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  1. Log of using the script produced by slightly modified Script compiler: Those checks are pretty useless, because all of them can be bypassed. Script that is executing another script can override any function used for limitations (such as "blocking hooks", "setting expiration time") there. For example, a script relies on "os.date" function to check expiration time, but the function surprisingly returns not the expected result, but "0" or something else that will make that check useless.
  2. CmP

    Simple Menu Template v2

    for _=1, #Menu - 0.5 do if _ % 2 == 1 then -- ... end end is identical to for _ = 1, #Menu - 0.5, 2 do -- ... end but second option is more effective and clear.
  3. CmP

    Gang war mafia VIP script. All hacks here.

    You don't need "strong protection". It would be enough, if source code was not included in your script. Start from not using crappy tools that expose source code of the script, when some modified version of GG is used:
  4. CmP

    Gang war mafia VIP script. All hacks here.

    Your reaction shows that it was definitely worth the time spent (10 minutes :D). To show the weakness of "protection" that is used. I repeat, your script contains source code in it. It is not magic. You used someone's tool for "encrypting" without learning how it works and examining results that it produces. Also it could have been even worse. For example, someone decrypts your script, make some changes and post it as another script here or somewhere else, or even sells it. But now you know that your script protection is weak and have the opportunity to improve it. Obviously, you thought that everything is fine, your script is super protected, etc, and I have shown you the truth.
  5. CmP

    Gang war mafia VIP script. All hacks here.

    All layers of that "protection" are completely useless, if you include "encrypted" version of source code in the script. Source code: src.lua
  6. CmP

    Compiler lúa

    Well, the fact that you have joined this forum does not mean that you are guaranteed to get replies to your questions or help with your problems. Of course it is possible, but you have completely ruined your chances with such insolent and arrogant "request".
  7. Is it supposed to be hard or something? Here are the log of calls to GG API functions from using that absolutely absurd "bypass" thing: Few additions and edits to Enyby's script compiler and that's it.
  8. Calling "load" function with some meaningless arguments in a loop, so that logging arguments of the function call to a separate file will produce many files with junk contents. In fact, this does not "block" anything. Actual code (in compiled or non-compiled form) will still be logged to a file, if script contains it.
  9. CmP

    Script Menu help (gg.prompt)

    @noblack, you forgot to delete the line in function "main". Also isVisible function does not accept arguments, so that "true" in this line is redundant. Moreover, this only works because of how Lua deals with extra arguments. From the Lua 5.3 reference manual (https://www.lua.org/manual/5.3/manual.html#3.4.11) : Another thing is that value returned by "prompt" function needs to be checked (because the dialog may be cancelled, in some cases accidentally) as well as value that is stored in "Result[4]", but I suggest you to leave these improvements to be done by the author of the topic (if he needs them at all).
  10. CmP

    LUA scripting

    You need to learn Lua and GG API, because the result can not be achieved without knowledge. There are at least 2 mistakes in your script because of which "it's not freezing": 1. Wrong usage of getListItems function. Incorrect usage: Correct usage: local list = gg.getListItems() 2. Using setValues function and expecting it to do the job of addListItems function. Incorrect (and even absurd) way to add items to the saved list: Correct way: list[1].value = '10000' list[1].freeze = true gg.addListItems(list)
  11. CmP

    Script Menu help (gg.prompt)

    Also that "UI" variable is redundant in your case. Don't use something just because others do it. Your main loop can be rewritten this way: while true do if gg.isVisible() then gg.setVisible(false) main() end gg.sleep(100) end
  12. CmP

    Script Menu help (gg.prompt)

    You need to explain that "idea" using words and not just drop some block of code. Noone here can read your thoughts. Moreover, quality of question/problem explanation affects receiving (or not receiving) answers more than anything else.
  13. CmP

    Requests for GG

    Got it, thanks for the answer. I assume that this information will be helpful for other forum members as well, since the question is not so trivial.
  14. CmP

    Requests for GG

    Well, this function is indeed very useful, but the question is: does it return updated information about process memory regions (because this is what author of the topic has written about, I suppose). I tried to find an answer to this question and got the following results. Script that was used for testing: local function calcTotalSize(ranges) local total = 0 for _, v in ipairs(ranges) do if v.state == 'Jh' or v.state == 'Ch' or v.state == 'Ca' or v.state == 'Cd' or v.state == 'Cb' or v.state == 'A' then total = total + (v['end'] - v.start) --print('start: ' .. v.start, 'end: ' .. v['end']) end end return total end local t1 = gg.getRangesList() print('Start') print('Count:', #t1) print('Size:', calcTotalSize(t1)) gg.setVisible(false) while not gg.isVisible() do gg.sleep(100) end local t2 = gg.getRangesList() print('\nFinish') print('Count:', #t2) print('Size:', calcTotalSize(t2)) Testing strategy: 1. Select targeted process (to get updated info about it's memory regions). 2. Launch the script. 3. Perform something in targeted process to "trigger" memory allocation/deallocation. 4. Click on GG floating icon. 5. Analyze info from the script output. Script execution result: Conclusion: Apparently, if I am not missing something, "getRangesList" function does not update info about process memory regions.