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    View File Script learning Don't know how to script? Or too hard to understand YouTube videos? I think this script might help, note, you need QLua (For android) Lua (For windows) to create a script! This script is still in development, if there is any bugs, please tell me at the reviews Submitter Joystickplays Submitted 08/30/2019 Category LUA scripts  
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    So see non-encrypted scripts. What you wrote is not the reason why you want to get the contents of this particular script.
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    First of all why u added this fully unuseful code about YT detection ? inf = gg.getTargetInfo().packageName inff = gg.getTargetInfo().name pack = "com.google.android.youtube" if inf == pack then else gg.alert(" Game not detected Script created for: " .. "YOUTUBE" .. " Using: " .. gg.getTargetInfo().label .. " Go into the \"YOUTUBE\" and try it again") os.exit() end Lol its compiler and why we need yt for encryption ? Next : it is unuseful encryption . very easy to decrypt . i have fully decrypted this compiler in a few minutes . Yes it is fully decompiled . Sorry if u are angry or disparated but its everything true . It is unuseful encryption . Just use loader>unluac and script is decompiled . I gave u 3 star bcs i am understanding ur hardworking . Nothing more .
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    Use API help. https://gameguardian.net/help/
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    View File Eternium | Gems Hack Features: • Gems Hack Don't forget to ❤ my work, if you like it Subscribe My Channel Submitter saiaapiz Submitted 06/13/2019 Category LUA scripts  
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    Recently while using parralel space with gg and a game I have the issue of a game not connection to my play account though parallel space. I keep getting Google play service is being updated when it's currently not. Others games work with no issue. Game I am playing is star wars galaxy of heros
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    --Simple real-time value detector function check() if r == "" or r == nil then gg.searchNumber("Your code",gg.TYPE_DWORD) gg.refineNumber("First value in the code",gg.TYPE_DWORD) t1 = gg.getResults(1) gg.addListItems(t1) end r = gg.getListItems() r1 = gg.getValues(r) -- Update value gg.alert("Address: "..r1[1].address.."\nValue: "..r1[1].value.."\nFlag: "..r1[1].flag) end function main() local main = gg.choice({"Check value","Exit"},nil,nil) if main == 1 then check() elseif main == 2 then gg.setVisible(true) os.exit() end XGCK = 0 end while true do if gg.isVisible(true) then XGCK = 1 gg.setVisible(false) end gg.clearResults() if XGCK == 1 then main() end end main()
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    Starting from version 8.28.0 GG have support of LUA scripts. It can be loaded and run. https://www.lua.org/manual/5.2/manual.html Scripting Documentation: https://gameguardian.net/help/
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    You need copy not to root of sdcard, but to folder where stored virtual space sdcard. In virtual space, save any info to sdcard. For example save saved list to file 1234567.txt. After save search this file on sdcard outside virtual space. When you found - place script near it. And open script in GG on this location where you save saved list.
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    Dude nice but I can help I'm a big youtuber and I wanna work with u I'm already working with CoolBoy263 and Scripter boy and Bendyplays211
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    Version 0.17.3 GG


    Requires Android: Android 5.0 / Lollipop or later. There is support for x86. Video: No root via VirtualXposed - GameGuardian (#b6l7k1qu) No root via VirtualXposed (without error 105) - GameGuardian (#bpb5835m) No root via VirtualXposed on Android 9.0 Pie - GameGuardian (#a92saax8) Usually, the optimized version is installed over the official version. If this does not work, uninstall the official version before installing the optimized version. Differences of the optimized version: no error 105.
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    Search string length before string start. And edit it. Or search zero byte at end. And put it at end for lesser string.
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    Something updated in Google play Services and parallel space hasent updated it. Went to there fb account and looked for anything. Nothing on there even remotely close to the app
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    Local is faster than global and works only on this function
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    Can u guyz please help me in hacking the tiger online simulator on immortal J
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    View File GO Multiple Requires Android: Android 4.0 (IceCreamSandwich) or later. There is support for x86. For Android 4.2 or below use v2.60.0: GO Multiple (#2m858sgb) Video: Work without root via GO Multiple - GameGuardian (#53pockzu) Before installing the optimized version, uninstall the version from Google Play. Differences of the optimized version: no error 105. Submitter Enyby Submitted 04/15/2018 Category Virtual spaces (no root)  
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    a=gg.prompt({"Choose a number[0; 1000]"},{"500"},{"number"})
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    Request Vigor stone hack and Gold hack When i tried 1st . I always got 155 result but i cant change the value https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=kemco.execreate.brandol
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    You mean seekbar? function prompt() menu = gg.prompt({ "test[0; 360]" }, {"number”}) if menu[1] then Some action end end
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    Read help about unexpected shutdown.
