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  1. sodaface


    Anyone having issues booting Vmos in Android 11? Updated my phone and now VMOS hangs then exits during boot. Pixel 2. Android 11 Is it just me?
  2. Wheel time? i'm looking at it now
  3. Oh righto. I can't get it to load in my emu.
  4. What games are you trying to mod ? What methods did you try ?
  5. Yeah. Absolutely. But some people are silly like me and do things the hard way. And sometimes I don't know I need a feature until I stumble upon it.
  6. Hello. So , I'm still a baby when it comes to using GG. I'm always trying different approaches to modify games , and watching YouTube videos of other people hacking games with gg , even if I don't play that game. Just to see what they do. Today I learned about the incremental add thingys. I had 30 or so results of a value I was searching for , then used the incremental thingy to add 1+ to each so if it showed up in the game id know which value was the one to modify. That s*** is cool. That little feature will save me heaps of time. I guess my point is that if you want to learn to use GG then USE GG , watch videos of people modify games and yeah....
  7. Forget that Everything in this game is open to modification. But energy and shield/health reset every level no matter what i try too. So how about a script you run each level.? But If you've got all characters, weapons etc.......do you need it.?
  8. Oooh , i'll download it now and have a look
  9. I've found encrypted values for gold. Which doesn't help. All changes revert back. I've found chest reward values and hacked , but after a few seconds it reverts back. Which all leads me to believe that I'm out of my depth and or it can't be done with GG or both
  10. Oh d***. That's a great idea.
  11. The same as you do all the rest. If it doesn't change then it's linked to another value. Is your query related to Anima RPG ? If so pm me and I should be able to help.
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