3.3+ GameGuardian Features Summary Runs on ARM, x64 and x86 devices, including x86 emulators (BlueStacks, Droid4X, Andy, NOX, Memu, AMIDuOS, Windroy, AVD, Genymotion etc.) Supports Android 2.3.3+ (Gingerbread) through Lollipop (5+), Marshmallow (6+) and Nougat (7+). Game deceleration and acceleration (speedhack) for ARM and x86 devices, including x86 emulators. Also supports 32-bit applications on 64-bit devices using speedhack. Search feature: encrypted values. Search of unknown values when specifying the difference between values. Explicit and "fuzzy" numeric searches Supports: Double, Float, Qword, Dword, XOR, Word, Byte, or Auto data-type searches Modify all search results at once Filtering of search results (address greater than and less than, value greater than and less than) App locale for over 90 languages And, much, much more Notes: ** ROOT ONLY ** This tool only works on rooted devices! You can find more information about rooting your device at XDA Developers. Want to help us improve, or add a translation? Then please visit thread "If you want to add a new translation or improve an existing". If you are having issues with the app, please visit thread "Gathering information about GG errors". Want to donate and help keep the project going? That's awesome! You can donate any amount (anything helps) here: Donate Credit: @d2dyno - Owner, lead designer, project management. @Enyby - Lead coder, project management. @Trasd - Technical consultant, project management. @Aqua - Creator (retired).
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    The unique program with an excellent set of features. Distinctive features: support x86 and x64 devices and emulators (BlueStacks, Droid4X, Genymotion etc.); support Android 5+ and 6+; deceleration / acceleration speed games (ARM devices only); direct and fuzzy search; multiple fuzzy search for equality; search encrypted XOR values; search for fractional values; modify all the values found at once; show search progress; advanced filtering of search results; search value not only for equality but also in terms of more / less. Unique features GameGuardian Availability Search for encrypted values. Group Search supports all data types, including float and xor. Search in the application code. Changing the application code. Support of "data type" xor, are often used to protect the values of the changes in the games. Displays an unlimited number of search results, the main thing that you have enough memory. Filtering the search results according to various criteria. Autofill on values change. The ability to enter data in hexadecimal. The rollback feature values change if you do not need. Extended freeze values. Advanced application settings system. Viewing the game screen, without closing the program interface. The input history. Unique in-memory data storage system that allows you to store data in memory and avoid crashes the program when available memory runs out. Speedhack runs on x86 devices. Speedhack runs on android 7. speedhack Function: time jump, which allows you to go forward in time, to the exact distance. Unique speedhack configuration allows fine-tune the desired intercept timers in the game without touching unnecessary. The unique masking system unable to detect the fact of installing and running the program for the protection systems of most games. Extremely high stability. Active support. Constant updating. Localization into many languages. Special tricks against some common protective systems.
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    View File GameGuardian Overview: Play games your way! “GameGuardian” is a game hack/alteration tool. With it, you can modify money, HP, SP, and much more. You can enjoy the fun part of a game without suffering from its unseasonable design. Requires Android: 2.3.3+ GameGuardian Features Summary Runs on ARM, x64 and x86 devices, including x86 emulators (BlueStacks, Droid4X, Andy, NOX, Memu, AMIDuOS, Windroy, AVD, Genymotion etc.) Supports Android 2.3.3+ (Gingerbread) through Lollipop (5+), Marshmallow (6+) and Nougat (7+). Game deceleration and acceleration (speedhack) for ARM and x86 devices, including x86 emulators. Also supports 32-bit applications on 64-bit devices using speedhack. Search feature: encrypted values. Search of unknown values when specifying the difference between values. Explicit and "fuzzy" numeric searches Supports: Double, Float, Qword, Dword, XOR, Word, Byte, or Auto data-type searches Modify all search results at once Filtering of search results (address greater than and less than, value greater than and less than) App locale for over 90 languages And, much, much more Notes: ** ROOT ONLY ** This tool only works on rooted devices! You can find more information about rooting your device at XDA Developers. Want to help us improve, or add a translation? Then please visit thread "If you want to add a new translation or improve an existing". If you are having issues with the app, please visit thread "Gathering information about GG errors". Want to donate and help keep the project going? That's awesome! You can donate any amount (anything helps) here: Donate Credit: @d2dyno - Owner, lead designer, project management. @Enyby - Lead coder, project management. @Trasd - Technical consultant, project management. @Aqua - Creator (retired). Submitter d2dyno Submitted 05/19/12 Category Official Downloads  
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    Now, it is "the best". But I have one suggestion for make it the best. You may add there search values between. I mean if any value is visible like integer, but it is float in shadow. E.g. I see that I have 2 points in game. Well, I will search between Value>=2 and Value<=3. This is possible in computer (e.g. on Cheat Engine or ArtMoney). Because I am not able choose this value to filter in GameGuardian.
