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    You can change the Reward Type as long as the item has been unlocked. Just some added information 39;25;9::12 39 is the Total Number of Materials you need to search for 25 is the quantity of the Award 9 is the quantity of the Materials you found, this will be zero if you haven't started the quest ; seperates the values you are looking for :: is an ordered search meaning that 39 will be first, then 25 then 9 12 is the range of bytes you want to search A DWORD is 4 bytes, so I'm searching for the values in a 3 DWORD Range, or basically one after the other These need confirmation, they are a work in progress Briefing Room Data Syntax DWORD Unknown 0 for mine DWORD Unknown 0 for mine DWORD Unknown 0 DWORD Action for Daily Quest (0 in this case for Materials) DWORD Unknown 0 DWORD Unknown 0 This is the part I was using an ordered search for DWORD 39 Total Quantity need to Complete Daily Quest (Points) DWORD 25 Quantity of REWARD you will get DWORD 9 Current Quantity you have done, change this to Total Quantity to complete Daily task DWORD Unknown 1 DWORD Unknown 4 DWORD Unknown -negative number DWORD Unknown -negative number DWORD Unknown 0 DWORD Unknown -1 DWORD Unknown 30 DWORD Unknown 1000 DWORD Reward Type (0 in this case for Diamonds) DWORD Unknown DWORD Unknown Action for Daily Quest Values Although you can change these, it's better to leave them as their own because you can just complete the Daily Task by changing the current quantity. 0 - Materials 1 - Copper 2 - Caves 3 - Harvest 4 - Caves 5 - Collect Sturdy Boards 6 - Caves 7 - Invite friends to conquest 8 - Invite friends to conquest 9 - Defeat Monsters 10 - Defeat Monsters 11 - Defeat Monsters And so on Reward Type You can only get rewards when items are unlocked, so Tickets, Bronze, Silver and Gold has to be unlocked 0 - Diamonds 1 - Grass 2 - Wood 3 - Food 4 - Ore 5 - Mystic Ore 6 - Energy 7 - Job Ticket 8 - Equipment Ticket 9 - Facility Ticket 10 - Item Ticket 11 - Friend Ticket 12 - Bronze Coins 13 - Silver Coins 14 - Gold Coins 15 - Diamonds (Use 0 instead)
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    If you can't even understand and not willing to spend time to comprehend NoFear's method, then you are obviously wont spend your time to understand my code. You are just trying to rename the author name to yours and sell. FYI, no one will help you, only that stealer as like you will.
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    Write your scripts, not steal someone else's work.
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    You mess with indentation. So you can not see error in obvious way. Your code: for x = 1, 3 do chamPlayer[x] = {} chamPlayer[x].flags = gg.TYPE_DWORD end chamPlayer[1].address = gg.getResults(1)[1].address - 0x134 chamPlayer[2].address = gg.getResults(1)[1].address - 0x144 chamPlayer[3].address = gg.getResults(1)[1].address - 0x14C gg.addListItems(chamPlayer[x]) print(chamPlayer[x]) gg.clearResults() ScopeOffset() Proper indentation: for x = 1, 3 do chamPlayer[x] = {} chamPlayer[x].flags = gg.TYPE_DWORD end chamPlayer[1].address = gg.getResults(1)[1].address - 0x134 chamPlayer[2].address = gg.getResults(1)[1].address - 0x144 chamPlayer[3].address = gg.getResults(1)[1].address - 0x14C gg.addListItems(chamPlayer[x]) print(chamPlayer[x]) gg.clearResults() ScopeOffset() Now you can see: you try use `x` outside loop. And get nil. So you try index with nil. And get nil. This nil you pass to gg.addListItems. And if you print something, you need print it before error, not after. After is never run so it is useless. And one line can help you if you add before `gg.addListItems(chamPlayer[x])`: print(x, chamPlayer[x]) Here you must see `nil, nil` which not expected output.
