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  1. Instead of using numerical for loop to traverse a table, you may want to use the generic for loop. This way suits better when all elements from a table need to be processed. Also you won't need to care about size of the table. Example of freezing values using generic for and "ipairs" iterator function: local x = gg.getResults(100) for i, v in ipairs(x) do v.value = '1' v.freeze = true end gg.addListItems(x) Another thing is that for you would better use "setValues" function, unless you really need to add items to saved list.
  2. CmP

    Can script ask for root rights?

    But, if I am not mistaken, something like this is already possible by modifying lib that is loaded in process memory. This way is likely more limited than modifying the file itself, but it may work.
  3. CmP

    How to edit value by address via lua script

    Have you tried it at least? I highly doubt that searching for 500 consecutive addresses and editing all of them to one value can noticeably slow down your script. So are you sure that it does not suffice because of performance reasons? As pointed out above, editing values one-by-one in a loop is very inefficient. This approach should be used instead, if simple one with fuzzy search does not suffice: Example of implementing it: local startAddress = 0x12340000 local count = 500 local editValue = '555444' local values = {} for i = 1, count do values[i] = {address = startAddress; flags = gg.TYPE_DWORD; value = editValue} startAddress = startAddress + 4 end gg.setValues(values)
  4. CmP

    Simple Code & Text reader for scripts

    Counter-question: what do you want to achieve by uploading a script with highly-redundant encryption (28 kb), when it's source code is less than 1 kb? What is the purpose of "encryption" that can't stop anyone from obtaining the source code? Have not you learned that there can not be "undecryptable encryption" for GG script yet? This was discussed so many times here, but you still believe in fairy tales. Last but not least, do you realize that this script is useless? Why reinvent the bicycle? The only possible value for this script would be it being an example for newbies to learn something, but for this it had to be posted as source code.
  5. CmP

    Simple Code & Text reader for scripts

    If it is "nothing special", then why "encrypt" the file? No reason to hide the source code in this case, IMO. Source code: local configFile = gg.EXT_CACHE_DIR .. "/" .. gg.getFile():match("[^/]+$") .. ".cfg" local data = loadfile(configFile) if data ~= nil then data = data() end local last = gg.getFile() info = gg.prompt({ "Select Script To Encrypt:" }, data, {"file"}) if info == nil then os.exit() end if info == nil then os.exit() end gg.saveVariable(info, configFile) local open = io.open local read_file = function(path) local file = open(path, "rb") if not file then return nil end local content = file:read("*a") file:close() return content end Text = read_file("" .. info[1] .. "") if Text == nil then print("The directory or file name is wrong") else print(Text) end read_text_src.lua
  6. CmP

    please decrypt this file for learning

    @DESYROLLERSE, you can't blame someone for not being able/not wanting to learn by "trial and error" approach, when you are not able/don't want to do this yourself. Just remember how many times you asked me to "give you an example" (more like write the code for you)? It looked like you were not able to progress in developing your script without getting more and more "examples". When I told similar thing to you last time, you were very angry, you were definitely thinking that I had to provide you everything you need when you ask for it. So since when you've started to agree with this statement? Looks like a clear example of hipocrisy and double standards.
  7. CmP

