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  1. Nope DO not install Game in parallel space. First install gg in parallel space, use option Fix it on gg when u open it. U will see use root in parallel space then Just do it. Remember to install game outside the parallel space and run gg run game then game will be shown in gg programs.

    Need help with Offset

    U need to understand First what is offset Offset is a distance between any two or more values u search in any game which can be of any type like dword or any type. Offset is calculated in bytes Like if there R two values in memory which R exactly next to each other then offset is 4+1=5 Means every dword values is 4 bytes away From each value next to it. Similarly Double And Float R also 4 bytes , Word is 2 byte , Byte is obviously 1 byte and Qword is of 8 Bytes. U R asking From where the 2024 is coming. The Two values u searched and when u will copy as group search it will be like [First value];[second value]:2024 2024 is offset or distance bw these two values As i said earlier that dword is of 4 bytes.


    No one cares and no one will Teach u hear R ready to teach u. The person who can teach is u yorself only that's it. There r many videos and Forums help section and many things but no one will teach u it TY
  4. Add the game in parallel space


    Good Job bro
  6. Ya I want to learn Tooooooo pla Anyone

    Help in Pointers

    Hey guys i need some Help I have uploaded two photos here I have some doubt in options in game guardian. If there is a Value like 176,366,781 and it's address is BF4CBC88 When we long click on it there is an option go to pointer as in image. And when we search the address of it BF4CBC88h hex of it in dword and if we got a pointer. My question is Just that when we long click and click on go to pointer of the value 176,366,781 and at other side we search pointer with using address (R BOTH OF THE POINTERS COMMON) PLZ REPLY

    Security detect?

    If u have root then this can be Fixed. Just use root in parallel space
  9. Hey bro can u plz tell me how u make mod of any game that will be lot help to me :)
  10. Hi sir Can u plz Hack this game ludo king https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ludo.king I tried everything i know like dowrd fuzzy to qeord fuzzy but at some places there r many results and some places there is nothing. At last i got Frustated and quited this game I was Hacking the coin stuff as we can play Offline and it gives to 250 coin as we play offline in every match with computer Plz help sir
  11. Also if u want to not include 0 and 10 then 0~~10
  12. Double Float amd dword All this types R 4 bytes in length means If there r two values 123 and 124. If 124 is next to it then 124 is 4 bytes away From 123. If u understand this then u should get ur answer. 512 is a group size or 512 bytes length! 40D;3F;3F:512 In 512 bytes length if 40 Dword value 3 Float value and 3 Float value exist then it will show u Result of this 3 values. Use of it example To Find any unique group search or code
  13. Hey guys can anyone help me to Hack coins of ludo King. There is offline mode in ludo king and when we play with computer and win we always win 250 coins and coins value get changed in Offline mode. I tried qword fuzzy dword fuzzy but not working then i tried UTF-16 and got exact coin value but i cannot change it. Whenever i changed the game freeze and crashs. Can anyone plz help me. Just Jive me suggestions and idea other than what can i do.
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