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    you and what army...?? i dont see anyone else....complaining. and WHY must master @Enyby follow your request?? Are you the president of the world?
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    I'm learning new things too from what you post, the Group Items was really helpful because it reminded me of how I used Cheat Engine and how better to use Game Guardian. When I first came to this board you were teaching us Group Items and how to look for DWORDs around the value someone was looking for, in that case Job Tickets. Since then I'm using a Search with 7;96;0~~0;QTY;0~~0::20 7 is the flag for Job Tickets 96 is the flag for ticket Items 0~~0 is a number I don't know but we know it's a huge number before the QTY QTY is the Job Tickets I have 0~~0 is a number I don't know but we know it's a huge number after the QTY When we subtract those huge numbers we are left with the QTY The other flags for tickets are 8 Equipment Ticket 9 Facility Ticket 10 Item Ticket 11 Friend Ticket So as soon as we unlock the Job Tickets, which is when we reach Level 3 Town hall, we are given 3 Job tickets, so we can immediately search 7;96;0~~0;3;0~~0::20 We are searching for 5 DWORDs, each DWORD has 4 bytes so thats 5 x 4 = 20 bytes As we have no Equipment Tickets we can search 8;96;0~~0;0;0~~0::20 Some other interesting Group Items when they unlock 66 Bronze Trophy;2152 67 Silver Trophy;2152 68 Gold Trophy;2152 69 Kairo Grail;2152 70 Crown of Courage;2152 Search for Flag;2152;0~~0;QTY;0~~0::20 QTY is the number you have or zero if you have none Crown of Courage 70;2152;0~~0;QTY;0~~0::20 Crown Of Courage unlocks as soon as you open a Chest with it
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    a moving pictures with subtitles... 20191104_235710_edited.mp4
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    No. Here view of original binary script: As you see "W" in upper case. It's just that there were bugs in older versions of GG that made it work. More precisely, we will say this: you are lucky that it coincided so that it worked approximately the way you needed.
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    Mistake in script. io.open do not support mode 'W' (upper case letter): https://www.lua.org/manual/5.3/manual.html#pdf-io.open
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    I think it's a rotating key. But there is another method no searching needed.
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    could you find the "Flower in a pot"?
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    With hide toolbar: Is this height enough for you, or would you like to see more? For example, by hiding the tab bar. Something like this draft: Vote.
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    C'mon guys - learn to research! https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=game+guardian+xor The key was even posted here already: 1. click search icon 2. input your coin value 3. click down arrow 4. click "XOR=...?" 5. input XOR key 6. set Type = Dword 7. click new search
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    well...4500 address seem workable for me. select group of 100 results or more(however you like)...and change it. exit and enter the shop to see it change...revert and delete if nothing change. continue till you got it. simple.
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    First, as normal, search the Dword value. then set a variable for found value. Create a loop and table with help of that variable, address= t[loop].address +0x134. Then check if that offset meet the value you need, then set value for table[1] and gg.setValues(t)
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    We don't know for sure at the moment, pretty much everything can be hacked but its not clear what triggers bans.
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    this is from collecting materials daily quest. i just found out that after you completed it...no.1 will change to 1D... but if you set it back to 0D....it actually reset the quest and you can do all over again.(more diamonds) no2..no3...and no4...you guys already know what it is. no5...when i change it to 0...the quest itself completely gone...so instead 5 quest...it become 4. no6..start from 4D..and will go up 5D...6D...7D....so on..showing you...i believe of how many times you completed the same quest? AND MOST IMPORTANT.... I GOT SHOP BAN. but i dont know for sure....i repeat the quest over and over again...if really the reason i got ban.
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    Hello Guys . In This Video You Will See Decompiler Which Can Decrypt Full Revo Encoding . It can decrypt Version : 1.0 , 2.0 , 3.0 , 4.0 , 5.0 , 5.1 , 5.2 , 5.3 , 5.4 and 5.5 . We Are Working For Full Decode Revo 6.0 By One Click . Decompiler By Darking Cheater And Top GEO .