    please decrypt this file for learning

    JZ.N_28-01 (3)_src.lua
  8. These files are Base64 encoded. You can use any appropriate online service to decode them (ex. https://www.base64decode.org/). Contents of "save.xml" file: <root client="1330015" version="7"><balance real="1633" extra_level_points="0"><gold name="NewYork" value="91856" /></balance><boosters early_access="False"><booster name="Cakes" count="25" opened="False" /><booster name="AdvComp" count="19" opened="False" /><booster name="Overtime" count="14" opened="False" /><booster name="EcoFood" count="0" opened="False" /><booster name="Freeze" count="2" opened="True" /><booster name="NotOvercook" count="8" opened="True" /><booster name="ChefHelping" count="0" opened="False" /><booster name="SecondChance" count="8" opened="False" /><booster name="Waiter" count="5" opened="False" /><booster name="SuperCombo" count="5" opened="False" /><booster name="Immortality" count="4" opened="False" /></boosters><cooking /><daily_rewards playing_day="17924" rewarded_day="1" first_reward="True" /><version active_test="" active_test_variant="" active_test_group="" /><defs /><download last_save_version="" user_code="" /><factory unlocked="True" level="5" cakes="20" start_time="1548714355" delta_time="14400000" /><level /><lives start_time="1548714049" delta_time="1800000" lives="5" upgraded="True" /><loading /><locale current_locale="English" /><map /><notifications reset_date="1548752400" last_day_games="5" last_day_wins="5"><type name="daily_reward" value="True" /><type name="daily_task" value="True" /><type name="lives" value="True" /><type name="cupcakes" value="True" /><type name="return_to_game" value="True" /><type name="extra_map_event" value="True" /><type name="happy_hour" value="True" /><type name="maraphon" value="True" /><type name="tournament" value="True" /></notifications><pause /><prefabs /><progress city="NewYork" region="1" level="13" finish_city="NewYork" finish_region="1" finish_level="12" finish_sublevel="0" unlocked_max_city="NewYork" unlocked_max_region="1" unlocked_max_level="12" started_max_city="NewYork" started_max_region="1" started_max_level="12" lastOpenedRoadLocker="3" first_city_completed="False" last_city_completed="False" completed_city="" show_factory="True" login_rewarded="False" login_appear="False"><city name="NewYork"><region index="0" progress="0,54,1|1,134,1|2,180,1|3,195,2|4,234,1|5,380,1|8,175,1|6,160,2|7,430,1|9,498,2|" /><region index="1" progress="0,48,1|1,152,2|2,80,1|3,330,2|4,195,1|5,155,3|6,233,1|7,260,1|8,315,2|9,375,2|10,245,1|11,245,1|12,515,1|" /></city><reward name="(NewYork,0)" value="True" /><billboard_rewards name="NewYork 5" value="0" /><billboard_rewards name="NewYork 4" value="0" /><billboard_rewards name="NewYork ଐ" value="0" /><billboard_rewards name="NewYork 7" value="0" /><billboard_rewards name="NewYork 2" value="0" /><billboard_rewards name="NewYork 3" value="0" /><billboard_rewards name="NewYork 1" value="1" /><billboard_rewards name="NewYork 0" value="1" /><billboard_rewards name="NewYork 8" value="0" /><billboard_rewards name="NewYork 6" value="0" /></progress><purchases last_spoons_pack_purchase="" last_bundle_pack_purchase="" /><scenes /><scores /><settings music="True" sounds="True" tutorials="True" /><social /><statistics time_in_game="18440"><upgrades_premium_spent name="(NewYork,0)" value="10" /><upgrades_soft_spent name="(NewYork,0)" value="888" /><upgrades_soft_spent name="(NewYork,1)" value="15300" /></statistics><time time_cheat_offset="0" /><tutorial starter_pack_window_shown="True"><tutorial name="KitchenDonuts" value="True" /><tutorial name="Combo" value="True" /><tutorial name="BuyUpgradesForSpoons" value="True" /><tutorial name="CityMapFirstWin" value="True" /><tutorial name="FirstLose" value="True" /><tutorial name="NewOrder_Donut03" value="True" /><tutorial name="LevelWithMaxTimer" value="True" /><tutorial name="LevelWithLikes" value="True" /><tutorial name="SuddenBurnt" value="True" /><tutorial name="ReplayLevel" value="True" /><tutorial name="LoseByTargetLikes" value="True" /><tutorial name="LoseByTargetMoney" value="True" /><tutorial name="KitchenBurgers" value="True" /><tutorial name="ClickNPC_NotOvercook" value="True" /><tutorial name="Booster_NotOvercook" value="True" /><tutorial name="LevelWithNotOvercook" value="True" /><tutorial name="Shop_NotOvercook" value="True" /><tutorial name="PauseBoosters" value="True" /><tutorial name="ClickNPC_Freeze" value="True" /><tutorial name="Freeze" value="True" /><tutorial name="UseSecondChanceBooster" value="True" /><tutorial name="LevelWithDontUseTrash" value="True" /><tutorial name="NewOrder_Hotdog02" value="True" /><tutorial name="LoseByTargetDishes" value="True" /><tutorial name="Factory" value="True" /><tutorial name="Cakes" value="True" /><tutorial name="CityMapBillboardStars" value="True" /><tutorial name="LevelWithNotAwayVisitors" value="True" /><tutorial name="CakesNotification" value="True" /><tutorial name="NewDailyRewardPlacement" value="True" /></tutorial><upgrades><region name="(NewYork,0)"><upgrade name="PlateDonut" value="1" /><upgrade name="DonutRaw" value="1" /><upgrade name="DonutFry" value="1" /><upgrade name="Cream" value="1" /><appeared name="Coconut" value="True" /><appeared name="Sprinkles" value="True" /><unlock_appeared name="Chocolate" value="True" /><unlock_appeared name="ShakeRaw" value="True" /><unlock_appeared