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8 minutes ago, MonkeySAN said:

unfortunately..no success either.

but honestly i dont really bother about that.

i finished the game countless time by now with max stats and dice hack only.

Yeah, but if you freeze that value you can play in one go, until you need to do that again.

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On 6/8/2022 at 9:45 PM, sammax71 said:

Gems can be hacked by searching your amount X4 (Anonymous, dword)


5 hours ago, TysonForeman said:

Doesn't work anymore. Anyone know a fix?

i just checked.

its still working.

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2 hours ago, MonkeySAN said:


i just checked.

its still working.

Really?? I must be doing something wrong then


What I do is I search my gems x 4 (for example 60 x 4 which is 240) then I watch an ad for +2 gems then refine the search to 248 (which is 62 × 4) but that makes all the options disappear


Is that not what I'm supposed to do? 

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7 minutes ago, MonkeySAN said:

yup...its not Gems x 4

its like this :


get or use some Gems then refine the same way.

Oh.. 🤦

Mb I only know the most basic things about game guardian so I didn't know to do that but anyway thank you it worked perfectly

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On 6/8/2022 at 9:46 PM, MonkeySAN said:

you either BUY stuffs or SELL your stuffs.


BUY is much easier.

just search the price and edit to negative.

[the first G in the bracket]

but for SELL you need to search the original price when you bought it.


Hi, could you perhaps reup the images/videos or explain the entire process how to find the gold for Items being bought? 


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