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    Guys, I ve try it today and i have some problems. From 00:47 to 03:21 I did it, but I cant understand from 00:00 to 00:46, how to get these code
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    Thank you mate. of your very details guide. im just completed all daily quest for today...in 10 minutes or less. much easier to find all the quest now...using ordered search.
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    nope. same as yours.
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    Dont worry...MyLord. just sit back...relax...and enjoy your chicken meal. while some other people...get the job done for you.
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    Nothing is sent, that's why
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    It's dependent upon complexity. Thinking of doing free script. Where it only makes everything in shop free.
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    No worries I already made the payment via PayPal, I can wait
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    Very nice! I'm going to get the Badcase video for the coupon Ty
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    I want to hack a game but I have not been able to put an infinite life or god mode and if you can tell me how want to hack a game but I have not been able to put an infinite life or god mode and if you can tell me how
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    Familiarize yourself with what rooting is and what it does. There are hundreds of videos and articles about this. There are different ways to root different android devices and there isn't one method that does it all. Considering you're on stock, rooting and flashing a custom recovery would initially require a factory reset on your device (deleting everything) so make sure you back everything before you end up rooting and flashing a custom recovery. Magisk is required and serves as a way to have root privileges without other apps finding out your device has root - i.e. its a systemless root. MK Tour is one of many apps that can detect root, so you'd need Magisk to even play it. GG also needs to root to operate. It may seem a lot now but take your time. Make sure you know what you're doing so you don't risk a brick. Here's some links I found for your device to get you started 1 2
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    I gave you a link. Why didn’t you read it? https://gameguardian.net/help/help.html#help_games_protection_
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    Please update octopus 4.7.3 it's can running 32bit system. Octopus ver. 4.7.4 only 64 bit can use them.
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    By reading a few lines , all I can say is complete the code with all the labels and secondly , since you are using labels in your script . Don't use "end" , that you have use at the last line if each label to get out of it. Keyword "end" is use to get out of functions , loops , conditions etc.
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    Then you found no points reading.
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    perhap im the only one...read this till finish...
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    sorry you not understand, when he mean optimised is for that app run the gameguardian there but he not make any mods, is not the same
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    I managed to find the values searching 3 values of the character just like swgoh. The values are on DOUBLE. And it works! But there are server checks in this game during the fight, after a few hits the game gives an error message asking for a restart with an option to send your logs xD.
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    Use specific name and folder search by name. Windows folders do not connected with emulators. You need work inside emulator, not in windows. If you use parallel space - folder will be different path in system file manager and in GG.
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    Actually there is a way to fix it. I don't know how but I suspect it's man in the middle attack. There are people who offer currency injection services on game mod apk forums, they use your Facebook User ID to add you coins or gems before the game loads and thereby this removes the Invalid Wallet error as a side effect since values return as positive to server. I did some social engineering you could say by bricking my game on purpose and pretending that I needed help, I found out that one of the facebook groups offers this in fact for free however the tool they are using is not free, you request it and they do it for you. This is a screenshot of the tool the admin of that group sent me. Everything is done from the website and you need to have VIP access, in other words $11 a month to use the service. I thought it looked like phishing scam at first but then I found other such services by highly reputable game modders elsewhere. Edit: As a matter of fact currency injection services have been offered on sites like Sbenny since the game was released I just never realized this would actually fix the error since e.g. I had 2 billion negative gems and they added only 10k but the error was gone anyway.
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    I enjoyed Boxing Star using speed hack in GG. But the game detected the GG from recent update. So I hided GG using Virtualxposed so the game didn't detect but the game was shut down. And then my device's OS updated to android 10. After update, virtualxposed and GG in virtualexposed doesn't run. How can I fix this? Please help me.
