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  1. A loop, try something like While gg.isVisible() == true do if gg.isVisible(true) then gg.clearResults() os.exit() print("loop broken!") end end
  2. As stated by @blocx gg isn't an emulator it's a memory tool for searching and editing data in games similar to cheat engine's functionality. Gg runs on a lua VM known as luaj (with limited for the safety of the user) and by using the special classes of GG's luaj you can write scripts to automate interactions between the gg menu and a given game. C/C++ coding is used in reversing apk's (patching or hooking hex codes using offsets found through dumping game memory.)
  3. Try an alternative parallel space or Virtual machine from this site so far I've seen the most success in x8sandbox f1vm and vmos, parallel space lite also might work
  4. This is a poorly constructed post, and it's hard to understand what exactly you need help with. The body of your post shouldn't be shorter than the title, and you have it tagged with a seemingly unrelated game called lord's mobile. There are plenty of tutorials and help on the site already about installing game guardian. Installation depends if you have a rooted device or not, if not you're going to need a virtual space from the gg downloads section on this site
  5. From what I can understand it's saying that it cannot allocate the total of 2000012 bytes of memory because your device (or vm or ps) only has 1910048 bytes free It's a java error because game guardian uses luaj
  6. Check the date on the video might be outdated, plus youre not searching for specific addresses rather values that corresponds to the game data. Some addresses are static and some change
  7. *Latest You found the test in the word latest. You're searching for strings, and when you're searching for "mitril sword" gg finds string patterns that match as closely as possible to that... I don't think you'll be able to obtain a mitril sword for whichever game you're trying this on, but if you ask for help with the game itself other forum members maybe able to try to apply their knowledge and see if they can bring you a solution. *Try this* fuzzy search for unknown values of either dword or float type, and assuming this game that you speak of has inventory slots, make trackable changes within the inventory that you'll be able to find easier in your fuzzy searches. Eventually when you have <10 values left you'll be able to watch which change to what if you have a certain sword or item in that inventory slot, and from there you can try to edit that value to find what items correspond to certain items. This is the most help that I, or anyone else can provide without knowing the game, but I hope it helps!:)
  8. Android 11? Switch apps, I'm pretty sure Android 11 isn't supported by PS anymore try VMOS, f8 sandbox, or virtualxposed
  9. gg.getTargetInfo(packageName) should display the package name of the selected process but it appears both package names you mentioned are exactly the same, your problem may not be an incorrect package name
  10. gg.saveVariable().... It's in my previous reply I'm sorry if you didn't understand.
  11. 0b just means 0 bytes of information are being allocated to that memory region. Search in the Other memory region because your device doesn't allocate memory like the writer of the script's device does.
  12. Could try writing into the table in the script instead of having it depend on execution that way you can just save it with gg.saveVariable() (usage can be found here https://gameguardian.net/help/classgg.html#a204f5dea60cac80c39521ceb4936a83b) If it's absolutely necessary to wait until after the table is written into then you could have your script do local function checks() if table[1] == nil then gg.sleep(1000) return checks() end else do gg.saveVariable(your table's var) end end (A check to see if anything is written into the table if not then wait 1 second before checking again) This code doesn't check if it's already saved though so there should be a check for if the file it saves to is present on the device
  13. If the transaction is handled through Google play you more than likely won't be able to exploit it like that you might want to consider a different method for the game It's a large game for my bad internet, when I get a day off and I get it downloaded sometime this week I'll send you what I find out about it
  14. A really easy practice suggestion that I can suggest is a game called Hybrid Animals by abstract software Ive found it extremely easy it's not obfuscated in the .Net assembly view and it's written in a pretty understandable way
  15. Perhaps he's doing edits within the xs/xa regions and it's because the app is damaged?
  16. Awesome, I'm glad you were able you find a solution and I do hope my rambling was of some use:) good luck!
  17. So the searchwrite function here is a function to handle the searching and editing at once that much I'm sure you were able to figure out but specifically yes it Searches table one, writes values from table two over the values of table one, data type is dword for the search itself, and the name is to help identify the purpose of the function open revisiting the code. the values of table one are set in lines 45 through 65 and what's happening there is that It's taking the table known as data(please note that Everytime # was used in the script it wasn't to differentiate between variables it's a unary operator that determines the length of a string given that each character of that string is the size of a byte) looping through that table and setting the values of a table called t based off some arithmetic preformed between the two tables Actually... Theres alot to unpack in this script and my break is coming to an end soon... but my advice is to search nearby values found for Yuria and just do basic trial and error with editing nearby values that are seemingly tied to similar characters because this script is very brilliant with it's use of loops and tables as well as what's being searched and that you likely won't be able to make a similar method for a new character easily... Unless if it's as simple as changing the Name variable from Yuria Evolution to whatever Evolution but that may not work for several reasons
  18. Hey, @Sysadmin! I was wondering if you could add an X button to delete quotes when replying I cant manage to do it with the mobile interface sadly and it would be a greatly appreciated quality of life improvement in my opinion Thank you:)
  19. Nvm pretty decently protected against dumping and after trying a few different methods Ive concluded that the best way would be to use the time jump panel to catch it back up but it'll need re-done every game
  20. Unknown search N=O+D means new value to search for equals the old value plus the difference of a given amount Just do an initial fuzzy search of whatever value type is being searched for like for example dword, and after the first search is done when you go to do the second search hit 'more' at the bottom of the fuzzy search menu and it'll show exactly what you need for NoFear's suggestion
  21. At the beginning of every search function write> gg.hideUiButton() and under that write> if gg.isClickedUiButton() then os.exit() gg.toast("No Peaking!!!") end After all the searching and editing is done in the function write gg.showUiButton() That way the game guardian ui doesn't remain hidden
  22. hideUiButton and isUiButtonClicked is 1000% a better alternative thank you
  23. If you had your script indefinitely running gg.setVisible(false) then you could just have a conditional check if its ever true in the search function then to exit else to do the searching and editing
  24. Glad you were able to resolve it your version is (4.7.2) I'm really unsure on why it didn't work though the error log is rather... Strange... Atleast for me perhaps @Enyby (sorry for the mention) can help with the meaning of unexpected symbol near Â... I'd personally like to know too for future reference
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