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  1. It was possible to claim rewards before. But the devs fixed it and banned acc afterward. For now, vip is only for speeding up battle and some other things. I noticed it too. But cant do anything since even static values I used to find vip value changed after get vip points. I might fix it someday
  2. It might be split apks or java based game. Check if the game has actual libs. Or Download the game apk from apkcombo or apkpure.
  3. Version 1


    Features: -Full Vip -One Hit Enemy One hit does not work against real players.
  4. View File Mobile Legends Adventure Features: -Full Vip -One Hit Enemy One hit does not work against real players. Submitter Lover1500 Submitted 02/22/2023 Category LUA scripts  
  5. The script should work for both of armv7 and v8. If it doesnt work, may be script bug or game is protected. You can link to the game.
  6. Some structures of your header are wrong. Have you checked in this link? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Executable_and_Linkable_Format
  7. Lover1500

    Virtual xposed FB login

    After paste link into via browser, enter link and close internet before "log in disabled" show up. And re-open internet. It should work now.
  8. Lover1500


    I added to support both 32/64 and added some explanation. Hope it makes you easier to understand unity pointers. modified_com.hypgames.ultimatepool.lua
  9. No in official gg. But you can do some tricks. Search single value and find the others of group using offsets or nearby search. You can also do with pointer things if you know them. Use well-protected encryption which has anti-dump, load, log for script protection. Its enough then.
  10. The return is likely a pointer to map. You cannot edit return as Map<any key, 100>.
  11. function is_x64() local ranges = gg.getRangesList("/data/".."*.so") --.so or.apk --you can also use "/data/*"..gg.getTargetPackage if it works. if #ranges==0 then return "Not found lib.so" end if ranges[1].start>0xFFFFFFFF then return true end return false end print(is_x64()) I think No.2 checking is cool.
  12. Are you running in emu? -Check elf header value. -Check if Xa to Cb is almost same size of original lib from game apk. Sometimes, real lib header might be in Cd too. Check them all.
  13. Lover1500


    -Goto AndroidMinisfest.xml -under <application tag, find android:extractNativeLibs="false" -Make it true -Sign and install -Now, game will export its libs outside as normal. If the game has apk signature protection, dont forget to kill signature before you edit AndroidMinifest.xml.
  14. Use this https://gameguardian.net/help/classgg.html#ac9ab914721b74655c33bd4fb2c1d24fe
  15. Do you mean to store offset between start and end addresses of a RangeList? Or do you mean to store all addresses(with flags=dword, float, byte etc) into a subtable of RangeList? I am confused by your question
  16. Lover1500

    Byte value copy

    local name = "" M = string.char(77) name = name..M a = string.char(97) name = name..a print(name) -->Ma
  17. A Tutorial Video about Hooking registers and explaining the basic things that need to know in assembly for beginners. https://youtu.be/w4KxpHWTVrQ
  18. Try replace 0~~0h in ?? for 01 02 ?? 04 ?? ?? 07 08 search 01h;02h;0~~h;04h;0~~0h;0~~h;07h;08h::8 :: means its as order/sort. 8 means size for your 8 bytes.
  19. Your codes load the new addresses that you just loaded. Run script repeatly and you can see loaded addresses are always changing. You can also browse there that all values are zero(s). and that memory region has 4kb size. Yes. It does. I dont see any error. I noticed an error here. UTF16 is word type(2 bytes). But in codes, you chose to work with byte type(1 byte-char-utf8). Here's is my codes. local newmem = gg.allocatePage(gg.PROT_WRITE) local string = "Its been a while. How are you in these days, my buddy?" local stringTable = {} string:gsub(".",function(c) table.insert(stringTable,c) end) --convert string to table local addrs = {} local utf16Size = 2 for i=1, #string do addrs[i] = {} addrs[i]["address"] = (newmem+0x10) + (i-1)*utf16Size addrs[i]["flags"] = gg.TYPE_WORD addrs[i]["value"] = ";"..stringTable[i] --utf8 : --utf16 ; end gg.setValues(addrs) gg.loadResults(addrs) If you want editAll() only, remove some unnecessary lines and add two line like this after loadResults(). gg.getResults(gg.getResultsCount()) gg.editAll(";"..string, gg.TYPE_WORD)
  20. I am not sure if this is what you need. I add some instruction that I think it is easy to understand. refiningValues.lua
  21. Lover1500


    This is very helpful for unity hackers. Full star for me.
  22. Can you tell exact error? Error when exporting Lib or metadata? Its better you show me the error log of gg when it crashes.
  23. Code to autoupdate the function. Like ByNameModding.
  24. You can notice that The tables of skills, baseValue, id have the same indexes. same indexes as when you did gg.getResults(). And you can notice that I store all string bytes into a table by assigning them with id. I loop string bytes, convert them into character, and connect them with defined id. Thats where strings match with table baseValue. The values of the skills were pointers in the first place. Pointers may point to different places. Note that result list always show you according to lowest to highest addresses. But it was good that we still have the same index as other table to compare.
  25. I optimized some codes to speed up. Take care the loops. string_name.lua
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