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  1. Tendré que seguir esperando a mis queridos compañeros que alguien resolvió el problema del exploit en la nueva versión 2.5.6 o que alguien comparte un tutorial confiable _______________________________________________ añadido 1 minuto más tarde _______________________________________________ added 3 minutes later will have to continue waiting my dear companions that someone solved the problem of the exploit
  2. you will have to keep waiting because even with the new version of GameGuardian 8.36.0 does not work
  3. it is not your fault nor the youtube videos have patched the game very well with this new update and have left all current hacks blocked and deactivated will have to wait for a solution from these great developers hacked Game Guardian / Game Killer / Lucky Patcher / cheat engine
  4. thanks for your attention and answer in advance hopefully they can solve the problem of the exploit. or decode its new code box implemented in the new version of Need For Speed No Limits 2.5.3
  5. Good morning I need help with Need For Speed No Limits 2.5.6 with its new update a few days ago to leave completely unusable GameGuardian 8.36.1 codes are not found and when you find them by insistence they can not be changed or manipulated since the changes do not have effect, which did not happen in the previous version of Need For Speed No Limits 2.4.2 since Game Guardian works very well in that version I am currently using MEmu 3.3.0 Lollipop Android 5.1 I would appreciate mainly knowing how to hack money and gold pieces in the new version 2.5.6
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