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Found 1 result

  1. Game: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.unicostudio.gemdoku&hl=en_IN&gl=US I want to locate the level value in the com.unicostudio.gemdoku.v2.playerprefs.xml file so i can edit it with GG or CheatDroid. Normally i can cheat the level by overwriting the current com.unicostudio.gemdoku.v2.playerprefs.xml file with the one from older versions since the names and values where readable back then as shown in the screenshots. It was a quick work around but i am rather interested in finding out how the player level is really stored in the current xml file because i noticed quite some games have values like coins stored in a long string. On top of that the string will include more then just the coins, for example it can include some functions that are needed to have the coins appear properly. So if you don't edit the string correctly you will get a undesired result. So i started running some basic tests that i am familiar with. Like comparing the content in the .xml file when i was a level 5 with the content in the .xml file when i became lv6. Then replace the old string with the new string to see which string makes me go back to level 5. Eventually it came down to this string, the string when i was a level 5: <string name="1EBXq7XeVC545LnqsugT4jS%2FTXFJQZG%2BkJ1CodU1l%2BGkd5zLuX%2BoPk2Z1QWV9JkXAJmyRo9KdrM%3D">1EBXq7XeVC5e6TxnIVs%2FT%2BMZXc3zTi%2FMR5bkR5NzbftgLsNAbMjgO2EU4JrjCwSZusRXHZl1d4Li7vw0P3fcuvB36rs0RvYSfwduwbvRwLX%2Fi58tS5lkESmKdSQfxJFpIyTxQcSMn6qkwSNCDJhFDCf7Mp3mA9baBgWYX9q0oKTmi1l2NZ48vf1OXIehi0zKQpAMt6nTIMgQYxIhfxAOxVBrd0180%2FGzugECxwjNwcjfLy%2FaYaoiKA%3D%3D</string> Then when i whent to level 6 the string changed to this: <string name="1EBXq7XeVC545LnqsugT4jS%2FTXFJQZG%2BkJ1CodU1l%2BGkd5zLuX%2BoPk2Z1QWV9JkXAJmyRo9KdrM%3D">1EBXq7XeVC5e6TxnIVs%2FT%2BMZXc3zTi%2FMR5bkR5NzbftgLsNAbMjgO2EU4JrjCwSZusRXHZl1d4Li7vw0P3fcuvB36rs0RvYSe3e5rsbaG7LN%2FfLGOhZwig%2FMiGabQt1ZHSZBQ4B9j%2BAtDkZvUP2cKg9VEQkyvFwu7vRSk%2BtVVpC4EXD6C4IcgN8BjpNq%2FIuWKud5LzCmdIr9TlyHoYtMyuc%2FO%2BdfyyhyJhuGPpaK98AkejcbIKUeIKrfAcOjp%2F0gQSKbb6ZZdJo%3D</string> Only whent up one level in the game. Did not do any extra changes. So i believe every different between both strings should be related to the level. I dunno nothing about encoding or encryption but i did saw that "%2F" and "%3D" occurred a lot in both strings and the internet says that it is common in URL's although i doubt it's a URL did try to decode it as a URL and then it shows me the slashes in the string. Making it look like this (first string is level 5, second string level 6): -- decoded level 5 1EBXq7XeVC5e6TxnIVs/T+MZXc3zTi/MR5bkR5NzbftgLsNAbMjgO2EU4JrjCwSZusRXHZl1d4Li7vw0P3fcuvB36rs0RvYSfwduwbvRwLX/i58tS5lkESmKdSQfxJFpIyTxQcSMn6qkwSNCDJhFDCf7Mp3mA9baBgWYX9q0oKTmi1l2NZ48vf1OXIehi0zKQpAMt6nTIMgQYxIhfxAOxVBrd0180/GzugECxwjNwcjfLy/aYaoiKA== -- decoded level 6 1EBXq7XeVC5e6TxnIVs/T+MZXc3zTi/MR5bkR5NzbftgLsNAbMjgO2EU4JrjCwSZusRXHZl1d4Li7vw0P3fcuvB36rs0RvYSe3e5rsbaG7LN/fLGOhZwig/MiGabQt1ZHSZBQ4B9j+AtDkZvUP2cKg9VEQkyvFwu7vRSk+tVVpC4EXD6C4IcgN8BjpNq/IuWKud5LzCmdIr9TlyHoYtMyuc/O+dfyyhyJhuGPpaK98AkejcbIKUeIKrfAcOjp/0gQSKbb6ZZdJo= Then copy pasted MR5bkR5NzbftgLsNAbMjgO2EU4JrjCwSZusRXHZl1d4Li7vw0P3fcuvB36rs0RvYSfwduwbvRwLX into MR5bkR5NzbftgLsNAbMjgO2EU4JrjCwSZusRXHZl1d4Li7vw0P3fcuvB36rs0RvYSe3e5rsbaG7LN and then encoded it back which resulted the game to kind act weird. The font shows lv1 but then when trying to enter the map it shows lv500 with nothing on the background. This was not the intended result. Some help would be appreciated.
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