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    If you want 500 Edit the 2nd value to 500x4 and 3rd to 500. If you can't pause game to do this. Highlight both values. Click the edit button. And put in this 500x4;500 That will edit both at once correctly.
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    built myself a second town...with a second town hall. the greeny thing...its Energy ...if im not mistaken..the max value reset as usual as you upgrade your town hall. try to find the front value but results show nothing. so i search my wood...found it and goto...manually search the values for Energy..guess what.. the front value = -10 the max value = +50 thats why i cant find it...in the first place. hope this info help in the future.
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    Toram online is Now don't detect GG So can anyone make (Refine +S Always crt Always rare drop Copy of item Miss mobs atks) Plz anyone work on on think
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    View File Archero mod menu (AMM) Not Updating Anymore suggest me games in the comments for undetect Use @ItsSC Way OR download this mod made BY GAMEMOD.PRO Direct Link (recommended) if this go down Go http://www.mediafire.com/file/csov8b4cwzwxuf9/com.habby.archero_113_GMP_signed.apk/file if You Have a problem MENTION me at comments example ' @SB2P Archero detect GG' or something like that the script has: Unlimited HEALTH store hack(obsidian chest) Unlimited Gold unlimited energy stats(projectile speed) lvl skills hack(in game) Submitter SB2P Submitted 05/30/2019 Category LUA scripts  
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    Hi All, I have been having a blast with game guardian since I found it a few months ago. Here is just a quick post of games that I have successfully hacked for coins/gems/whatever. Some have some extra notes, but they are a bit cryptic, but hopefully can get you started. Please note that I encourage you to pay for a game if you play with it and enjoy it, whether you get extra goodies or not. Coders need to eat too. Crash of Cars: search dword encrypted, look for large number encrypted. Ignore non-encrypted values. Idle Miner: search double, unencrypted, ensure not too much cash so display isn't rounded, change a few values of cash until it works. Purchase new mines before getting crazy with cash. Racing Fever: dword encrypted, simple Sky Force Reloaded: encrypted, stars spending in upgrade, 340000 Dokdo: go fishing, search for encrypted dword for fish number, sell fish at market and find dollars Dungeon Quest: search encrypted coins, add to the found value (Q-word) a number multiplied by 8192. Fuzzy search for dword for HP and MP and lock them. Road to Revenge: Flip Skater: coins are simple dword encrypted, xor with 444444 Flip diver: float search, not encrypted, modify last value in memory Ball Blast -- unencrypted dword, second location in mem Major Mayhem II -- search encrypted float or double. It is a rounded float. e.g. 999.66 =1000 coins Subway Surfers -- qword, encrypted, value is approx double coin value. Use mystery box repeatedly to get stuff. Same for keys, encrypted dword, first in mem. Daddy was a thief -- search unencrypted float for coins during play (pause a lot) Aliens drive me -- no known method BRIM -- dword, not encrypted, last val in mem. Goto val, next in mem is essence value. complete quests by spending essence Trigger Heroes -- dword encrypted gives two doubled coin values, make sure to change to even number or crashola. Runventure: dword encrypted, second value in mem. Zombie Guard: unencrypted double for coins, landmines, ammo, etc. Prime Peaks: search for master coin value, unencrypted dword, run a course, die quickly, search new value. Gems are next value in mem. Mini Racing: unencrypted dword two places in mem, changed both. Factory: Search unencrypted dword for $$ Tower Crush: Double, unencrypted Postknight: dword unencrypted coin, next in mem is gems (dword) Earn to die 2: unencrypted dword cash, pause during play search for unencrypted dword bullet value, mod. Toon Shooter 2: unencrypted dword for coins during play. Into Mirror: search money, encrypted dword. only one encrypted value, other stats nearby in mem. Tiny Archers: unencrypted dword search, second value in mem, gems right after. Punch Quest: dword