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    It is need a lot of free internal memory. Something around 1.5-2 GB.
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    Topic for known problem and how it resolve. 1. If you use Tencent Superuser and GG doesn't get root - change this root manager to another. For example: SuperSU.
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    @CmP @Revoxtical @saiaapiz @TopGEOYT @noblack @Krojzanovic @Rastakiwiand all those i forgot to mention, hey guys its been fun but my time here has come to an end, after months of Enyby updating GG and his compiler to bypass my security measures along with spiteful retaliation of deleting my launcher (the most popular currently updated script on the site) for his inability to do what he claimed anyone could to protect their scripts. I dont have time for people that create a problem then get angry when someone is forced to find a solution, I simply built upon the work of others just like Enyby does every time he makes an update to GG a app that already was around before he came along.... Anyway if anyone needs to contact me for any reason feel free to hit me up on telegram https://t.me/BadCaseDotOrg Take care guys and remember make sure you dont make anything too popular lest you catch the wrath of the overlord for drawing attention away from him, all hail Enyby our great and insecure leader.....
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    I've only played the game briefly, so I've only discovered one thing so far. By the way you can get the latest version (full game) at https://apkgoogle.org/games/space-rpg-3-v-1-2-0-4-mod-apk/ My turn speed is 2.000 and my velocity is 1.800 So I search these values in Float (I searched auto, but the values are Float) A group search You should get two values. Also, Velocity is speed and turn is how fast you can turn. Greater velocity = greater speed Greater turn = better handling I changed them and the values changed in game. I will be looking for a way to change hull, just thought I'd let you know about this
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    You can reduce the freeze interval, and you can check hide 4 from the game。 The disappearing tower, just adjust the three frozen values yourself. I set my field of view too high.
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    Oh really. And then what is it? 2200_mute.mp4 [added 1 minute later] You could make a mod without external signs. But you need to replace the icon, replace the site address. If you had not done this, there was no problem.
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    Bad Enc... Open Source:https://pastebin.com/hfxPenbZ just let me enc the script
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    Ok, I did some extensive hacking on this game as well, I endured if it was hard for people who are playing this game I found a hack for Gold only Uncut Dices I'm still working on it as Uncut Dices are either encrypted or hidden addresses, meanwhile IAP Exploits or Hacks (Freedom and Lucky Patcher) doesn't work for this game, I'm getting off topic but to hack the gold we don't hack it directly we're gonna hack it on offset by using the game store, just typically if feathers cost 500 gold, your gonna have to search 500 on dword, it's gonna have like 50 - 140+ addresses but don't worry most of the region this addresses have are CA but we're looking for an address that is assign on A region, so what you want to do is to modify all of the addresses you found and put an increment by 1 or 2 doesn't really matter as long all the addresses are intact, word of note if there is 300+ addresses you have search I recommend to modify small groups of addresses or else the game will bug out or crash, now you want to exit the game shop and come back right in and the value or price of the item should increase, go back to GG and search the value of the modified price, there will be 2 of them one for the CA and one for the A DO NOT CHANGE THE CA AS IT WILL BUG THE GAME, change the address that is assign to A and make it -999999 note only make small negative amounts increasing to negative 9 million will put your currency in semantic mode (meaning it will bug out and will make current money -9999999) once you done this correctly you should have a lot of gold on the game. Now for uncut dices i'm still working on it I can't seem to figure out if the data type im using is wrong or is the value hidden or encrypted. If anyone can help me with the uncut dices it'll be appreciated.
