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  1. Sorry. I'm busy with another side project at the moment. I'll have another look when I can
  2. No idea. So far , get ban.
  3. Hacks under 1,000,000 seem fine. Some over 1,000,000 cause ban .
  4. Ok. So far. Hacked and no ban for : all items from rewards. Un able to hack: Perk points. hack and banned: Exp, player level, game level, damage values . =_=_=_=_=_=_=_= To try .. Modify xp rewards from enemy death, modify blitz rewards, modify lucky spin rewards, modify endless level, and more
  5. I don't hack xp. Well. I haven't yet. I'll have a look at that tonight
  6. Can anyone hack perk points ? Can't seem to mod these as rewards.
  7. Anonymous region Sorry for the 3 post to explain 1 thing .
  8. Dword group search ordered
  9. Once you unlock the "Refuge" you can modify task rewards to give you very large rewards. I'm investigating further now
  10. I'm looking at it now. First thoughts have been unsuccessful. What was the old method ?
  11. Anyone playing Broken Universe, tower defence Seems like lots of fun and not the hardest to mess around with either .
  12. sodaface

    Hack stat car

    nevermind. Real racing 3.
  13. Yep. No way to earn diamonds. Also , there are points in the game that require diamonds or ads. (End of season )
  14. Clever little monkey . Good work .
  15. When you earn exp and get to use it , search 4 dword , use it once , search 3 , use , 2 use then change value to what ever you like Cool. Very cool . How ?
  16. Ha ha . Beat me to it Value directly above $$$$
  17. Oooh Didn't think of that Cheers
  18. Football rising star I've managed to modify the experience, and level my player up to ridiculous levels. But I'm struggling to mod anything else . I've only spent a small amount of time on it , and I'd say it's hackable .... Looks like a challenge. My first goal is to mod the stamina . Without it , you need gems to recharge (or watch an ad) .
  19. Hi. I want a Tesla , preferably free. Anyway . Have you tried hacking the game at all ? If so what happened and what did you try..... The Seven Deadly Sins|Grand Cross (#14q7l0ia)
  20. Do you need help with this of did you figure it out?
  21. Ha ha. Beat me too it. This is quite simple to modify . Try looking at wood production . Also enable auto pause game setting to make it easier .
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