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    Name of Game: Inotia 4: Assassin Of Berkel Game Version if known: 1.0.3 Name of Cheat: PLUS version without ads and 100 Gems for free. Buying things won't decrease money. Unlimited status points. Unlimited skill points. Credits to gxs349 press like if you liked it Download and enjoy =) Inotia4_PLUS_103m.apk (sorry it is not really a guide but didn't know where else to post it. a sticky rules post might be a good idea =))
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    Excelente. Thanks d2dyno
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    As we know we already have an scrap hack that works but i found another hack in game money (not gold sadly) This works on latest version 1.3.8 This is probably device and Android system dependable I have less luck with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ sm-g928f with audax 8.0 android 6.0.1, it crash nfs no limit crash pretty fast, even if I start nfs no limit and game guardian nfs crash the 1st time On the other hand I have more luck with LG G3 D855 With XOSP android 6.0.1 Ok steps I performed 1. Start need for speed no limit 2. Start game guardian and select need for speed 3. Let nfs load till you are in the map screen 4. Search for value 15000 dword once done change all that have been found to 10000000, after you changed values clear them 5. Search for value 7500 dword all found values change to 10000000 again and clear them after 6. Go back to game, go to underground chapter 8 final boss racer 7. Race him and you get 10mil on card pull i did not try any other values for this , feel free to try it and report back don't try higher then 10mil, either game crash or values are reverted and you have to start over, also be sure you have below 1mil in game cash, i believe for in game money the limit is 15 mil at max, i had this problem a while back when i hacked nfs no limit when reaching 15mil i did not get anymore and the gained 10mil i gotten is auto decrased on your in game cash, it 1st count then decrase it, Some screenshots in attachments as proof, funny thing is it change all items to money, I don't have it tested on other courses and I don't have tested any other money values, these hacks are performed with my LG G3 D855 XOSP android 6.0.1, I upgraded all my cars except the Nissan and BMW, d*** special card and blue prints, wish I could hack those to like I did with other cars in the past, but if someone can find out a gold hack for lvl 100 please tell us
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    Another great release from XxRuitxX CRITICAL OPS, ONE OF THE BEST ONLINE SHOOTERS ON ANDROID. Since the gamedevs putted all to serverside, its very hard to mod that game. XxRuitxX didnt care about an coded a Minimap Hack for that game, you allways can see the enemy on the map Im happy to can share that exclusive AR release here. Thank you XxRuitxX for your work and the permissions to let me upload this release here. QUOTE="XxRuitxX, post: 199518, member: 106161"] Name: Critical Ops Version: 0.6.4 Root: No Mods -Radar (Shows enemies location) Install Steps: 1. Download APK 2. Open APK then download resources Credits To: XxRuitxX Playstore Link: | Here | Modded APK: | Here |[/QUOTE] ]
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    Requirements: - Rooted device or Emulator. - A powerful Android device: 1 GB RAM, 4 cores, 1.5 - 2.x GHz. If you have a low-end device, your device may freeze during dumping. - Available free space of Internal storage or Sdcard: 2+ GB - Requires Android 4.0.0+ and up. Works on Marshmallow 6.0.1 and Nougat 7.0.0 Files: GameGuardian get_dll_from_bin Instructions: - Run GameGuardian - Press Start - Run App - Select App - Press buttoms like in image - Press Dump memory - If you use BlueStacks select Path /sdcard/windows/BstSharedFolder - Press Save and w8 1 min until you see Dump ended - Open in Windows folder C:\ProgramData\BlueStacks\UserData\SharedFolder - Put file get_dll_from_bin.exe in same folder and run it - W8 30 sec and in the same folder you will see many .dll files - Now you can put it on .NET Reflector and edit Source get_dll_from_bin.exe
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    What's New in Version 8.26.1 Added memory regions. Added the remaining time for a long search. Improved support of PPSSPP. Improved speedhack: fixed force close the game on some bad kernels and firmwares. Added the possibility to use notification to open/hide UI and prevent force close. Work without Instrumentation. Improved support for firmwares such as OnePlus. Improved keyboard for small screens. Improved UI. Fixed UI for some bad firmwares. Fixed crash. Updated translations.
