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  1. Thank you a lot! It's working. Other resources like this. Thumbs up!!
  2. MonkeySAN, in this screen you can not only the picture of resource. You can see that I hacked coins and emeralds already. But I can't hack that blue resource.
  3. Can you made a video for hack knowledge points ( molecules)? If it's not hard for you.
  4. I don't know what the name of resource in English, but it's like a knowledge point (like molecules). 1. Search fuzzy. 2. Loot location (take 317 units). 3. Search fuzzy - more - 317 n=o+d. 4. Loot location (299). 5. Search fuzzy - more - 299 n=o+D, Finded only 1 address 616. Changing it to 99999999. Return to main game display (from adventure). Nothing changed.
  5. I made everything like in your video. I didn't wrote you all steps. I wrote only that steps what I don't understand. You searched for 342, but change 1442! Why??? Why not 342!? You searched 342, then you must change 342! Why you changed 1442?
  6. I saw your video. Thank you. From you video I hack emeralds. But I don't understand how you hack coins. You loot 342 coins. Searched for 342. Then you edited 1442. Why?! I don't understand this moment. Please, explain me. And notice: my English not very good. Thank you.
  7. I try hack the resources like the coins. But it don't work. Can you show how to hack the resources? I have root and gg installed. But I'm not experienced hacker.
  8. Hello. Have any ideas how to hack resources? Chips?
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