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  1. Instead, is it possible to change the text and function of the "CANCEL" key in gg.choice? @Enyby
  2. Ok, thanks for the clarification
  3. Type like this: but with the possibility of choosing between 1, 2 and 3. Exactly, have both the choice modes of gg.choice and gg.alert in a single screen
  4. Hi, I wanted to know if it was possible in a script to have a menu of choice (gg.choice) with the addition of other keys below like in gg.alert. To understand better, have in gg.alert the possibility to choose as gg.choice @Enyby
  5. After the 1.2.0 update, the game has more complex encryption, and it seems that the value type is no longer XOR
  6. It's better to wait until Wednesday to update the script at this point.
  7. Do you have discord? I can help you Peg#0136
  8. I can offer a service on content hacking. Discord: Peg#0136
  9. What types of value do I look for? Xor, Dword, word etc.? I tried with dword, but once I narrowed down the search on the 300/200 values to each change it narrows less 3..It is impossible (at least for me) to find the right value to change
  10. yes I know. but I don't understand what to look for, what kind of value to look for. in the same way that I look for tickets, coins don't work with experience
  11. How? What value do you look for, what kind?
  12. anyone managed to use hacks on the player experience percentage?
  13. Nothing came to me in the email. Maybe it will be ignorance, where should you get me?
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