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    so, I am going to upload this file because it should get you to at least challenge 51 and should get you about 40000 enduro points if you double the points after each Ace race. It is not complete, and cannot update it, at least for today. I may have a little more time throughout the day, and should have more time tomorrow early in the morning. I would highly suggest to cash your enduro points after you complete challenge 51, and start from scratch to get the additional 20000 enduro points to get the Corvette. Sorry for the inconvinience. I will try to update it at least one more time to get the remaining challenges, challenge 52 - challenge 59. Hope it helps someone out there. Also, if you know what you are doing, and have info for races that I do not have in this file, please update and reupload. Have fun. Chears. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE as of 14May17 / 1048 AKST: I have been able to update the file a little more. Hopefully this helps a little more. i renamed the file to v1.1 to differentiate the updated from original file. @fadl15 @Skullboyq @Enyby @peanutbrittle @LuciferHawk Enduro - Corvette v1.1.txt
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    We have plans about that.
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    Anyone interested in a 10,000,000 coin account? i can make unlimited accounts with that amount or more. Womdering if if I could sell accounts in the side but for the mean time. Try my trial! ill give you the email and password to the account so you can play it. Thanks
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    In this topic will be published various useful information.
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    What's New in Version 8.22.2 Improved bypass for ptrace defense. Updated translations. Built with support for ARMv5.
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    Success worked on Android O (8.0)
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    Name of Game: Narcos: Cartel Wars Link to game : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ftxgames.narcos&hl=bg What cheat? Gold , Money , Wood Have you tried cheating this game? What happened?: Comments: I try to use GG on this game with Gold and Money but when i try its like server side ... but i dont know how to see is this server sided so i hope somebody can help me ! Trying to change value of wars or gifts but still without success
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    My request or question regarding GameGuardian is: Is there any way to automate the search and change the value and maybe some other values nearby too? For example: I search for 1,23456789 and I go to that adress I do not change that value, but values of the next 2 adresses (they have values, which will be found a few 1000 times) Every time, I start the game, I have to do the same procedure and would like to automate it somehow. The search-value and the values which will be changed, are always the same, only adresses change. Is there a way to do it maybe with tasker or similar apps? Thanks for your really good work!
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    Making improvements... But so far, only luck with gold.
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    Is it possible to specify offsets between values in an union search? For example in an union search 1D;2D;3D::512, and I know the offset from 1 to 2 is 18, from 2 to 3 is 60. Is there a way to specify those offsets and filter away useless values in between the values I want? Maybe a syntax like this 1D(18);2D(60);3D::512
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    Porsche 959 Championship IDs Alps:16160-16162 Patagonia:16163-16166 French Guiana:16167-16170 Rio:16171-16175 Tenerife:16176-16180 Tokyo:16181-16186 Venice:16187-16192 London:16193-16199 Happy Hacking Have Fun Keep Calm And Support @Enyby & Game Guardian... ^_^ Best Of Luck _______________________________________________ added 4 minutes later Check The Video... And keep in mind 1 sec=1000ms 😆😋 For Example If you see beat the time:1:10:000 Search For 70000 Dwrod And do as the video shows Have fun... Happy Hacking Best of Luck
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    What's New in Version 8.26.4 Added info about how to speed up search into the help. Extended FAQ. Improved help. Updated translations.
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    Name of Requested File: Need for Speed - No Limits v2.2.3 Link To Download:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ea.game.nfs14_row Is the game server-sided: I believe so Comments: Since the update to 2.2.3, I have not been able to find a way to hack the money, xp or gold. Scrap points is also another one. In pervious versions, you have been able to hack all the things but I think they have patched them and no longer available. I used to watch Philly the Gamer for the tutorials but he hasn't put any out and I can't find any others on Youtube. I tried the 2.1.1 hack where you drift and search that number as Auto then drift again and refine. After that you go to the address and edit the address below and set it as float to what ever value and money should be obtained but I had no luck. Does anyone know of any hacks or working on one?
