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  1. I've had no issues with x8sandbox on many different versions of Android and device . Currently working on pixel 3 and Samsung s20 . Which device are you using ? And are you getting the "google play service has stopped" error ?
  2. Sorry. Wasn't able . Sorry for getting your hopes up .
  3. Edit. Searched the site and found my answer. Thanks for the great video though.
  4. I'll download it now. Ok. It's much harder than i thought. I'll DM you when i get it sorted out
  5. If you need me to explain in detail let me know. I'll load the game up and hack it
  6. Most of these tycoon games deal with extremely large numbers. Generally I've found all the values I need in the yellow type .(sorry my brain can't remember the name of the yellow type ) EDOUBLE Wow...to much Xmas
  7. have you tried anything? what happened.? i'll have a look now for you LINK?
  8. Yes X8 is still working for Android 11
  9. X8 sandbox is still working on Android 11 But Ads suck I run dns66 to block ads and also disable my browser so it can't run pop up ads
  10. The best way to learn is to try everything yourself Read posts Look at other people's hacks Ask questions But the can someone teach me everything posts never get a good response Good luck
  11. Ok App store link What hacks have you tried What happened
  12. Ok So , what do you need ? I don't understand your post And a playstore link
  13. I found using the record function in GG helpful when learning to script. I still so actually. Good luck.
  14. sodaface

    A game hacker

    A game hacker app with a mouse logo. Don't suppose you've got a pic ?
  15. And a reboot . Also what permissions does FIFA ask for ?
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