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  1. Anonymous1000


    The debate or opinion was based on sponsoring more the brand of "game guardian" creating their own virtual environment. Answers or possibly valid arguments of the administration: "We do not have time for that". Smart answer: We will take your opinion into account, thank you. What did I gain with this? Nothing !!. What the company wins: users, prestige, income. Etc .... Stupid opinions of people who do not know how to run a company? Many ..... NOTE: You can never offend "anonymous 1000" which is a person with very high self-esteem and their conversations are based on valid arguments according to the topic.
  2. Anonymous1000


    It is not about fighting between user and administrator. It is about generating constructive opinions that nobody else has generated in the forum. Maybe you're not the right person for this topic. Better to continue with the programming. Maybe @d2dyno understands the business point of view, I do not know. What I do know is that there will be no coalition here. Remember that users are the cause of the success of applications, companies, singers, artists, etc ... They should perhaps implement a quick response for opinions to improve the forum or the "application". How: Thank you, your opinions are very important to us. We want to always offer you the best. And avoid inconveniencing users.
  3. Anonymous1000


    The companies have different dependencies. The tool works well. Do you want to modify games? Do you want to ask for help? Do you want to create scripts? Do it !!! Nobody prevents you. My opinion is about the finances of a company or brand based on problems with some external functions of the app. Your arguments are like the po-op that goes down the drain. Study a little on the subject to be able to have argumentation. For the time being, keep asking for help for your games since you can not do it yourself.
  4. Anonymous1000


    quote what I wrote without meaning. I like the arguments. When I started my opinion, it was based on something called "marketing" of the company or brand "game guardian". If you do not know what "marketing" is, study "economics" or search in "google". Intelligence is not about knowing how to program and discuss with children about programming. You are just one more programmer among many. So much time coding this application and the owner is another. an intelligent person would already be the owner and not administrator of a forum and encoder of the "app" All the respect and admiration I had for him, has been lost. I will spend little time on the internet, for any argument. I do not usually spend a lot of time on the internet, since life is outside in the open air and not locked up at home watching videos or playing online.
  5. Anonymous1000


    The file is finished. this Video is old but it will serve as a guide for the installation. In the description of the video, you will find the download link. Route: the best free mods/grim soul. Any doubt. write on my channel: ANONYMOUS 1000 HACKER Note: Practice any modification or hack before making it in your official account.
  6. Anonymous1000


    they are not nonsense, you told me. 29 minutes ago, Enyby said: Well yes. Compare me with google. This is equivalent: one person who does not get a penny from this, and a world company with hundreds of thousands of employees and billions of dollars in turnover. I answered: they started from school without capital. you know about programming. I know a lot about marketing, international business and economics. the one who has a project and is frustrated because there is no capital does not progress. The problem is that you have responsibility on your shoulders to administer a forum and code an "app". It is a lot of work. and this mark what you need is a "marketing study" to start generating income for the work provided. That's what the forums are about, to provide ideas for brand improvements. good night .....
  7. Anonymous1000


    I have a lot of respect for you, it has helped me a lot. But look Larry Page and Sergey Brin started Google as a university project in January 1996 when they were both students. and look at the company today, it is a success with everything it has achieved. Many of the world's largest companies have started from the bottom up and have no investment capital. Here, the important thing is to think big, have more clients every day. give priority to the "game guardian" brand. that is guaranteed, that people invest and feel very grateful with the brand "game guardian" with the "app"
  8. Anonymous1000


    is that this is about marketing for the company, for the forum, for the "game guardian" brand. and not to sponsor "apps" of third parties. look at google: it has its "app" of browser, keyboard, mail, translation ... etc...
  9. Anonymous1000


    I think it's great !!!, incredible ..... that has learned not to meddle in discussions that you do not understand. and even more without contributing anything in return. For that reason when doing business, always talk with the bosses and not with the subalterns.. that prevents business from being damaged. but it is good sometimes to teach people like you, to stop being so obtrusive. Do not get mad, it's with a lot of respect. @CmP
  10. Anonymous1000


    I understand that he is angry, it is normal when someone intrudes where he has not called. I recommend that you read books, to have a better reading comprehension and maybe acquire some intelligence, based on logic I am 19 years old, maybe you are younger and you lack a certain mental maturity. regards ....
  11. Anonymous1000


    hahaha you do not understand what I mean. The problem is that your mind does not let you see more. You are like a pebble in your shoe, that's why there are very few leaders and many followers. or conformist people. This is a marketing job for the company.
  12. Anonymous1000

    Parallel Space + 64-Bit Support

    hahaha my friend, I would not have the patience to manage a forum. that's why on my channel I almost always block comments. regards ....
  13. Anonymous1000


    I have had a very strong "flu" and I have not been able to leave the house. but I will think about this. I still think that it is worth creating an "app" of the forum for work without root and with a 100℅ compatibility with "GG". What do I mean by this ?. Many people have compatibility errors in their devices. or when trying to hack your game, the "GG" icon disappears. 99% of upper class people enter their game and buy the pack, gold etc ... Usually people who pirate their games are middle class, lower middle class and low. which logically says that many will not have devices with "high-end" features. and many of them have only 1 "GB" of "RAM" memory which is a problem when using "GG" in a virtual environment. because the system closes it even using level 3 of "prevent the download" and can not be successful in hacking. it is not about saying "give root access to the device" and solved the problem. These people will not do it because they do not like it. I would tell them then to "*****" and do not use it hahaha. but here it is about reaching all kinds of people, with different cultures, ethnic groups, religions and races. so be crazy, psychopaths. I wonder how much time is lost in downloading each virtual environment (21 apps) and modify it so that it does not have compatibility errors? "105". and do the same process again, when the developer launches a new update. perhaps it is not better to have an own "app" and to work a little so it is launched next year, maybe. The truth is that I am "root" and I do not give a "*****" but it would be good for people who are not "root". I never thought I would write such a long comment without my own benefit. As I told you before I am a "root" user haha regards ......
  14. Anonymous1000


    I don't understand anything ... Remember that one of the rules of this forum is to write in English.
  15. Anonymous1000


    Maybe in a few days add more hacks, The script is downloaded from the purple button that says "download file" or from my channel on youtube. Try this new game ..... from November 6 you can play on android. All the information in the description of my channel.