name="DonutFry" value="True" /><unlock_appeared name="DonutRaw" value="True" /><unlock_appeared name="ShakeMachine" value="True" /><unlock_appeared name="PlateDonut" value="True" /><unlock_appeared name="Cream" value="True" /><unlock_appeared name="Coconut" value="True" /><unlock_appeared name="Sprinkles" value="True" /></region><region name="(NewYork,1)"><upgrade name="Hamburgers" value="2" /><upgrade name="Hotdogs" value="2" /><upgrade name="HamburgerBun" value="2" /><upgrade name="HotdogBun" value="2" /><upgrade name="Cutlets" value="2" /><upgrade name="Sausages" value="2" /><upgrade name="Cola" value="2" /><upgrade name="ColaRaw" value="2" /><upgrade name="SausageRaw" value="2" /><upgrade name="CutletRaw" value="2" /><appeared name="Hamburger" value="True" /><appeared name="Cola" value="True" /><appeared name="Hotdog" value="True" /><appeared name="Catsup" value="True" /><appeared name="Salad" value="True" /><unlock_appeared name="HotdogBun" value="True" /><unlock_appeared name="SausageRaw" value="True" /><unlock_appeared name="Sausages" value="True" /><unlock_appeared name="HamburgerBun" value="True" /><unlock_appeared name="ColaRaw" value="True" /><unlock_appeared name="Cutlets" value="True" /><unlock_appeared name="CutletRaw" value="True" /><unlock_appeared name="Cola" value="True" /><unlock_appeared name="Hotdogs" value="True" /><unlock_appeared name="Hamburgers" value="True" /></region><region name="(NewYork,2)" /><region name="(NewYork,3)" /><region name="(London,1)" /></upgrades><world_map /><auto><params white_spawn_time="6" black_spawn_time="1" white_density="1" black_density="2" plus_goal="1" tips_level="3" combo_level="0.65" wait_time="24" /><stats current_count="0" last_count="0" win_count="0" lose_count="0" last_sublevel="(((,0),0),0)" last_win="False" up="0" down="0" fails="0" limited_wins="0" limited_loses="0" /><city name="NewYork"><params white_spawn_time="6" black_spawn_time="1" white_density="1" black_density="2" plus_goal="1" tips_level="3" combo_level="0.65" wait_time="24" /><stats current_count="7" last_count="0" win_count="1" lose_count="4" last_sublevel="(((,0),0),0)" last_win="False" up="0" down="0" fails="0" limited_wins="1" limited_loses="4"><wins win="0" /><wins win="0" /><wins win="0" /><wins win="1" /><wins win="0" /></stats></city></auto><task open="True"><task Id="1" Level="0" type="level" target="5" npc="0" city="" progress="0" ready="True" rewarded="False" failed="False" date="1548633600"><reward gold="0" real="1" extra_level_points="0" city=""><booster name="Overtime" value="1" /></reward></task><task Id="2" Level="1" type="visitor" target="15" npc="0" city="NewYork" index="3" progress="0" ready="False" rewarded="False" failed="False" date="1548633600"><reward gold="0" real="2" extra_level_points="0" city=""><booster name="NotOvercook" value="1" /></reward></task><task Id="3" Level="2" type="facebook_login" target="1" npc="1" progress="0" ready="False" rewarded="False" failed="False" date="1548633600"><reward gold="0" real="0" extra_level_points="0" city=""><booster name="Immortality" value="25" /></reward></task></task><replay /><grind><city name="NewYork" start_time="1548591332" delta_time="0" ready="True" /></grind><achievements><achievement name="NYsFinestChef" last_day="0"><level value="23" shown="False" rewarded="False" /><level value="8" shown="False" rewarded="False" /><level value="1" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="ServerSupreme" last_day="0"><level value="409" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="TopChef" last_day="0"><level value="128" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="BigTipper" last_day="0"><level value="574" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="RestaurantRoyalty" last_day="0"><level value="7345" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="Overachiever" last_day="17924"><level value="1" shown="False" rewarded="False" /><level value="0" shown="False" rewarded="False" /><level value="0" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="VerveToServe" last_day="0"><level value="0" shown="False" rewarded="False" /><level value="0" shown="False" rewarded="False" /><level value="0" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="BlazingGlory" last_day="0"><level value="1" shown="False" rewarded="False" /><level value="0" shown="False" rewarded="False" /><level value="0" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="NoLoss" last_day="0"><level value="0" shown="False" rewarded="False" /><level value="0" shown="False" rewarded="False" /><level value="0" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="ChefDeCuisine" last_day="0"><level value="1" shown="False" rewarded="False" /><level value="0" shown="False" rewarded="False" /><level value="0" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="FanFare" last_day="17924"><level value="1" shown="False" rewarded="False" /><level value="0" shown="False" rewarded="False" /><level value="0" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="ThirdTimeCharm" last_day="0"><level value="89" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="ToughTechie" last_day="0"><level value="16280" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="FlashInThePan" last_day="0"><level value="0" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="Freezer" last_day="0"><level