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    Hi All, I have been having a blast with game guardian since I found it a few months ago. Here is just a quick post of games that I have successfully hacked for coins/gems/whatever. Some have some extra notes, but they are a bit cryptic, but hopefully can get you started. Please note that I encourage you to pay for a game if you play with it and enjoy it, whether you get extra goodies or not. Coders need to eat too. Crash of Cars: search dword encrypted, look for large number encrypted. Ignore non-encrypted values. Idle Miner: search double, unencrypted, ensure not too much cash so display isn't rounded, change a few values of cash until it works. Purchase new mines before getting crazy with cash. Racing Fever: dword encrypted, simple Sky Force Reloaded: encrypted, stars spending in upgrade, 340000 Dokdo: go fishing, search for encrypted dword for fish number, sell fish at market and find dollars Dungeon Quest: search encrypted coins, add to the found value (Q-word) a number multiplied by 8192. Fuzzy search for dword for HP and MP and lock them. Road to Revenge: Flip Skater: coins are simple dword encrypted, xor with 444444 Flip diver: float search, not encrypted, modify last value in memory Ball Blast -- unencrypted dword, second location in mem Major Mayhem II -- search encrypted float or double. It is a rounded float. e.g. 999.66 =1000 coins Subway Surfers -- qword, encrypted, value is approx double coin value. Use mystery box repeatedly to get stuff. Same for keys, encrypted dword, first in mem. Daddy was a thief -- search unencrypted float for coins during play (pause a lot) Aliens drive me -- no known method BRIM -- dword, not encrypted, last val in mem. Goto val, next in mem is essence value. complete quests by spending essence Trigger Heroes -- dword encrypted gives two doubled coin values, make sure to change to even number or crashola. Runventure: dword encrypted, second value in mem. Zombie Guard: unencrypted double for coins, landmines, ammo, etc. Prime Peaks: search for master coin value, unencrypted dword, run a course, die quickly, search new value. Gems are next value in mem. Mini Racing: unencrypted dword two places in mem, changed both. Factory: Search unencrypted dword for $$ Tower Crush: Double, unencrypted Postknight: dword unencrypted coin, next in mem is gems (dword) Earn to die 2: unencrypted dword cash, pause during play search for unencrypted dword bullet value, mod. Toon Shooter 2: unencrypted dword for coins during play. Into Mirror: search money, encrypted dword. only one encrypted value, other stats nearby in mem. Tiny Archers: unencrypted dword search, second value in mem, gems right after. Punch Quest: dword during game place, pause, set coins. Launcha Libre, Burrito Bison: qword for total point value Dan the man: encrypted dword coin search. Change the only encrypted one. Dead Racing/Racing Dismount: dword Sword of Xolan: dword coin, near in memory is fireball count and health--freeze. Incredible Jack: dword coins king crusher: search encrypted dword gems, 444000 etc. Dragon hills: dword, edit first in memory Sonic: dword master rings, second in mem. Previous in mem is red stars, search gems dword 2nd val in mem. Tower Conquest: coins xor with 444444, gems xor with 444444; simple quick: search gems xor with 444444;444444:10 = single result Tankers.play: search dword during matches for incrementing coins, set first val in mem. Henry Danger: dword coins slug it out 2: group search three things (coins, gems, other gems), change all. refreshes after battle. Stickman Trials: dword Drag'n'Boom: dword coins during play Soul Knight: coins during play, two locations dword. quadropus (Butterscotch Shennanigans) all doubles, easy to find. Mon Rush : pair search of coin;gem:4 ordered. Coin then gem in memory, dword. Swamp Attack: dword, first in mem Kung Fu Z: qword group search coins, gems, other things. Flip Trickster: Dword coins, two places in mem. Westy West: dword coin search Jet Pack: search dword during game play, change values (a few locations in mem) Infinity Upgrade: dword coins during play Galaxy Gun: dword for health and, LP, money. Dungeon Cards: Airsoft Royale: dword on coins, 6 dwords later is gems Drive Ahead!: dword on coins, nearby on bolts Thumb Drift: play online to get coins on track, crash after finding a few, search dword three places in mem, go offline, mod. Virtual Beggar: qword coin value, nearby in mem is VC value. Crashy Cops: dword, unencrypted, pause game from GG change all values (many) Vertigo Racing: dword and double for coins at main menu, changed both. Tap! Captain Star: double on coin things Sky Chasers: search on double the coin value dword during play, search unknown for health/fuel and lock. Reboots game sometimes. Cosmobot: dword main coin value. Only one place in mem. Magic Rampage: dword, two locations Rover Craft: dword on coins, back in mem a bit is gems. Jump Squad: dword on coins Smashing Rush: encrypted dword, two values in the millions, changed the second one. Hang Line: simple dword on coins Getaway 2: dword, second value in mem. Stunt Car Challenge 3: pair dword search, ordered coins:bills Eggon: coins during play, three dwords Car Eats Car 2: two dwords, edited, but gives strange encrypted value of gems. Rev Heads Rally: search starting encrypted dword 0 at start of match, each coin increment search value even though the coin total doesn't show on screen, looks like there is an additive offset to encrypt. Add value to all (encrypted and not). Car Crash: dword on cash value during game Jump Reward: dword on coins Sushi Bar: search encrypted double (rounded) multiple places in mem, edit as group. Speed up x10. Search level as dword to accelerate levels. Giant Boulder of Death: search dword coins, two places Mobile Shooter: double for all values. Easy to find and change. Money Tree City: double on bills and gems Rooms of Doom: pair search on coins/tickets dwords Cannon Hero: coins, dword Hopeless Heroes: Tap Attack: dword coins, can't change too large. Turretz: dword coins, last value in mem. Road Draw: encrypted dword xor with 444444 plus three values of unencrypted dword Pixel Car Racer: dword on cash when in garage, spend $200 on dyno to find value, mod two places in mem Fin and the Ancient Mystery: float on gems, float on health--lock Hill Climb Racing 2: dword change found coins+1 in mem. Why didn't encrypted dword find this? Nearby was gems+1. Both changed. Ancient Bricks: simple dword search on gold during play Flipping Legend: dword coins Archers 2: dword coins at main menu, two places in mem. Zombie Catch: dword on coins, nearby in memory is radioactive vials
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    You can find gems stars and pretty much everything They are encrypted X values (it takes some time to find the adress) When you find the adress copy the value just in case and try to tweak with it I successfully hacked gems and purple stars.
