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    I can help you, but I don't have time to explain.
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    First of all why u added this fully unuseful code about YT detection ? inf = gg.getTargetInfo().packageName inff = gg.getTargetInfo().name pack = "com.google.android.youtube" if inf == pack then else gg.alert(" Game not detected Script created for: " .. "YOUTUBE" .. " Using: " .. gg.getTargetInfo().label .. " Go into the \"YOUTUBE\" and try it again") os.exit() end Lol its compiler and why we need yt for encryption ? Next : it is unuseful encryption . very easy to decrypt . i have fully decrypted this compiler in a few minutes . Yes it is fully decompiled . Sorry if u are angry or disparated but its everything true . It is unuseful encryption . Just use loader>unluac and script is decompiled . I gave u 3 star bcs i am understanding ur hardworking . Nothing more .
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    Perfect script , I use : WH , color , Head & magic bullet , less recoil My device is non root , i use virtual mod , GG V 77 & Veteran Vpn
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    I need it! Someone can hack this game?
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    View File gameloft kingdom2.lua Hacks all resources unlimited Submitter Emagood Submitted 05/13/2019 Category LUA scripts  
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    Its easy when you got a package of money dont claim it first... click it first so you may know how much the value is... theres a brown box in your right side click it and check how much the value is and search E:DOUBLE how much the money value of the brown box and edit to 1.23e200 and when you claim it... Boom you got a tons of money that works with the gold eggs too when the brown box on the right side has gold eggs gifts inside cheeck value and edit it to 18000000000000 so you can claim it.... And thats all hope you know now.. Oh use "Keyboard: External" so you can use the small "e" letter.... And thats it for the method i know sir sorry for my bad english
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    Hi all. I have long been looking for a cheat for this game since they banned me years ago (when i hadnt even considered cheating) so im long wanting to get my vengeance on this company. Over the years however, it just seems impossible. Link To Google Play Im after any kind of hack really or a guide on how to hack it. So infinite energy, gems etc. Thanks to all who figure this out. Im even willing to donate (a reasonable amount of money obviously) for someone who does this hack.
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    This isnot file . Just try it ! Why u want fast answers ? Go and just try it !
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    Does anyone have it, or a telegram channel?
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    Regular currency, don't earn more than 999999 at a time. Premium currency, 4999 is max you can give at a time. XP is based on your level. Basically give yourself enough xp to not level up more than 3 levels. As for method,I can work on videos for this. Munchie Farm, same dev and almost identical game, same hack method.

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