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Funny quotes about GameGuardian


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Nuclear Jakan
Huh! Guys don't trust this I work with Enby, and he is just playing with you all this is all fake, trust me. This is editing and think about that, how can a fool app read your mind... This is fake, I'm telling , I'm brother of Enby. He refused to tell everyone about this but I'm telling you after creating a new account so that he can't find me. This is editing again I'm saying.


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On 2/24/2021 at 8:01 AM, AKidWithMidgetFriend said:

Watch out @Enyby your brother is giving out your secret!🤣

Enyby is part of the Cabal.  The ***** world wide conspiracy to enslave us all.  

One apk at a time.  

Sneaky , very sneaky.  


[added 0 minutes later]

morgan freeman laughing GIF

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