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  1. Dear hoomans, if you click load script then down bellow click "more" button on gg latest version you can already have the same thing as the snooper script above.. so you don't need this.. @Enyby instead of making others work secure.. enyby give u all a big F U hahahahaha no secure stuff for you.. you are free to steal free to release without credits right? @Enyby you cared everyone even the copy paste & leecher devs ? everyone a round of applause ? for making the gg script easy access on the creator side . look your script section hahaha all with "decoded,decompiled, or repost with no credits but decompiled and they are proud of it.." less original comming thru. just how many gob and pubg we have now with same content? thanks to you hahahah.... this thread LUA SECTION, SELLERS and stolen Content (#ck1dcl3j) Is a bs thread after they done it hahaha.. act like they care but who cares.. I feel sorry for @geribaldi for writing such a good thread like this ... sorry bud.. but enyby is a boss..
  2. so you admit it or nah? and "thats not in my code" or "thats not my code but I add it anyways?" when u say * that's not in *.. it means you dint write that inside your Script. but it's clearly you stating it at the top of your script .. name *ExampleServerEnc.lua* 17 mins ago --Encryptor Made By Chikri print('Script Encryptor Made By Chikri') function encodes(key,code) that word *made" is strongly enough to prove it. well ? have a good day. also btw before 17 mins you uploaded the non Encrypted version .. which gets script from pastebin... then after that you uploaded an encrypted version. ? its useless then ? right? they can use any web request logger to get the script :). 4 mins before you change your idea of releasing it raw ? thats kinda cute.
  3. --Encryptor Made By Chikri print('Script Encryptor Made By Chikri') function encodes(key,code) --YIC新加密算法 print('@yic77455') function Yicjm(key,code) if your not chikri is this stolen then?
  4. you don't own that Encryption ? that's @yic77455 work ? why claim yours?
  5. you reliaze its a obfuscator right? what does obfuscator do again?. Obfuscator is not meant its not decompilable it just scramble it self + recoded it self to be undreadable if you know confuserx on .net you know what i mean.. and i must get atleast an ? for that ? since all obfuscator made in gg is not really a real obfuscator. its just a loop load non sense... a little support from forum admin @Enyby is good sometimes ?. you already state it needs time.. which leechers dont have. so stop showing your skill.. im not competing. and from all those who uses our script gg logger and gg Snooper.. theres a big difference between logging and decompiling.. when you log it doesn't mean you got it ?.. you can only see gg calls inside the function not the whole if else while for k,v and other logical stuff thats included inside the script. and atleast give some ? for an effort.. dear leechers don't hate because you dont understand how it works.. learn learn lua from now and stop complaining.. its open source you already have dynamic hook included. and for the record i only have 2 weeks of lua learning background and made 1 stuff each week Decompiler and Obfuscator. and some game script that i never release but i posted on YouTube. anyway.. because the features is too low im shy to release it.. like this mobile legends map hack and toram online hack. ~
  6. I created obfuscator and dumping it is no good.. because its a real obfuscator that really re code the code it self.. not just loop load stuff. so getting the full source both tools mine and enby is not reliable. try this ? btw downloading this script i edited all the search so it doesn't work.. because its dragonstar vip.. i wont spread the real searches... password: 67890 @Enyby im talking about dumping the whole source of code like dumping on load to get the original file ? Snooper still works and your gg logger too .. but dumping the whole file is possible but its obfuscated not the real one, im showing a demo for obfuscator that has scramble features that only works on gg. .. btw i cant send anymore msg so ireply thru here. I think this tisnquyen user is mad ? test3.lua.67890.vip
  7. senpai notice me ? can you delete the code above ? because its the bbcode gives a unknown symbols when they try to copy and pasted it.. also the editor on mobile i cant delete the code.
  8. dear gg.. i hate the editor when using mobile i cant delete or remove the code.. I added download link and i want to delete the code text above because it gives a unknown symbols if they copy that and paste to their notepads zzz. well they have codes and hands and minds and comonsense. they have to do it on their own.. and don't tell me "I cant force them to think and do some task if they dont want too" ... I will force them to learn to code.. to enhance their minds. its healthy tho ? keeps your mind active.
  9. if they need more they can add more.. just follow the structure of the code. im logging all gg calls that people usually used.. edit search clear etc they can read more here https://gameguardian.net/help/classgg.html
  10. then case close.... im giving all leechers more favor. ?
  11. hmm saving a file is easy.. and im comfortable on printing it than saving it.. beacause you have to clean it before saving it.. if the script have more printing things and stuff.. also if you use that and the menu have loop that makes the script stays on the top.. you willl see a lot of gg.isVisible on log also you need to reconstruct that else you will get this gg.clearResults() gg.searchNumber("1234", 16) gg.getResults(3) gg.addListItems(table(1665007): { [1] = table(15c6534): { [address] = 546365621144 [flags] = 16 [freezeType] = 0 [freeze] = true [value] = 1234 } [2] = table(5651f5d): { [address] = 546373456808 [flags] = 16 [freezeType] = 0 [freeze] = true [value] = 1234 } [3] = table(a8ae0d2): { [address] = 546373490584 [flags] = 16 [freezeType] = 0 [freeze] = true [value] = 1234 } }) gg.clearResults() and also settings ranges need to be reconstructed. thats why mine takes a lot of lines because im trying to reconstruct the original code and focus on the code inside not to log other unimportant gg calls at the background. not just logging it. and that separates mine to him. also you have to be in game to use his script and wait for the code to execute to be logged. mine you can use any dummy process to use snooper. and no more waiting for log. i already split mine so i can orginize them and to recreate the code behind it.. to save more time..
  12. I already feel a lot of future spam script on script section xD --- made by [insert name] ??????????
  13. thats for them to fix.. no support intended... its poc.
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