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  1. ye i tried it after i posted it and got it to work. i dont even know why i asked XD. my brain didnt work for a second
  2. i have a few questions about scripting and the functions 1. can i add or subtract a hex value from an address in order to find their values for example: local t = some results newAddress = t[1].address + 0x000000002C would newAddress be 44 addresses infront of the old address 2. how can i get a value at a specific address without doing a search and store it in a table. for example i want the value at a known address "address1" and store it in a table to then reuse the DWORD value stored in that address elsewhere is this possible?
  3. Enyby what is a pointer chain in the first place? i know pointers contain the addresses for another value? but what is a chain? and does it have something to do with values that change after each restart.
  4. its not a bypass the people spend time trying to find values that are stored directly on the phone. unless you can reverse engineer the games servers theres no way to hack online values
  5. Mofo50

    A scripting question

    ye i know i can make it reopen thanks anyway. i thought i saw a script that didnt close but i was wrong
  6. Mofo50

    A scripting question

    Oh ye your right my bad nvm then I must have been seeing things thanks
  7. Mofo50

    A scripting question

    Awww d*** it. I don't know I think I saw it somewhere it's fine thanks anyway. Ye I know how to reopen the prompt when it closes.
  8. Mofo50

    A scripting question

    How can I make one of the options in a GG.choice do nothing. For example I have GG.choice({'god mod','--------','exit'}) And I want option 2 the one with the ------------- to do nothing when I press it. So usually when I press this option it closes the prompt and I have to press on the game guardian logo for to open again but I want it to do nothing and stay on the prompt. I've seen in other scripts that this is possible so I'd appreciate any help. Thanks
  9. It's code written in assembly language if you want to hack games you should start learning those and you will get this. The wrong value is moved to the other address so he changed it to compare it with the wrong value instead making any number you put in it be accepted
  10. Mofo50

    Scripting issue

    One more question Enyby. Ok so say i do getResult() and store the results in a table. How can i then load this table again and edit its values?
  11. Mofo50

    Scripting issue

    OOH yes you just press the cancel button im so dumb thanks so much man
  12. Mofo50

    Scripting issue

    I have another question tho Enyby...is there a way to add an option in the choice menu to close the menu and wait until the icon is pressed again?
  13. Mofo50

    Scripting issue

    ye i figured it out...the error i was getting wasnt because it wasnt finding main it was because out of habit i put colons after main(). Its because i mostly code in Python and in python to define a function you have to do "def function():" but in lua you dont need :
  14. Mofo50

    Scripting issue

    Umm so guys I ran into an issue while creating a script. Here's an example of the script function doSomething() does something end function main() local option = gg.prompt('High damage') if option == 1 then doSomething() goto START end end gg.setVisible(false) ::START:: while true do if gg.isVisible() then gg.setVisible(false) main() end gg.sleep(100) end Basically what i want it to do is check for icon being pressed...when the icon is pressed it runs the main menu, and then when someone chooses a main menu option high damage for example it does something but I don't want the script to end I want it to go back to waiting for the icon to be pressed. I need this because after the high damage thing it needs to wait for the user to do something in game and then go back to the script. I know this is possible as I've seen it happen in many different scripts before but I don't know how to do it. And I'd appreciate the help. If this isn't possible is there at least a way for the script to restart itself? Thanks in advance guys. I tried it like the method I showed above but it gave me an error saying there is no start label visible in the main() function which makes sense since I'm calling START before it's defined but I don't know how to solve this problem
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