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  1. No cause the Chips are server sided. They're not stored on your phone but in the server. Everything what is stored on the server is not able to be hacked
  2. Then there's no way to hack the chips.
  3. Over Fuzzy search but I guess it's server sided. You normally can't hack Coins, Equipment or XP in online games. Only stuff that is stored on the phone. I think it's not possible to hack the stuff you wanna hack.
  4. Isn't that server sided aswell. Like, Hacking equipment in online games isn't possible normally. Except for if the equipment isn't server sided.
  5. Sure I'll DM you some stuff.
  6. Ooooohh. Ight. Actually that's pretty easy. I'll try to make that soon. If you want I can also just explain how it works or you look at some tutorials. It's not hard The nitro one is the only "harder" one. Cahs and gems are easy if it's offline
  7. do you know the basics like finding values with GG and stuff. Gold can be hacked easily. Player level is a bit more difficult but also doable. State idk what you mean. And equipment.. ye there might be a way but idk how.
  8. What do you wanna hack?
  9. is it an online game? If yes you might not be able to hack the money. Try freezing value otherwise. Or use Lucky Patcher
  10. its probably the same as it was before. Since i think its an offline game and you only want to modify the currencies, you might aswell just use Lucky Patcher. If that doesnt work try to find the values with dword. There are many tutorials on how to find and change these values. Just search
  11. isnt it an online game???? If it is then the chips are probably server sided and so on not able to be hacked. Otherwise maybe try to freeze the value
  12. on which asphalt game?
  13. Try using Lucky Patcher if its offline. Otherwise ill try it surely
  14. Well yeah I tried that, but it doesn't really work. How do I use Fuzzy search right?
  15. Yeah i know that already. Its not like i cant make a basic script with a money hack or sum. Just the problem with finding values for Wallhacks, Aimbot or so.
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