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  1. ye i tried it after i posted it and got it to work. i dont even know why i asked XD. my brain didnt work for a second
  2. i have a few questions about scripting and the functions 1. can i add or subtract a hex value from an address in order to find their values for example: local t = some results newAddress = t[1].address + 0x000000002C would newAddress be 44 addresses infront of the old address 2. how can i get a value at a specific address without doing a search and store it in a table. for example i want the value at a known address "address1" and store it in a table to then reuse the DWORD value stored in that address elsewhere is this possible?
  3. Enyby what is a pointer chain in the first place? i know pointers contain the addresses for another value? but what is a chain? and does it have something to do with values that change after each restart.
  4. It's code written in assembly language if you want to hack games you should start learning those and you will get this. The wrong value is moved to the other address so he changed it to compare it with the wrong value instead making any number you put in it be accepted
  5. Hey guys I'm not a beginner but I was wondering how can we do a group search on rounded values for example I want to search for 7~7.1, 13.9~14 and 21~21.1 at the same time how can I group search them? I know you can do it in cheat engine but I was wondering if it is possible on GG
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