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  1. it could be. i use virtual machine with rooted Android 7.1.2 and both script from here didnt worked. but my phone is non-rooted Android 12. dont know if that had anything to do with it. i cant say for sure. i didnt do anything. i just dont get the Ads.
  2. nvm. thanks for sharing the script anyway.
  3. SEE. i know you will ask that.
  4. yeah thats strange. even the script creator didnt know about it? maybe its the FIRMWARE problem. i got that too.
  5. Please do watch the video. Hope you will get the idea. Screenrecorder-2022-10-06-11-04-14-227.mp4
  6. one = gg.prompt({'Enter value:'}, nil, {'number'}) if not one then return gg.toast('Cancel') end s = (one[1]..";0;65536;-1::21")
  7. or.. in Special Shop..Ruby value can be edited to negative and Gold can be increase too. though..only Ruby will show visual change. in the picture : 100000 Gold for 10 Ruby search = 10;1;100000::9 type = Dword memory ranges = Anonymous
  8. Great. its working for me..everytime as usual.
  9. btw..the group search codes(armv8) are still working. just increase the group size to 3929
  10. my mistakes..sorry for that. i didnt read the description. thanks for the heads up.
  11. you use emulator. i dont use emulator so i cannot say for sure why. maybe choose different memory ranges other than Anonymous?
  12. already checked it. for the latest version 1.8.2 its still working.
  13. well...im guess thats just a visual hack then. im just only helping you to find it but never got it tested. my apology.
  14. hmm..it could be after such a long time. it change from Season Pass to Home Pass? No Golden Ticket? but when trying to buy it..its still say Golden Ticket. only @NoFear can save us now?
  15. - Your Coin Price - Search = 8;16::17 type = Dword memory ranges = Anonymous - refine to value 8 - edit with increment to find the correct one. - once found..put it in the saved list..delete the rest. - edit again to your desired value(ie: 999999) and collect those coins in battle. - do check the value by goto the address and you will found the rest of the values. its also the same way for Basic Damage.
  16. i got banned once when i went over a billion Rubies. that..i wasnt even connected to any account and still connected to my wifi. my Rubies sit at 200k for the past 3 days now and nothing happen yet. now testing for 500k. not sure if you connect to an account though.
  17. MonkeySAN

    Days bygone

    hi bro @JulieMakimoto the damage hack in v1 script worked for me but not working in v2 script. my game is 32bit version 1.28.0 script said "value not found" and by fire rate..did you means Agility stats or something else? it didnt worked properly for some weapon as it increased the Damage stats instead. or its weapon specific hack? or im just missing something here. update : Ok..its Projectiles stats. for weapon like Harlott..its work and looks cool. but for Durendal...not so good.
  18. a while ago? when did i do that? or you meant a long time ago.
  19. yeah..its possible with phone. my game also 32bit from Apkcombo and the script run and working just fine.
  20. Cervalces ID = 689,362,882 Diploceraspis ID = -1,166,911,140
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