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  1. and name of the game the script is for.
  2. Screenrecorder-2023-09-17-23-13-06-316.mp4
  3. there you go. @Jimeous guides definitely works here as well as mine.
  4. if you can change those values,that means it will work. you just need to goto the address and find a way that work for you. care to share a screen shot any of the values when you goto the address? i think there is not that much different.
  5. what are you trying to find? resources are simple and easy enough. search = ID;Current QTY;Max Storage::9 example : Wood ID = 2 currrent Qty = 20 max storage = 25 search = 2;20;25::9 @Jimeous guides for the resources is only for 32bit(armv7). for 64bit(armv8) you only need to increase the group size from 17 to 25. = 3B9AC9FFh~C4653600h;0;2;20;25::25
  6. somehow its not working for me. cant even start the script. any idea why?
  7. check the list here : Jurassic World: The Game how to get a locked dinosaur? (#1rumilz9)
  8. Thank you. now its working.
  9. i cant even start the script.
  10. Reason its not working for me.. all values in your game are found in memory ranges Other but mine is in Ca. so i made myself a script. Screenrecorder-2023-09-04-20-30-21-727.mp4
  11. Free Zombie. it doesn't seem to work for me. is the hack for this zombies?
  12. Free Zombie it doesn't seem to work for me. its for this zombies right?
  13. Read : Eatventure (#5nfl1owq)
  14. BAJADASAURUS = 662,471,111 BARRACUDASAURUS = -388,063,063 MONKEYDACTYL = 1,896,456,531
  15. function a1() menu = gg.prompt({"Your Sun"}, {0}, {"number"}) if not menu then return else --cancel will return to main menu gg.searchNumber(menu[1], gg.TYPE_DWORD) gg.getResults(gg.getResultsCount()) gg.alert(" Spend Or Collect Sun then tap GG icon to open the next step ") --this will open GG to 2nd prompt only when the icon is tap. while true do if gg.isVisible() then gg.setVisible(false) break end end menu = gg.prompt({"Your Current Sun value"}, {0}, {"number"}) if not menu then gg.clearResults() return else --cancel will clear all results and return to main menu gg.refineNumber(menu[1],gg.TYPE_DWORD) gg.getResults(gg.getResultsCount()) gg.editAll("10000", gg.TYPE_DWORD) end end end
  16. then show that prompt search menu part that you made that gave you error. so people can fix it.
  17. maybe you can present the script that you had done before, so that a fix can be implemented
  18. anything is ok as long as i dont have to request for access the file using my email or anything.
  19. ahh..i dont use Google drive and it need my email to request access to which i will not give it to just anybody.
  20. Script Unlock Equipment 32bit : TEST_Equipment[Unlock+Level+QTY]32bit.lua Script Unlock Skill 32bit : TEST_Skill[Unlock+QTY]32bit.lua Please give it a try and do give feedback later.
  21. I dont use his script so im not sure what to say about that. Once again..I recommend that you take a look at my script and try replicate everything written in it manually. or maybe @MAARS can explain it to you. If there is anything im really bad at..it's explaining things.
  22. perhaps you can take a look into the script and try to figure it out.
  23. well..i guess it didnt worked then. not in the emulator that is.
  24. can you test this script : TEST_GroupItems[Unlock+QTY]32bit.lua its for 32bit. see if it will work or not.
  25. Use this script : TEST_UnlockSkill.lua - to unlock Skill with quantity of 10 - script for 64bit(armv8) only Use this Skill IDs : 0 Normal Attack 1 Bow Attack 2 Gun Attack 3 Critical Hit 4 Arrow Rain 5 Fire Magic I 6 Fire Magic II 7 Fire Magic III 8 Fire Magic IV 9 Fire Magic V 10 Ice Magic I 11 Ice Magic II 12 Ice Magic III 13 Ice Magic IV 14 Ice Magic V 15 Lightning Magic I 16 Lightning Magic II 17 Lightning Magic III 18 Lightning Magic IV 19 Lightning Magic V 20 Half Reflect 21 Full Reflect 22 2-Hit Attack 23 3-Hit Attack 24 4-Hit Attack 25 5-Hit Attack 26 Counter 27 Parry 28 Perfect Dodge 29 Dodge UP 30 Critical UP 31 Direct Attack I 32 Direct Attack II 33 Area Attack I 34 Area Attack II 35 Area Attack III 36 Myriad Arrows 37 Heal Maddy 38 Heal M 39 Heal L 40 Revive 50% 41 Revive 100% 42 Agriculturist 43 Construction Chief 44 Thief 45 Culinarian 46 Transport Corps 47 Research 48 Research II 49 Research III 50 Research IV 51 Research V 52 Ranch Know-How 53 Treasure Analysis 54 Craftsmanship 55 Craftsmanship II 56 Craftsmanship III 57 Craftsmanship IV 58 Craftsmanship V 59 Instant Construction 60 Instant Workshop 61 Insta-Move 62 Instant Weeding 63 Instant Treasure Analysis 64 Move Speed UP 65 All-Out Sprint 66 Miner 67 Deployment Range I 68 Deployment Range II 69 De-Fogger 70 Experience UP I 71 Experience UP II 72 Experience UP III 73 Deployment Discount I 74 Deployment Discount II 75 Auto Recovery HP 76 Auto Recovery MP 77 Auto Recovery Vigor 78 Facility Rec. UP HP 79 Facility Rec. UP Vigor 80 Facility Rec. UP MP 81 Stubborn 82 Sword Resistance 83 Staff Resistance 84 Axe Resistance 85 Spear Resistance 86 Hammer Resistance 87 Club Resistance 88 Gun Resistance 89 Bow Resistance 90 Book Resistance 91 Shield Resistance 92 Stealth 93 Instinct 94 Strategic Retreat 95 Battle Maniac 96 House-sitter 97 Round Trip 98 Rambler 99 Naturalist 100 Traveler 101 Aid Specialist 102 Domestic Production 103 Countryside Fanatic 104 Well-Prepared 105 Leading the Charge 106 Daring Charge 107 Backup 108 Critical UP+ 109 6-Hit Attack 110 7-Hit Attack 111 Skilled Craftsman I 112 Skilled Craftsman II 113 Armor Breaker I 114 Armor Breaker II 115 Armor Breaker III 116 Armor Breaker IV 117 Sandman I 118 Sandman II 119 Sandman III 120 Skill ??? 121 Skill ??? 122 Skill ??? 123 Skill ??? 124 Guerilla I 125 Guerilla II 126 Guerilla III 127 Art I 128 Art II 129 Art III 130 Art IV 131 Art V 132 Capture 133 Chat I 134 Chat II 135 Chat III
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