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  1. Never mind, I found it after searching auto encrypted and changed the float value which was like -0.16832 something lol
  2. I know this is fairly outdated, I found views and subs just using unknown value increase and decrease, found brains through d-word encrypted, but I cannot find bux. I've tried so many times, but I can never find it.
  3. Phax

    Fury Survivor: Pixel Z

    This is insane. Way beyond my level of comprehension. You are a very skilled hacker
  4. Phax

    Dungeon Faster

    I am ecstatic... I searched for hours and hours for a way to change golden teeth, and stupidly... the answer was right in front of our eyes... I searched Auto, auto encrypted, messed with game values, tried to increase selling price, did group searches, etc... I was kind of embarrassed but happy that something so simple was found lol. First, look at your value. My teeth value is 100. Get it to increase to a higher number Now my teeth value is 109, so I search 9 in d-word Keep doing this. Search the amount of gold you have EARNED in game. Not the value you have. After you have 1 value left change it to whatever you want. When you die and finish the game you should be greeted with this. Now go have fun (I have not found a way to cheat gold coins yet, but I am working on it.) ^^^ Never mind the dude above me did both lol, but I found another method atleast^^^
  5. This was actually simpler than I thought. Go and land on a planet and go to trade, then to the ships that you can buy. Find one and search its mass and space in Float After search you shall get two values. Change them to whatever you want. Then long press on one of them and go to address Every single value is in float, so just look for whatever value you want to change. Hull was 280 so I found that I changed it to a high number and now you are invincible after buying the ship.
  6. Also, credits are simple d-word. So just put the amount of money you have in d word, increment if needed, find the value and change it.
  7. It seems I was wrong. I only found the surface values of hull and shield, for now only the velocity and turn work. I'll update you guys when I find the real value.
  8. I've only played the game briefly, so I've only discovered one thing so far. By the way you can get the latest version (full game) at https://apkgoogle.org/games/space-rpg-3-v-1-2-0-4-mod-apk/ My turn speed is 2.000 and my velocity is 1.800 So I search these values in Float (I searched auto, but the values are Float) A group search You should get two values. Also, Velocity is speed and turn is how fast you can turn. Greater velocity = greater speed Greater turn = better handling I changed them and the values changed in game. I will be looking for a way to change hull, just thought I'd let you know about this
  9. Phax

    Group search

    Enyby I read it and it told me that the smallest group size is 2 and the highest is 65536.. It never told me how to find group size, and yes, I know GameGuardian recommends group size, but it is not always correct. I know I sound stupid, (I'm noob) but how do we know what group size to put? Does it depend on the values?
  10. Go to speedhack: functions Inside, you should see some green boxes. Try and check some of the green boxes and see what it does. Sometimes they make the speedhack work. (I'm not in an actual game, otherwise there would be a ton of green boxes)
  11. Phax

    Group search

    I'm wondering what the ::29 at the end stands for... When I increase it I get more values.... Is there a certain way to tell what the number should be after :: ????
  12. @nalcwap Surprisingly the game still opened after I changed the value to 5,000 That's the farthest I've tried to go
  13. Haha it's okay. I feel dumb sometimes too. Believe it or not, I didn't know there was a ranged search like 1~2 until a couple months ago. And I've been using game guardian for 3 years
  14. mobizen_20190806_225820.mp4 I hope this helps. All I did was search encrypted d word value, found it went up to the nearest value in address and saved that one. After that I took both xor encryptions and used them separately for each value to get my desired number.
  15. I tried that, however it is not simple because it doesn't show 0. They are all encrypted, so for me to find value it would be a guess and check using the value as xor encryption because 0 = xor encryption. There is a high risk of crashing and game never opening. It would be easier to have numbers in quantity like 2 or above where I can refine and edit.
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