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  1. actually i never edited my event points to that exactly amount. yes.
  2. nope..i watched a different video. not from him but the steps are exactly the same as his. futhermore i did some test.. once you found the event points and go into it..edit all and only the 3 address in the redbox to 1 (dword) and try to collect any item in battle pass. i dont know if it will work for you but just try it and give me the update later.
  3. lets start all over again. Cyclops Drone. values to search = 1400;2;2::21 once found edit all the values into negative. since i got so little golds...i choose the one with gold and ticket and unlock/upgrade. now i got lots of golds and the first ticket. see the gold value change. now search again = 1470;2;2::21 once found and since i already got the golds and ticket.. edit into negative that thing look like a controller and upgrade. now i got 2 of them. --------------------------------------- for last ticket we look at Caterpillar Drone. as usual search = 4536;6;6::21 once found and since i got golds and the first ticket.. edit the other ticket into negative and unlock/upgrade now i got all them.
  4. this is game version 4.70.2 Screenrecorder-2021-10-24-08-21-12-544.mp4 worked like a charm. i dont know why it didnt worked for you. i cant help anymore. Good Luck.
  5. did you change the value to negative?
  6. different but the method is the same.
  7. video for battle pass is the same as on YT..no point of making a new one if all we do is the same steps as that video shown.
  8. yes..of course. you did just right..you dont need to change the gold value as you had enough already..only change the tickets. change the tickets to negative value(-999999), buy or upgrade it and you will get the tickets(999999) to use for upgrade other drones. for Caterpillar drone..just do the search as Hunter drone..the same way..change the ticket(color purple i think) to negative to get it.
  9. increment is use to find the correct value if search results is too many.(not in this case) do as shown in video.. search = gold value ; ticket ; ticket :: 21 refine to gold value(maybe dont need to) it will give much less results.(as shown in video) edit it (one at time) and see which actually change the gold. then goto.
  10. reply here normally and add files. look for this icon below while writing.
  11. yup.. now can get Gold too as well as the drone tickets. try again but dont do anything. screen shot all the address...post it here. i wanna see.
  12. here a bigger picture.. the 1st checkbox is your event points. edit the rest 6 checkboxes below it.
  13. things could be more simpler but sometime you tend to forget it.. Screenrecorder-2021-10-23-01-21-20-660.mp4
  14. heyyy.... nope..its better you had more. drone tickets value are way below the event points. search the points then search nearby(after) with value 16. or search the value 16 then use some(upgrade the drone) and refine the new value.(i think this more easy)
  15. New event..all the same method.
  16. its not the picture above? then which tickets you talking about .. a picture would be nice.
  17. yeah..i watched a different one but basically the same method to get the Battle Pass. the value 1 in my game was actually 0 too. @Kountreeboy903 just follow as the video did.
  18. yup..its still work.
  19. so i see.. but wth i did something and the game saved data was corrupted.. i may need to start all over again.
  20. still Battle Pass is nowhere to be seen.. picture here show Rank 3 but im already at Rank 6. is this yours?
  21. i think you did mention a YT video about that matter before.. provide the link to that video so people can take a look and give help.
  22. thats so strange..it changed. does 1.0F the same as 10,0F..? i dont think so. mine always the same while searching..
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