value="9" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="GreenerGiant" last_day="0"><level value="0" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="MakeNoMistake" last_day="0"><level value="9" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="IfYouPlease" last_day="0"><level value="5" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="BustAMove" last_day="0"><level value="10" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="ParisPremiereChef" last_day="0"><level value="0" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="RomesGrandeChef" last_day="0"><level value="0" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="RiosGrandeChef" last_day="0"><level value="0" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="BangkoksGrandeChef" last_day="0"><level value="0" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="TokyosGrandeChef" last_day="0"><level value="0" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="AthensGrandeChef" last_day="0"><level value="0" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="MexicoGrandeChef" last_day="0"><level value="0" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="MoscowGrandeChef" last_day="0"><level value="0" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="ShanghaiGrandeChef" last_day="0"><level value="0" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="PragueGrandeChef" last_day="0"><level value="0" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="DublinGrandeChef" last_day="0"><level value="0" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="SeoulGrandeChef" last_day="0"><level value="0" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="CasablancaGrandeChef" last_day="0"><level value="0" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="LondonGrandeChef" last_day="0"><level value="0" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="NewOrleansGrandeChef" last_day="0"><level value="0" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="MunichGrandeChef" last_day="0"><level value="0" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="CopenhagenGrandeChef" last_day="0"><level value="0" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="IstanbulGrandeChef" last_day="0"><level value="0" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="SydneyGrandeChef" last_day="0"><level value="0" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="NewDelhiGrandeChef" last_day="0"><level value="0" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="BruxellesGrandeChef" last_day="0"><level value="0" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="Fiver" last_day="0"><level value="18" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="FourOnTheFloor" last_day="0"><level value="38" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="SweetVictory" last_day="0"><level value="20" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="DayCook" last_day="0"><level value="0" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="SteakHolder" last_day="0"><level value="0" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="NiceToMeatYou" last_day="0"><level value="50" shown="True" rewarded="True" /><level value="195" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="TisTheSeason" last_day="0"><level value="0" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="JumpToIt" last_day="0"><level value="0" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="PepSquad" last_day="0"><level value="0" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="TopTwirler" last_day="0"><level value="0" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="BestOfTheBest" last_day="0"><level value="0" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement><achievement name="DreamKitchen" last_day="0"><level value="0" shown="False" rewarded="False" /></achievement></achievements><message last_invite_day="0" /><navigation /><friends /><social_boost last_update_day="0" is_chef_used="False" /><game_requests /><advertisement /><immortality start_time="1548706594" delta_time="0" reward="0" /><starter_pack ended="False" start_time="1548702231" delta_time="259200000" /><extra_map active="False" cur_city="" cur_region="0" cur_level="0" start_time="1548591322" delta_time="0" cur_name="" cur_start="0" cur_local="False" appeared="False" last_end="True" last_name="" level_started="False" any_level_started="False" map_visited="False" debug_event="" notice_shown="False"><lose name="event_Rio_0_32" value="1544428800" /><lose name="event_Copenhagen_1_33" value="1545206400" /><lose name="event_Tokyo_1_34" value="1546804800" /><lose name="event_Casablanca_1_35" value="1548316800" /><last_reward gold="0" real="0" extra_level_points="0" city="" /></extra_map><contest active="False" start_time="1548591322" delta_time="0" cur_index="-1" cur_progress="0" reward_step="-1" appeared="True" last_index="28" last_step_end="True" last_event_end="True" last_immortality="0" notice_shown="False"><last_reward gold="0" real="0" extra_level_points="0" city="" /></contest><holiday_reward last_rewarded_day="0" /><sales><bundle_sales name="SuperBundleDealSale_0_1" buy_count="0" /><bundle_sales name="SuperBundleDealSale_0_2" buy_count="0" /><bundle_sales name="SuperBundleDealSale_0_3" buy_count="0" /><bundle_sales name="SuperBundleDealSale_0_4" buy_count="0" /></sales><food_court