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3 minutes ago, CYBORG-WARRIOR said:

Game update ?

Sorry i don't know 

Yeah, the game was update , probably 2 days ago. I'll let you know if it works or not. 

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Just now, rahaaatul said:
1 minute ago, rahaaatul said:

Yeah, not working.

Can you show me how to hack them? 



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@CYBORG-WARRIORI used your Lua script and some of the things in the script isn't working, the gold shows I have abundance but I can't buy anything.

Always Win not working.

Level up not working.

Gems working. 


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Posted (edited)

Can you hack on this APK, it's a modded APK but I modified its ad permissions via lucky patcher, it has gold and gems and win battles. But not 100% choice success rate and maximum stats. I need that instead of gold now. Do you think you can help me with this? Thank you. @CYBORG-WARRIOR 


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27 minutes ago, rahaaatul said:

I apologize, I just saw it. Thank you for replying. 



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18 hours ago, sammax71 said:



Have you had any success locating the EXP value and either editing it or freezing it?

I've tried basic & encrypted searches and also X4 & X8 but no success so far.

unfortunately..no success either.

but honestly i dont really bother about that.

i finished the game countless time by now with max stats and dice hack only.

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