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  1. Keep it up bro ur doing great <3
  2. Anyway to unlock the boxes quicker ? Like the one which takes 24 hours to open
  3. Stats hacked perfectly but the part u change 1001 to 1006 , it doesnt change the character just changes the look anyway to get those locked characters bro ... _______________________________________________ added 2 minutes later It does not unlock the character. The 1006 and 1005 characters do not actually come up ... it stays the old character talents and etc. So basically ur changing the look nothing else
  4. Your the best in the world bro ! Now money hacked thanks to you !!!! I salute you man .. your simply just a magician @NoFear . Lots lots of love <3 working perfect money hacked easy as cheese _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later How to unlock those characters which needs money ?
  5. but i got only the 2 helmets and footwear. Can you post code for weapon , armor and pant ?
  6. just tried out this hack of yours and man it is working flawless very very nice brother keep it up (y) and yeah i will be patience hehe got enough time to play around with LDOE cheers man subscribed to ur channel and also liked ur videos
  7. If your free now can you look onto a game name Brutal Street 2 --> NoFear has replied to my request he has hacked money, hp, etc but i cannot figure out -:( Let me know if ur free to have a look onto it and yes i will subscribe to ur channel definitely
  8. MAN I LOVE YOU <3 ! I followed every step you did and it worked !!!!!! YESSSSSSSS THANK YOU SOOO MUCH MAN .. lots lots lots of love for you brother hahahahaha i am so happy man haha been trying the whole day and at the end of the day i got it Can sleep peacefully now @
  9. How do u hack the currency with GG. And also i am facing problem with the Last Day on Earth bro.....in Brutal it keep on changing don't know why and in Last day on earth i do all the pointers accordingly but the game crashes and restarts @NoFear bro
  10. NoFear brother i am using es file explorer and the directory you mentioned is not coming accordingly i end up like Androd>data>com.bpgames.bs2.and > files> .vungle .- ( and i can do the speed hack only and nothing else Update - yes i got to the bssd2-1 folder ! it was actually from Device > data > data and so on as u posted but all the letters are messed up cannot understand a thing what to do about it ? which encoding should i select from the encoding list ....
  11. Guys someone help me please ! i have tried this like 50 times and the game just restart :(( ..my problem is when i search the 2 money values which in my case is 28.99;13.99 - and it does not go like the video........ but the 2nd part is easy as it is but i am facing problem on the values on my side which is 28.99;13.99!!! is it a big issue here ?????
  12. Sir can you find any way to hack this game Brutal Street 2. I can find the values which are exactly changing according to game but if i change it, it does not work.. The value still remain same. _______________________________________________ added 3 minutes later No i did not ask it in a way to be suspicious. I lost my saved game and i went to the support admins to find solution, but they said it isn't a cloud based game where it saves. It is in offline mode. So from that information i said it is not server-sided. It is a misunderstanding according to my way of stating it but lol i ain't that dumb bro.
  13. Please someone reply to my post No one trying to get some hack out of brutal street 2 ?
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