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  1. for Level 1 gadget. Float values may change when gadget get upgrade. Screenrecorder-2022-05-16-11-12-40-265.mp4 edited values stay as long as you are still in the game. once restart..need to search the original values again.
  2. high bot damage(Gadgets) Screenrecorder-2022-05-16-10-07-59-719.mp4
  3. got healed(infinite HP??) instead of damages when got attacked by the enemies. Screenrecorder-2022-05-16-00-28-52-443.mp4
  4. there are values to change it to another item but that change everytime upon restart and it way too random. i still cant figure it. im believe its the values above item quantity value if im not mistaken. some pretty big values..sometime in negative too.
  5. i know that one. lock it and it will come back in Shop. but will it change to another item once we purchased it? normally when buying with Coins/Gems..item will change.
  6. you can do group search like this. = 12;27::5 this will search both values at distance of offset 4 between each other in ordered manner. you may still get many results though. so more values(static) is needed to put in that group search to narrow down the results and then refine to 12 and 27. thats a general idea by the way.
  7. hmm...found something interesting. Screenrecorder-2022-05-14-06-25-05-585.mp4 not sure about the second part(to edit price to 0) though.. if those values will be the same for others too.
  8. Screenrecorder-2022-05-13-20-06-00-222.mp4
  9. 1 - Set the key : 1.1 - Open Game Guardian value search panel 1.2 - Type any number in the search bar then press the down arrow circle(red arrow) 1.3 - On the new popup window, press the [ XOR...=??? ] button(red arrow) 1.4 - Enter the XOR key and press OK 1.5 - Real value will converted then just new search
  10. Souls. search,refine and edit type = Double memory ranges = Ca
  11. LVL Free upgrades and its permanent for real. search,refine and edit type = Dword memory ranges = Ca
  12. hmm..i dont have answer for that. i had been banned a long time ago and i dont mind it at all since i dont play the game that much. just from time to time to let go some stress and what not.
  13. 25 is the max level. you can go beyond that but your game will not be saved. if restart the game..it will bring you back to the point where before you hack the level. and if you already went far in the game...all things that you had completed before will be gone.
  14. Screenrecorder-2022-05-10-06-06-37-332(0).mp4
  15. yeah..bro. cant watch it in Chrome. the playback is moving but no picture.
  16. of course it will be different. im using mobile phone. i didnt said yours(those value that need to change) will be same as mine. i did said edit the value at the 2nd address below that value 2. in your case..shown in the picture..its 4307. had you ever tried edit that value to see if it change the star value before?
  17. Ad tokens can get from here.. its a type Double in Anonymous region.
  18. record a video and post it here. the search. the finding. the edit. all together show in the video.
  19. Little Big Snake
  20. i heard the game and i know its popularity but i dont really play the game..not my type of game. maybe just ask here what you need from the game. people sure will come to help if they found something about it.
  21. goto the address of that value 2. edit the value at 2nd address below by add to the value.
  22. - tap that symbol to open search bar. -type anything you want to find then tap that symbol on the left. or just go to download section for Lua scripts. btw..whats the game you're looking for?
  23. it was at that time. but now you can try this. thats for the "earnedStars"
  24. dont like it? just ignore it..move on. like it? gave them credits whenever credit is due. like @sammax71 im too dont like this kind of attitude. that can cause confusion..when someone else is to blame..which they had nothing to do with it in the first place. impostor? @Enyby previously you can set profile to be hidden but now you cant. so everyone can see it.
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