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    What's New in Version 8.26.3 Added info about the 'fill' feature into the help section. Added minimal height setting for list items in the memory editor. Improved speedhack. Improved listing of regions. Improved regions detection. Improved landscape keyboard layout. Improved UI. Improved detection of incompatible apps. Reduced the long click timeout for activating speedhack. Fixed crashes. Fixed bugs. Updated translations. Built with support for ARMv5.
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    Look like lot of work. But it can be fix by devs in any time make all work useless. Teleport is very easy detectable. Devs too lazy for check players coords on server. But it can be too easy implemented with disconnect or ban if this happens. I think better concentrate on things which not easy detectable.
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    I would love to help create a guide on many features in GG and how to use them. It would take a really long time. Figure, the many games I've hacked, I've utilized a huge portion of features Enyby keeps adding. "play games your way" This is exactly what GG provides. I used to use sbgamehacker which was a great tool. Enyby hasn't stopped developing GG and now has the best memory hacking app.
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    Game Guardian tutorial – Basics by Gamecheetah.org · May 25, 2017 With this article, Game Guardian tutorial, we will start series of tutorials on topic “how to use Game Guardian”. As you maybe know, Game Guardian is powerful memory scanner and editor used mostly for cheating Android games. One of the most important things is that Game Guardian runs on x64 and x86 devices, which means that you can use it in emulators (NOX, Bluestacks, Andy, Genymotion, Droid4X…) or various devices, without worrying about compatibility. It requires Android v.2.3.3(Gingerbread) or newer. Of course, you will need rooted device to do this, so root it before you continue with this step. If you can’t or don’t want to root your phone, you can do it all in emulator, and then transfer your savegame to mobile phone/tablet. Here you can find links for Nox and Bluestacks emulator setup [NOX] [BLUESTACKS]. Before you install this program from the official website,you will need to enable installing apps from unknown sources. To do that on your device, go to Settings – Security, and check Unknown sources box. When you have done this, download Game Guardian from official website [LINK] and install it. Game Guardian tutorial When you start Game Guardian, you should see floating icon at the top of you screen. Note that you can move it wherever you want. Start game that you want to cheat, and click on Game Guardian floating icon. It will automatically show all processes running on your device. Choose the game that you want to cheat. In this Game Guardian tutorial, we will only do basic memory editing. That means that money/gold/exp value is not encrypted in the memory. In this article, we will cheat Chuck Norris Nonstop game, as it don’t encrypt anything (we can’t guarantee that Chuck Norris won’t revenge somehow if you do this). Click again on Game Guardian, and choose Known (exact) search. In value box, input current amount of gold that you have. You will notice equal sign right before the box. That mean that will scan the memory to find all the values that are equal to our value. Now you can leave the equal sign, but in some cases you will have to use other signs. “=” in-memory value is the same as the one we put in. “!=” in-memory value is NOT the same as the one we put in. “<” in-memory value is smaller than the one we put in. “>” in-memory value is bigger than the one we put in. Game Guardian value types Value types can be different. DWORDs are just simple numbers. Storage size for DWORD type is 4 bytes. Example: 1,55, 18999, 123456… In other programs, DWORD type can be named 4bytes or LONG. FLOATs are real numbers, numbers with decimal point, 1.23, 3.14 190.5786… DOUBLEs are same as floats, but it can store much larger values (see picture above). WORDs – Same as DWORD, but store much smaller numbers (2 bytes), in programming this type is called INT . BYTEs – Same as DWORD, but only one byte is reserved for the value. QWORDs – Just a bigger number, same as DWORD with bigger storage size. XORs – they are not type of number, it is encryption used in some games. For reference about data types you can check this article [LINK]. Don’t be confused with all of this. In most cases, you will be searching for DWORD, or the FLOAT/DOUBLE type. If you aren’t confident enough, you can always choose AUTO, and it will scan all the data types (note that this method will be much slower). Searching for the gold Now it is time to finally do something. In game, remember the gold amount you have. Open Game Guardian, choose game process (in our case, it will be Chuck Norris Nonstop process). In upper left corner of the Game Guardian screen, you will see PAUSE icon. Click it to freeze our game (we don’t want gold value to change in the middle of the scan). . Choose Known (exact) search. In value box write amount of gold that you currently have. Value type has to be DOUBLE, and value is not encrypted, so don’t check box. In other games, you will probably have to try DWORD value type to find out in which format the value are stored. Click on New Scan. After scan is completed, wait for gold amount to change. For the next step, open Known (exact) search, write the new value, and click on Refine. Repeat this step. Earn some gold, then refine the results. Refine search results until you have only two values left. Editing values in Game Guardian Editing values is the easiest step once you find the right addresses where they are stored. Just click on value that you want to change (in previous steps we have found two addresses where the gold is stored), and write in wanted value. Change the number of gold to billions/trillions/quadrillions. Now close Game Guardian window, and check the game. You should see that gold amount have changed. This was first tutorial from the Game Guardian tutorial series. Later we will deal with encrypted values, fuzzy search, group and range searches, and speedhack. Stay tuned. If you have some suggestions, write in the comments. For those who want to see how this is done, take a look at the video below.
