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  • 2 weeks later...
5 hours ago, MonkeySAN said:

thats strange...i still can see my videos here.

you guys cant see it??

I can see your video. However the problem I believe he is facing is that is showing a link for the video and when clicked on the link doesn't open an address. My device does this when my internet connection is slow it won't attempt to load the video it just tries to use the link or the link never loads and it comes up as a blank space until I refresh the page half a million times or I use a stronger internet connection (school, work, or family member's wifi for me) 

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oh my..i forgot that i had deleted those videos as My Attachments quota was almost at the limit.

people shouldnt be able to see those videos anymore but both you and i still able to see it.

clearly something is not right happen here.

maybe master @Enyby can look into this matter?

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the game is super laggy on my phone to a point it freeze or crash almost everytime before im done record everything.

i will post it here once im managed to record it all.

till then you can wait if you want to but no promises.

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