during game place, pause, set coins. Launcha Libre, Burrito Bison: qword for total point value Dan the man: encrypted dword coin search. Change the only encrypted one. Dead Racing/Racing Dismount: dword Sword of Xolan: dword coin, near in memory is fireball count and health--freeze. Incredible Jack: dword coins king crusher: search encrypted dword gems, 444000 etc. Dragon hills: dword, edit first in memory Sonic: dword master rings, second in mem. Previous in mem is red stars, search gems dword 2nd val in mem. Tower Conquest: coins xor with 444444, gems xor with 444444; simple quick: search gems xor with 444444;444444:10 = single result Tankers.play: search dword during matches for incrementing coins, set first val in mem. Henry Danger: dword coins slug it out 2: group search three things (coins, gems, other gems), change all. refreshes after battle. Stickman Trials: dword Drag'n'Boom: dword coins during play Soul Knight: coins during play, two locations dword. quadropus (Butterscotch Shennanigans) all doubles, easy to find. Mon Rush : pair search of coin;gem:4 ordered. Coin then gem in memory, dword. Swamp Attack: dword, first in mem Kung Fu Z: qword group search coins, gems, other things. Flip Trickster: Dword coins, two places in mem. Westy West: dword coin search Jet Pack: search dword during game play, change values (a few locations in mem) Infinity Upgrade: dword coins during play Galaxy Gun: dword for health and, LP, money. Dungeon Cards: Airsoft Royale: dword on coins, 6 dwords later is gems Drive Ahead!: dword on coins, nearby on bolts Thumb Drift: play online to get coins on track, crash after finding a few, search dword three places in mem, go offline, mod. Virtual Beggar: qword coin value, nearby in mem is VC value. Crashy Cops: dword, unencrypted, pause game from GG change all values (many) Vertigo Racing: dword and double for coins at main menu, changed both. Tap! Captain Star: double on coin things Sky Chasers: search on double the coin value dword during play, search unknown for health/fuel and lock. Reboots game sometimes. Cosmobot: dword main coin value. Only one place in mem. Magic Rampage: dword, two locations Rover Craft: dword on coins, back in mem a bit is gems. Jump Squad: dword on coins Smashing Rush: encrypted dword, two values in the millions, changed the second one. Hang Line: simple dword on coins Getaway 2: dword, second value in mem. Stunt Car Challenge 3: pair dword search, ordered coins:bills Eggon: coins during play, three dwords Car Eats Car 2: two dwords, edited, but gives strange encrypted value of gems. Rev Heads Rally: search starting encrypted dword 0 at start of match, each coin increment search value even though the coin total doesn't show on screen, looks like there is an additive offset to encrypt. Add value to all (encrypted and not). Car Crash: dword on cash value during game Jump Reward: dword on coins Sushi Bar: search encrypted double (rounded) multiple places in mem, edit as group. Speed up x10. Search level as dword to accelerate levels. Giant Boulder of Death: search dword coins, two places Mobile Shooter: double for all values. Easy to find and change. Money Tree City: double on bills and gems Rooms of Doom: pair search on coins/tickets dwords Cannon Hero: coins, dword Hopeless Heroes: Tap Attack: dword coins, can't change too large. Turretz: dword coins, last value in mem. Road Draw: encrypted dword xor with 444444 plus three values of unencrypted dword Pixel Car Racer: dword on cash when in garage, spend $200 on dyno to find value, mod two places in mem Fin and the Ancient Mystery: float on gems, float on health--lock Hill Climb Racing 2: dword change found coins+1 in mem. Why didn't encrypted dword find this? Nearby was gems+1. Both changed. Ancient Bricks: simple dword search on gold during play Flipping Legend: dword coins Archers 2: dword coins at main menu, two places in mem. Zombie Catch: dword on coins, nearby in memory is radioactive vials
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    Use gg.getValues after values changes.
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    Ineed to stop 10 min ban after playing pubg with hack
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    Yes i am presidend of the world.. and are you Enyby lawyer? lol

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