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    This is exactly what we really need. We have the most powerful hacking app on the android market and a insane talented programmer enyby who spent a big part of his lifetime into this project. I know a lot good coders, hackers and skilled modders but there are only a few where i can say "this guy life for high quality work" no bad code, no copy paste stuff....nerver "half work jobs" Without enyby we would have a standard memory editor without a big difference to other tools. As i moved from pc hacking scene to android few years ago i used other tools because of "easy to use" but after i have seen that gameguardian became more and more features, more stable and more, most support for different devices, emulators etc. And last but not least a never ending development, so i went complete to this insane application. "Play games your way" (i love this sentence since more than 10 years) is unthinkable without gameguardian. But the problem is the power of this tool. Im a pro cheater but we have so much features that i can only use a small part of them. I have not the experience to use them all because i never learned to code. And 90% of our members have the same problem. We want to hack, we have biggest tool ever, but nobody know how to use. Its like we have a very big p*e*n*i*s and want to fu*ck a girl but we can only do it a little bit because we dont know how to use it rightly 😋🤣🤣😉 And thats why i give you and guys like @NoFear a very big thank for the time you spent to make guides for us "noobs" I know that's a unthankable job but you can be sure there are a lot cheaters like me what see the work behind that and im more than thankful because you help a lot with that guides. Your are absolutely welcome here. Please dont care about "isnt easy to find" we give you full support on our forum and we handle that. Maybe with a gameguardian wiki what will be more clear. Thank you sir's!!!
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    Game Guardian group search BY GAMECHEETAH.ORG · MAY 29, 2017 In previous article from this series, we learned basics on how to use Game Guardian to change known values [LINK]. This method is useful when we are dealing with values that can be changed, so we can refine our search multiple times, until we find the right address. In many cases, you will need to find values that can’t be changed from the game (ex. prices from the in-game shop), or to find two or more similar values faster (health and mana). In this tutorial you will find out how to use Game Guardian group search. But first, let us explain what exactly is group search. All data from some game are stored in memory when game is started, and every in-game value is stored in different address. If you used Game Guardian, Cheat Engine, or any similar program, you maybe noticed that there is usually hundreds millions unique addresses occupied by the same game. All addresses are marked with unique code (ex. 9D786251 or 895D2314). When we scan for only one value, Game Guardian will search through all addresses and save the ones that stores wanted value. On repeated search with different value, it will search through saved list, and make smaller list that contain only changed values that stores new wanted value. Game Guardian group search When we do Game Guardian group search, we are searching for two or more values that are close to each other. All addresses are marked with unique hexadecimal number. The reason behind this is that hexadecimal system is more suitable for computer systems, because each digit (from 0 to F) represent 4 bits. So one byte (8bits), let’s say 00000000 in binary, can be written as 00 in hexadecimal. Biggest value that can be stored in one byte is 11111111 binary, or FF in hexadecimal. If you want to know more about this, please read this article [LINK] on Wikipedia, as you will need to understand this if you want do use Game Guardian for something more advanced. Basic syntax for group search is “VALUE1;VALUE2;VALUE2:RANGE“, without quotes. You need 2 values minimum, and you don’t need to define RANGE explicitly. If you don’t define range, Game Guardian will define it as 512. This can be difficult to understand, but let us see the example. Game Guardian group search examples Here we will imagine that this values are stored in some addresses. 