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  1. Can you please describe the issue further? I cannot decipher what your problem is from two words in the title and 3 bullet points on your thread
  2. Hahahaha that's what it basically is now
  3. I come back from my vacation just to see a 60 page thread about one game whaaat?
  4. English forum, use Google Translate if you can't speak english.
  5. This is a big problem for most people, people like seeing big impossible numbers in their currency even if you can't spend all that in the game.
  6. https://translate.google.com/m/translate Google Translate gets the job done. Even if it's very sluggish english it's still understandable. If you talk in another language than english the problem is nobody is able to understand so you basically can't help or get help on anything. Please just talk english on this website, i do not want to be forced to warn.
  7. No turkish, english only forum. Next time i will give you a warning point.
  8. Have you tried going not so high? Like maybe just 1 premium currency up, maybe dev bans on legitamacy instead of detecting a change. Example for this would be second war. Dev only banned when i went up incredible numbers, incrementing by 100 or 1000 didnt get me banned.
  9. Damn how are you always so fast on these requests i just wrote a guide for it myself and i noticed you beat me to it by 7 hours.
  10. Skullboyq


    All i can find about it is the emulator, nothing with Memory whatsoever
  11. Skullboyq


    The Playstation Portable Emulator? Either i am getting this wrong or im amazed. Did anyone request for this? _______________________________________________ added 2 minutes later Nvm the screenshots didn't load up fast enough so i didn't see that it's a mem range. Would be very strange to make gameguardian work on handheld consoles.
  12. I trust you more than anyone here but proof would be nice
  13. A lot of people do this, a lot of hack tutorials on yt use NoFears methods but fail to credit him anywhere. I think he is used to it by now. Also happened to one of my hacked games, a link to the gameguardian forum wouldve atleast been nice. People come here for tutorials when they need something hacked, we shouldn't exclude anyone, not even developers.
  14. I think he ment jump height as in a value that determines how many units you jump up if you press the jump button not the y position. So you could do a hack like superjump. Same thing for velocity, standing still it's 0 but you do not know the max speed you can go in float. I think you could find things like these out with cheatengines "find out what accesses/writes to this adress" Or just pure luck of editing floats in the mem viewer. But im not a really good mem editor, i would call myself above average. _______________________________________________ added 3 minutes later Oh for velocity try this, might work, might not. 1. Autopause game to yes 2. Stand still 3. Search 0 Float 4. Run a bit and while running press gg icon and go to unknown-> Value increased 5. Stand still again and repeat until you get only a handful of values. Freeze them to a high number one by one to see if it changes your speed. If a value doesnt affect your speed unfreeze it, revert and delete it so you dont break any ingame values.
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