active="False" start_time="1548591322" delta_time="0" cur_name="" cur_start="0" reward_level="-1" appeared="False" notice_shown="False" map_visited="False" last_end="False" last_name="" level_started="False" any_level_started="True" debug_event="" /><happy_hour appeared="False" active="False" /><placements /><marathon active="False" cur_index="-1" cur_progress="0" last_index="-1" reward_step="-1" is_reward_given="True" is_complete="False" time_over="False" city_name="" is_need_receive_fail_reward="False" last_fail_rewarded_index="-1" notice_shown="False" mar_city="" mar_region="0" mar_level="0" start_time="1548591322" delta_time="0" /><ExtraContentEvent active="False" start_time="1548591322" delta_time="0" cur_city="" cur_region="0" cur_level="0" extra_shift_city="" extra_shift_region="0" extra_shift_level="0" cur_name="" cur_start="0" appeared="False" notice_shown="False" last_end="True" last_name="" map_visited="False" level_started="False" any_level_started="False" reward_level="-1" started_max_level="-1"><lose name="event_Christmas_0" value="1543953600" /></ExtraContentEvent><in_game_sales start_time="1548591333" delta_time="3600000" /><sprite_setup /><large_ft active="True" start_time="1548576000" delta_time="259200000" cur_city="London" cur_region="1" cur_level="0" cur_type="l" cur_name="FTlarge_London_1_10" cur_start="1548576000" appeared="True" notice_shown="True" last_end="False" last_name="" map_visited="True" level_started="False" any_level_started="False" reward_level="-1" started_max_level="-1"><lose name="FTlarge_Dublin_0_3" value="1544083200" /><lose name="FTlarge_NewOrleans_2_4" value="1544947200" /><lose name="FTlarge_Moscow_2_5" value="1545638400" /><lose name="FTlarge_Sydney_2_6" value="1546027200" /><lose name="FTlarge_Munich_2_7" value="1546632000" /><lose name="FTlarge_Dublin_0_8" value="1547150400" /><lose name="FTlarge_Sydney_0_9" value="1547625600" /></large_ft><tournament league="1" player_name="" is_new_player="True" avatar="(,0,True)" /></root> Contents of "localSave.xml" file: <root client="1330015" version="7"><balance /><boosters /><cooking /><daily_rewards /><version /><defs /><download first="False" /><factory /><level /><lives /><loading /><locale /><map /><notifications /><pause /><prefabs /><progress /><purchases /><scenes /><scores><queue_scores name="NewYorkMap_1" value="54" /><queue_scores name="NewYorkMap_2" value="134" /><queue_scores name="NewYorkMap_3" value="180" /><queue_scores name="NewYorkMap_4" value="195" /><queue_scores name="NewYorkMap_5" value="234" /><queue_scores name="NewYorkMap_6" value="380" /><queue_scores name="NewYorkMap_7" value="160" /><queue_scores name="NewYorkMap_9" value="175" /><queue_scores name="NewYorkMap_10" value="498" /><queue_scores name="NewYorkMap_8" value="430" /><queue_scores name="NewYorkMap_11" value="48" /><queue_scores name="NewYorkMap_12" value="152" /><queue_scores name="NewYorkMap_13" value="80" /><queue_scores name="NewYorkMap_14" value="330" /><queue_scores name="NewYorkMap_15" value="195" /><queue_scores name="NewYorkMap_16" value="155" /><queue_scores name="NewYorkMap_17" value="233" /><queue_scores name="NewYorkMap_18" value="260" /><queue_scores name="NewYorkMap_19" value="315" /><queue_scores name="NewYorkMap_20" value="375" /><queue_scores name="NewYorkMap_21" value="245" /><queue_scores name="NewYorkMap_22" value="245" /><queue_scores name="NewYorkMap_23" value="515" /></scores><settings /><social /><statistics /><time /><tutorial /><upgrades /><world_map /><auto /><task /><replay /><grind /><achievements /><message /><navigation /><friends /><social_boost /><game_requests /><advertisement /><immortality /><starter_pack /><extra_map /><contest /><holiday_reward /><sales /><food_court /><happy_hour /><placements /><marathon /><ExtraContentEvent /><in_game_sales /><sprite_setup /><large_ft /><tournament /></root> Decoded files: save_decoded.xml localSave_decoded.xml
  9. That's what I was writing about, making it possible to "leech". But you probably don't need to worry about it, until there will be high demand on the code stored at the server.
  10. Yep, file extension does not matter. Show the code and contents of the file. Without this info noone will be able to help in this case.
  11. Of course not, but in this case it does not even require medium level of "skill" or something. I agree, the protection will be stronger, but.. you forgot to consider one thing. Potential "leecher" will be able to get the code received from the server by either modifying "makeRequest" function to print/save to a file returned value or by modifying "load" function to print/save to a file it's first argument. That's all, requesting info from the server is no more required, since the "leecher" got it. After this, it can be shared with anyone.
  12. This approach looks good, but it won't guarantee protection against leechers. With some knowledge a potential leecher can easily get "ID" that is generated for his device, then just share this ID and the password to someone else. After this, "someone else" will be able to use the script by modifying "makeRequest" function to perform a "valid" (with correct ID and password) request to the server. The "leecher" even won't need to be bothered by how the ID and the request is generated, because simple modification of "makeRequest" function to print received arguments will do everything for him.
  13. That's good idea, but how are you going to generate those IDs?
  14. CmP