8D7C6B00 12 8D7C6B01 13 8D7C6B02 14 8D7C6B03 15 8D7C6B04 16 8D7C6B05 17 8D7C6B06 18 So we want to find the addresses that contains values 13, 15 and 16, we can use this line. 13;15;16:500 Game Guardian will search all addresses that contain values 13, 15 and 16, and there are up to 500 addresses between them. There is probably a lot of addresses that contains 13,15 and 16, and which are close to each other. In most cases, you will search similar values (gold and silver, or price and product) , so they will be close to each other. We could do the same search again, with smaller range. If we run this query, 13;15;16:5, we will find our values too, but with less false positives. It will search all values 13,15 and 16 that are up to 5 addresses from each other. It will drastically narrow our search. Game Guardian ordered group search There is one similar search, ordered group search. Syntax is almost the same, except the range is defined with mark “::“ , without quotes. We could use this search if we are sure that numbers are in exact order as we typed in. In the upper example, 15;13;16:5, 16;13;15:5, 16;15;13:5, 13;16;15:5 will find the same addresses (8D7C6B01, 8D7C6B3, 8D7C6B4). But if we search for 15;13;16::5, it wont find anything, because the values are not in the right order. But if we search for 13;15;16::5, it will show us right addresses. Let’s see how this looks like in practice. This is screenshot from the game SimCity BuildIt. Note how some values occupies more space. Remember what we learned about value types in last tutorial [LINK]!! Now, we will see how to use this knowledge in practice. Using group search for cheating SimCity BuildIt As we already show in this article [LINK], cheating SimCity BuildIt is really easy with group search. Now we will only show how to cheat on the achievements screen, as we do not need to use incremental change (we will cover this latter). In SimCitz, go to the achievement screen. Choose one of the achievements – in video there is one where you need to have 1500000 Sims living in your city to get 32 Simoleans. Make DWORD union search – 1500000;32. You will find only two addresses. Edit the 1500000 to 1 and 32 to, let’s say, 10000. Now claim your hard earned 10000 Simoleans. And this is all for now. In next tutorial, we will expand this knowledge with incremental editing the value – this will allow us to refine results, even if we can’t change values directly from the game.
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    What's New in Version 8.26.2 Improved UI. Fixed bugs. Fixed crashes. Updated translations.
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    Cool app Hex, Dec, Bin, RGB Converter v2.5 [Unlocked] (1).apk
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    It's ptrace... Different versions of android seem to behave differently with it. But only thing you can do if game crashes, is mod game and remove ptrace. Or see if you can hack it on a older device/os.
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    Of course this is emulator. Its load games into ram on android. Then user can use gg for hack this games. This emulator very good written and mark memory of game very specially. It is allow add to gg this memory as separate region. It is allow hack games in this emulator very fast. And on this unique region work magic rebase.
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    What's New in Version 8.26.0 Added float time jump panel. Added counters on tabs. Improved UI. Improved speedhack panel. Improved keyboard for small screens. Improved functionality on Marshmallow. Improved compatibility with bad superusers. Fixed crashes. Fixed bugs. Fixed update tabs. Updated translations. Removed unused translation.
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    Install playstore version. Sync Google account. Create backup of game(titanium backup or helium backup). Remove game Install mod. Restore data only from backup. Google synced mod complete.
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    Nothing special, all values are not encrypted, and they are stored as double.
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    So you exploit the servers.? hm..? Oor scam, idk.
