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  1. So, i just gave that method a go again and i was able to modify the values without a ban. YAY !. But i end up with the same problem as before. i CANNOT progress in cup races or rank. This is why i'm looking for alternative methods..... such as increasing the value of the coins you pick up in game etc..... Thanks anyway @SAGEPAPI
  2. Does that method still work? I thought it was patched a few versions ago. Thanks @SAGEPAPI
  3. Because this only leads to accounts being unable to compete in cups and progress in rank. So i'm trying other things. I'm also interested in finding out which values are hooked into the gem and coin values.... As well as the in game coin values.....
  4. There was a method that involved injecting extra xp when completing cups but that method has since been patched. I've been unable to hack the xp or the kms traveled since January.
  5. Hello. I'm trying to find the value of in game coins, so i can increase their value. I'm having much trouble finding the values. Its Hill climb racing 2. I'm not looking for my coin total....just the value for the in game coins that are collected. The coins only have 2 different values. 1 + 5. Suggestions.? Thanks
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