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  1. been analyzing til now, no luck. the pattern is completely different, very hard to predict for example unlocking new job (im playing as new game), new skill scroll, new weapon.. hope someone figure it out lol.. and yeah, diamond limit before you get banned is somewhat around 50k-100k..
  2. Yeah it seems only some, like job and ticket got messed up. Well, I'm just testing whether my script still fits in this version hehe..
  3. Had updated to new version, tried some cheat, and it seems kairosoft really fuzzy all things up... Well, it looks like goodbye for the most function I had known before lol
  4. Wow this thread is still alive, glad to see again lol.. Ever try collecting over 30k crystal? Because I heard it may got banned. Never thought structure can be mod, still it can't be scripted haha. Also @Yuuaditya, are you from Indonesian?
  5. Just got banned today due to this lol. I guess I had to start it over and over again, or maybe say goodbye to this game Still can't accept losing account this time because played too long, had many children XD
  6. Wow, gonna add this on my script lol.. But do we need to hatch the egg first? I'll post some revision later, including several fix...
  7. For data-safety, it's best BEFORE server restart. I guess I had to write requirement for each option on my script lol
  8. This script is a compilation of group search I made, based from this group's conversation and from myself. Born from my laziness of searching things over and over again, I decided to compile it using a script XD. Just run the script, pick the menu, respond any question that popped out, and finally wait and let my script do the job automatically for you Disclaimers : - I take no responsibility for anything happen to your device and/or your account as a result from using my script, so kindly DO IT WITH YOUR OWN RISK. - This script need to store indexing data performed by any group search made, so kindly review every permission for GameGuardian installed on your device especially read and write storage. - I made this script using GameGuardian v95.0, it may or may not work on newer version (PM me or quote my post if it doesn't support) How to : - Download my script (attached below) to your device. Run script from GameGuardian by clicking triangle icon on the right side of magnify icon (the icon you usually do search value) Features : - As listed in the Menu Just try it one by one and see it for yourself XD - At the first time game restarts, most of all menu will performed group search 2 times, one is for searching the value of -2000000000~-1000000000 (I called this header ID), another is for collecting its data range based on the header ID and save it for the next time execution as long as the game didn't restart. when it tells you to check your game, please check it and see for the changes. - If you check saved list (floppy disk icon on top), you may see this : As it says, please not to remove it. Doing so will perform group search again on the respective menu and it'll take some more time. Special notes : - If you placed another copper coin box after run my script option 4, you'll need to delete copper coin current header in saved list so my script will re-collect your copper coin box data - If you placed another townhall after run my script option 10 and/or 11, you'll need to delete townhall exp current header and energy current header in saved list so my script will re-collect your current exp and energy in each townhall - If you placed another townhall after run my script option 9, you'll need to delete resource current header in saved list, re-run option 9 with no modified resource, when it's done delete again in saved list, then re-run option 9 with modified resource using my script. this seems complicated, but I'll try simplified it later. - You'll need to delete daily challenge crystal header when server time restarts (you can see server time in briefing room, on the bottom right side) Have fun net.kairosoft.android.kingdom_en_v1b.lua
  9. Sorry for the delay, due to my real life activity. And also, I'm not in the mood for several days due to inability breaking the building lock/unlock. But now I'm ready, on the next post yes. Yeah me too.
  10. Would like to try, but do we need to unlock it by progressing in the game? At this time, I haven't unlocked it yet..
  11. Thanks to current event, I'm able to get building pattern data. The problem is, I can't get flag for lock/unlock, maybe anyone here already found it?
  12. Thanks for the reply, I guess I don't have to add Scholar for now because it's not gacha job. A very dumb question, what is chaos stone? Still stuck in rank 18 because too many restart account lol..
  13. I'm still using v9.5, no problem at all.. Still completing job mod, anyone know what job is it? The only one left beside Santa (id 133) If no one know then maybe I'm just backup my account, then try broaden job id range, with possibly being banned because try obtaining forbidden job like magic knight etc
  14. Thanks for giving this idea, I never thought it would be this easy XD. Just try combining with storage, it still works, so here goes : Start by find this with DWORD : -2000000000~-1000000000;0;resource_id;current_counter;max_counter::21 with resource_id : 1 grass 2 wood 3 food 4 ore 5 mystic ore or you can just fill it with 1~5 for current_counter, fill it with your current counter, or just fill it with 1~25, only if you not modified it yet. last for max_counter, fill it with your current max counter, or just fill it with 25, again, only if you not modified it yet. I'm gonna put this on my script but still need testing, so pls wait for now XD
  15. I have restarted the account about 3 times so now is my 4th account, and I play always on same devices. Up until now I can still access diamond shop, so I guess it's no problem. And for resource mod, I'm not yet including it in my script because I prefer using pouch and mod its value XD As far as I know, it only works if we have no additional storage. If we created one or more additional storage and then just restarted the game, the counter will be hard to find because every storage has its counter and max counter (about 25 in first town hall, 20 in additional storage). For example, if you have 2 additional storage for grass resource, then your max storage will be 65. If your current grass resource is 60, and you try to find that 60 value, trust me it will most likely to fail. My approaching during this state is by using the resource i wanna mod until something between 0-25 left, and starts searching again, but sometimes it didn't work because your resident might be collecting that resource and place it on a different storage. But wait, maybe I can still include on my script, but with additional warning for not created another storage lol.
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