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    Hi. As you can see I already cheated money, spoons, and also hearts in this game. They're all unencrypted dwords. The game is not server sided (To find spoons, you can first find money, then pointer search, pointer search again some dwords above the result (about 5 I think), and spoons are 2 dwords above the result of the search. Spoons are also offset 3D4h from hearts (same structure).) This game seems easy to hack first, but when it comes to the golden cards (I think it's called comment/d cards. you can see I have 22 on the screenshot), it gets harder. In order to progress in the game (unlock next levels + stores), you indeed need these cards. They can be found in the levels, but you sometimes have to beat it multiple times to get them, which is really annoying. I tried multiple times dword fuzzy searches (very time consuming), and each time I find 2 things changing everytime the number of cards change: the dword number of card itself, and a pointer to a strimg representing this number: The only values changing The pointed structure (string "22") The problem is that these values keep resetting after I changed them when I click on something displaying the number of cards or when I gain one. They don't seem to be the internal values. Maybe my memory ranges for the searches were not vast enough, but I used the default setting for the fuzzy searches (which is usually sufficient) and I tried 1 exact search with the dword unencrypted value of cards with almost all the memory ranges enabled, stil nothing more found... The save file is encrypted so we can't tweak it, I provided my save files (go in android/data/[package name]/files). Can you help me to cheat these golden cards ? Thanks! PS: the values I found change after completing a level at the moment the popup with rewards shows up. save.xml localSave.xml
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    @LionelHax encrypt the script before publishing it, so they do not copy and change your name. Use this script to encrypt, add protection. Script compiler (#9b2xri28)
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    Name of Game: Fast & Furious TakedownPlay Store Link (If it's a paid app, the apk): https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nbcuni.usie.fftakedownVersion: 1.1.51What cheat? Health, xp, gold...: Anything
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    I'am Vietnamese Whey's LT channel??? _______________________________________________ added 2 minutes later I'am for HexDecomplerPass.lua
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    Name of Requested File: Magic Rush: Heroes Link To Download: Magic Rush: Heroes - Play Store Free Version: V 1.1.168 What cheat? : I need cheat gold, gems, daimond, hability points and food. Have you tried cheating this game? What happened?: Yes, values such as gold, food, diamonds, hability points and gems are modified but return to their original state, the modifications are not saved. Comments: When I modify a value with GG in this game, it automatically returns to its normal state and does not save the modifications. I need help. Magic Rush - Heroes (Hack MOMO Player)gold.mp4
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    hello, I see that there are almost no hacks for guns of boom, so I'm working for a script to go through the walls without levitating, and in terms of money (gold and gunbucks) I have another hack in which I've been working and it works to such a part but you try to buy something and you get "request error" so the solution of this error is complicated, to be able to have gunbuck And unlimited goal I have to modify some files without the game restart
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    View File PUBG 28+hack VIP script for free. (Decrypted by Top GEO) Hello guys. It is script for PUBG MOBILE . One people request for decrypt this script so I decrypted it. Password is removed. Pls subscribe my channel. My channel link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjIbGIyatkzYwX_M4MQ2DCA Good luck Submitter TopGEOYT Submitted 08/24/18 Category LUA scripts  
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    Try this _______________________________________________ added 2 minutes later Link : World war heroes hack (#93eg2n2w)
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    Great job with your new feature `record script` devs. It would be awesome if you guys make it to recognize offset. It is great feature to auto because sometimes the value we need to chage is not a constant but nearby values is. @Enyby@d2dyno
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    @Lenn1 S-tupid I asked you for help? Quote the text where I ask you for help. Quote. @CmP accept that you are an elder. My words hurt you. Let go of that resentment. Old man = @CmP