    ElfInfo | Get Elf Info Using GG

    Quite useful tool for inspecting libraries in process memory. Thanks for the contribution.
  15. As far as I know, there is no way to do this with lua script. Why do you need it?
  16. CmP

    [Free Fire]Antenna not working anymore

    You write some nonsense. It's also not related with the topic anyhow. Maybe my upvote to @Lenn1's comment has "hurt" you hard enough, so that you decided to mention me?
  17. CmP


  18. Log of using the script produced by slightly modified Script compiler: Those checks are pretty useless, because all of them can be bypassed. Script that is executing another script can override any function used for limitations (such as "blocking hooks", "setting expiration time") there. For example, a script relies on "os.date" function to check expiration time, but the function surprisingly returns not the expected result, but "0" or something else that will make that check useless.
  19. CmP

    Simple Menu Template v2

    for _=1, #Menu - 0.5 do if _ % 2 == 1 then -- ... end end is identical to for _ = 1, #Menu - 0.5, 2 do -- ... end but second option is more effective and clear.
  20. CmP

    Gang war mafia VIP script. All hacks here.

    You don't need "strong protection". It would be enough, if source code was not included in your script. Start from not using crappy tools that expose source code of the script, when some modified version of GG is used:
  21. CmP

    Gang war mafia VIP script. All hacks here.

    Your reaction shows that it was definitely worth the time spent (10 minutes :D). To show the weakness of "protection" that is used. I repeat, your script contains source code in it. It is not magic. You used someone's tool for "encrypting" without learning how it works and examining results that it produces. Also it could have been even worse. For example, someone decrypts your script, make some changes and post it as another script here or somewhere else, or even sells it. But now you know that your script protection is weak and have the opportunity to improve it. Obviously, you thought that everything is fine, your script is super protected, etc, and I have shown you the truth.
  22. CmP

    Gang war mafia VIP script. All hacks here.

    All layers of that "protection" are completely useless, if you include "encrypted" version of source code in the script. Source code: src.lua
  23. CmP

    Compiler lúa

    Well, the fact that you have joined this forum does not mean that you are guaranteed to get replies to your questions or help with your problems. Of course it is possible, but you have completely ruined your chances with such insolent and arrogant "request".
  24. Is it supposed to be hard or something? Here are the log of calls to GG API functions from using that absolutely absurd "bypass" thing: Few additions and edits to Enyby's script compiler and that's it.