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    Name of Game: Day R Surival https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gm_shaber.dayr Game Version: "1.446" on Google Play or "v.446 - f" in the game itself. Name of Cheat: Inventory Ammounts Hack Search type: Known Values - Auto (Slow) Steps: Open both Day R Surival, and GameGuardian. Play Either on Online(Yes it works on on line as well), or Solo it doesnt matter. Get caps, best way to get caps which are free is to watch videos. 4 should do it, 5 caps each time gives you 20 caps. Search KV-Auto(slow) for 20. It should give you a list from as little as(so far) 28 to a few 100(possible 400-500) The Ammount will be 20.0(mine was in yellow idk why), the address changes every startup of the game, so I cannot give you an exact address sadly. In this game you have billions, so change that 20.0 to what every you want, Personally I put in 20B, 20000000000, without " , "(commas) so a 20 with 9 0's after it. It gives you a decent ammount to where you dont have to keep editing it over and over again. Then lower GG, and switch off of the caps or view your caps, and you should have the amount you did. These caps help in buying everything in the store that is there. Like the BelAZ and Chopper. Which are the 2 most needed in the game. Along with FOOD and MEDICAL supplies. This should work on premium as well, since you can still see or view ads for free caps, although I dont have premium, it should still work. Along with Caps Above...Relatively same steps almost for anything inventory Hack. Steps: Search for the exact amount you want to hack Via Known - Auto (slow). Example: If you have 200 dirty water, search for 200. There will be alot of 200 i think i hit 2000-10,000 results. Lower GG, and goto the crater, explore and search for more like maybe 20-30 added. so now you have 220-230. Open up GG and look search for the fuzzy aspect, and changed or even increased, both worked for me. Look for your amount you have. Change that to what ever you want. (BE CAREFUL WITH THIS! Everything has a weight to it barring Caps so giving yourself a lot of one thing WILL WEIGH YOU DOWN! Drop what you gave yourself and pick up what you need as needed) So far this has worked with every single item in the game, Even the BelAZ(which I did by accident 2 items with 3 and i chose the wrong one and gave myself 20,000 belAZ's) This should help in getting items for youself. in making things that you have limited resources for. Also from what I can tell as well, and correct me if iam wrong anyone, It isnt bannable.... I have been doing this from Version to version for about i think 3 months. and Spanning about 3 updates. I dont think it even sees it in the game as it is player side changing and not server. Even for the online part. Oh also the Speed Hack, even via the shield for GG does work... And Boy does it help getting form place to place, and slowing down time. Keep in mind speeding it up, if you have NON-Prem, will make ads appear A LOT more often, instead of like every 3-7min, mine ranged form 30secs to 1.5min. Yeh, A lot more. Kinda sucks, but worth it when trying to read or make items that take friggin forever to build. I hope this Helps the People in knowing Day R Survival is Hackable. Screenshot of cheat: For the Caps Portion.... as you can see 19Billion Caps.
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    I have the latest version (8.10.2) of GG but I think I must be missing something in it. There is a lot of functionality for finding offsets between two addresses by using either the "Caluculate Offset" or "Offset Calculator" functions. I was expecting though that there would be a way to apply an offset against a list of saved values but I can't seem to find a way to do that. Since there is no way to do pointer searches in the app, the next logical way of keeping a list of addresses useable for a game would be to apply a global offset to all the saved values. Is this possible or does this functionality not exist in the program? If it doesn't exist then I'd like to raise a feature request for the below functions: 1) Ability to calculate offset between a saved value and a searched value 2) Ability to apply an offset to all saved values to change all their addresses at once 3) Ability to select a saved address and searched address and apply the offset between them to all saved addresses (This would combine the function of both the above two options) The idea here is that even though the memory addresses change each time a game is started the position of the values is generally always relative. If I have searched and found a large number of values and saved them for a game I would want to be able to load those values the next time I start the game and apply an offset to all of them to correct their position to the right memory region. Preferably, the most ideal process would be as follows: 1) Find memory values you want to edit and freeze 2) Save those values to a list for that game 3) Next time you play the game you load the list of saved memory addresses (that no longer point to the right location) 4) Perform a search and find the location of one of the saved memory addresses 5) Select the saved value and search result that matches and choose an option in the app to apply the offset between those values to all addresses in the saved list The option I indicate in the last step is the function we need as an alternative to having the ability to search for memory pointers. If that is too hard, having at least an option to apply an offset to the saved list manually would be terrific!
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    To create a log file on your Android device: Get CatLog – Logcat Reader! from the Play Store. Start the CatLog – Logcat Reader! Application, then press the menu button on your device and tap Record to start recording to the file. If you want - rename the file or just tap OK to confirm. This will create a .txt file and you’ll find it in the catlog folder on your SD card. Then tap home button. The app will continue to run in the background. Start GG and recreate the bug. Open CatLog – Logcat Reader! again, then press the menu button on your device and tap Stop record to stop recording to the file. This is all. File can be found in the catlog folder on your SD card.
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    Thanks very Much,,,,geribaldi,,,,for mod CA..but your mod is detected just close,reconnect,,,and say hacker detected or poor conection....plis update ...thanks
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    Input history will be added in next release. The keyboard will be special button, clicking which you call a dialogue with the last input strings.
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    error; slow scan on honor 4c( android 5.1.1).. vesion vietnam