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  1. Do not worry, friend, because he said he will not come back to this forum. He said: (I'm not a follower, I'm a leader, I can also create my own app and my own forum if I'd like to.) ?
  2. anonymous updated the script, check its channel. He said he was unfairly suspended in the forum by @d2dyno for posting links from MODS which he had asked Mr. @Enyby for permission, by private message. He helped us a lot here in the forum, but the administrator took it away. but do not worry guys he keeps helping us through his channel and his friend's page.
  3. Tutorial videos of the game guardian forum. ? I never said youtube channel
  4. you do not know anything, he deleted the channel because everyone copied his script and changed the name, stealing the credits of all his work. so he decided not to continue feeding all those channels and made that decision. he was the most loved of youtube with many likes and many subscribers in a very short time. Do not talk about what you do not know.
  5. He publish the method, in the tutorial videos.
  6. the worst channel in the world, never does anything for its own merit, just copy and copy content from other channels, taking away the credit, as it did with @Anonymous1000. or you can also go to the clown or the one who uploads mods who now have a script thanks to copy to @Anonymous1000 . There are definitely many people who live at the expense of others. @BLACKHAWKS very good idea of the mod I also need it
  7. I used the @Anonymous1000 script and it will give you infinite objects in your inventory. After executing it, take a product of each product and restart the game
  8. really thank you, I tried it many times and now I have a lot of gold and money
  9. I cant believe its real thanks @Anonymous1000 would you help me with a game please
  10. 1. https://gameguardian.net/forum/ 2. Hacking Online Games with Gameguardian 3. Hack last day on earth
  11. anonymous 1000 has well explained videos that will serve you
  12. thanks anonymous 1000 for helping us with the games and your teacher no fear
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