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    The way around the server side issue on Zynga slot games is to change the dword value on the level up bonuses and other bonuses they give you. I change the level up bonuses from 40 mil to 4 billion. Wish I could find a way to go higher but dword does not allow going past 4.2 billion.
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    You can subscribe to our new videos. Watch on YouTube: History usage - GameGuardian
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    From some video on Youtube. I think it can be found via usual search for xor key. As explained in one video here. Yes it is XOR key. This video just fast example how formula calculator can be used on real game. It is more powerful and allow any formula, not only XOR.
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    Watch on YouTube: 73.0: Formula calculator - GameGuardian
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    Please make tutorial video for police stations, i dont know to use it, alwasy fail when copy adders.
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    I think the 1280;720, replace with your screens resolution instead.
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    1. Java, C. 2. Code. 3. Have skill, interest and prove it in my PM.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Special thanks for Rama production he is the script owner his youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCo-9Eg7HydbmIdy6nvK4y7w The script contains lots of features wall shot , nightmode , speed hack.. IMPORTANT: if you have 5 kdr you will get banned how to use English version: Russian version: Special thanks for rama production again
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    The file with the extension .lua should contain the text of the script, not the contents of the HTML page. _______________________________________________ added 2 minutes later If you have some papers in your wallet, it does not mean that these pieces of paper are money, just because you keep them in your wallet. So here: the file extension does not change its contents. The content must match the extension.
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    Name of Game: Grow Castle Game Version: 1.16.5 Name of Cheat: Unlimited Gems, Ultra Exchange Rate, Unlimited Skill points Search type: Encrypted Xor for market exchange rate and gems, Encrypted Float for skill points Unlimited Gems>>>>>>>>>> Steps: Open both Grow Castle, and GameGuardian. Search the number of gems as "Encrypted Xor" Change the number of gems Redo step 2 & 3 until you get 3 or 2 values If you get 3 values, ignore the first value and count value number 2 as #1 and count value number 3 as #2 Edit the #2 value and delete last 3 digits of it (gem will be a minus value now) Edit the #1 value and delete it's last 3 digits (Gem resets) Now edit the #2 value again and add 000 at the last of it Wait your gems tp be updated in game, you will see it will go "99Max" Freeze the #2 value TIP: For gold you can use market to exchange gem into golds Ultra Exchange Rate>>>>>>>>>> Steps: Open both Grow Castle, and GameGuardian. Wait the timer gets to 1 min ( so it will not change while you are searching) Search the exchange value as "Encrypted Xor" Now wait for the timer to change the value or use GG Speedhack to speedup the timer Redo step 3 and 4 until you find 1 value When you found 1 value, if it is a positive value, wait for it to change, if it is a negative value, Delete 1 digit from the last of it and FREEZE it. TIP: You can use Repetitouch here to exchange a lot of money at very high rate but remember, the money has a cap or limit, if it exceeds that, it resets to zero. I was able to reach the money till 50,000,000K safely Unlimited Skill Points>>>>>>>>>> Steps: Open both Grow Castle, and GameGuardian. Level Up a few to have something like 10 skill points Search it as "Encrypted Float" Change the value either by using skill points or leveling up Redo step 3 and 4 until you found 1 value The value is like this: 2.4E30 Edit it to: 4.4E24 Screenshot of cheat: https://ibb.co/d31rXv
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    Exp/money doesn't work. If you help me I'll give 5 stars.
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    We need a new Mod apk Pubg had an update today
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    Hello guys . I need help for install java jdk on termux non rooted device . If u know pls help me . @bukandewa I know that u can it so pls help me .
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    Hack horror field silver and gold
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    View File Brawl Stars Script | 50k Health, High Damage and visual Shop Hack(training mode) Created by Squidoodle04! Subscribe on YouTube! This ONLY works in training with NO real players! Features: •visual Shop Hack •get 50000 health •get high damage •give all brawler much health Submitter Squidoodle04 Submitted 08/20/2019 Category LUA scripts  
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    Version 1.0.0


    Created by Squidoodle04! Subscribe on YouTube! This ONLY works in training with NO real players! Features: •visual Shop Hack •get 50000 health •get high damage •give all brawler much health

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