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Funny quotes about GameGuardian


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The whole thing started after I got a Game Guardian apk and uploaded it in Virus Total, seeing it is supposedly infected by Android.Malware.SDi.4C00, which from a search turned out to be a malware called HummingBad. Curiously enough only a single engine found it, called BKav, which made me think it is a false positive. AVL and Avast on the android did not consider the apk a malware either. I installed BKav on my android and not only it asked for probably every single access it could for my phone, it wanted a phone verification.. what are they thinking. Makes me feel the BKav is actually the malware here.


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I downloaded and installed GG as well. However somehow I didn't catch that second installation. The one with a random character string as a name. My phone was infected and my data plan emptied.
I would have never noticed, but I went to SU to change permissions on another app and saw the CMIYC thing as having been granted full access permissions... After a failed attempt at a Google search using only the words, I tried agian with the u der scores and periods. That's when I find the description for CMIYC. It's a TRACKER/spyware often used by parents and or jealous spouses to spy on people. It will allow the spying party to access calls,texts,contacts, GPS location, web data, AND EVEN CAMERA AND MIC functions. I had to perform a factory reset to be rid of that junk.
I hope people see this article and therefore know better than o download that spy app.......
I figured I was at fault, because I downloaded GG from a third party site that hosts pirated apps etc. I therefore hadn't given it a second this ght untill coming across this post...


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The best acting program for hacking games. Having broken games with this application you can be the king of games or Igromen in your yard that will give you respect and loyalty


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I just downloaded AVL pro and Avast and did a scan with them and found 0 problems with my tablet. I have it rooted and I have installed a handful of times apks which are not from the playstore, being older than the current version of apps or apps that do not exist in the market (Game Guardian for example).


The whole thing started after I got a Game Guardian apk and uploaded it in Virus Total, seeing it is supposedly infected by Android.Malware.SDi.4C00, which from a search turned out to be a malware called HummingBad. Curiously enough only a single engine found it, called BKav, which made me think it is a false positive. AVL and Avast on the android did not consider the apk a malware either. I installed BKav on my android and not only it asked for probably every single access it could for my phone, it wanted a phone verification.. what are they thinking. Makes me feel the BKav is actually the malware here.


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It is brilliant. Especially on part about cookies. But entire video too very good.

Comments from video:


Little explanation: "Jay Chimera" is author of the video.




Jay Chimera> I'd like to thank Ghalaxtic for helping me gather this information! And remember kids, do your research before you install sketchy apps!


CTG Productions> Great ass video. We need to collab soon
Jay Chimera> CTG Productions I'm down just let me know whenever?


danny d> go get the apk and then If it does anything bad then u can come back and make a vid saying I told u so.


TEMPE MvP> shit Catch Me If You Can going to see a lot of jacking off if they dare hack my camera


WesMods> i saw hacker today when i was playing


danny d> pretty sure if 100s of 1000s of ppl downloaded it and we're a ok after it then it's safe, I mean if u do something wrong ya u can screw ur device or if u download from anything but this link https://gameguardian.net/download then anything that happens to ur device is most likely ur fault
Jay Chimera> danny d More like 100's of 1000's of people neglected research. Just because you can't visibly see something wrong in your device doesn't mean your device is safe.
danny d> pretty sure it's alright after using it for 6 months on a continuous bases
danny d>and if ppl didn't do research and didn't get it from official site then that's their fault not the devs
Jay Chimera> danny d Well good luck to you and your device ✌
Jay Chimera> danny d Lmao you sound so much in denial. You want Game Guardian to be an honest type of app so bad. Never said that something was going to spontaneously happen to your device. Just that someone most likely has your information somewhere cause you trust this app so much.
danny d> Jay Chimera naw it's just that u come on and make a vid about something u barely know about just bc u looked on a couple sites and saw a few comments doesn't mean ur right if u used the apk and something happened then ok I'll believe u
Jay Chimera> danny d Nah I'm not willing to compromise my phones security


danny d> and did you consider that maybe these ppl that got the catch me if u can apk downloaded game guardian from unofficial websites


danny d> the first apk it downloads is like a software Downloader that makes it possible to modify games and the second one is The actual apk that allows u to control wat u mod the hack tool


JOSHUA101> don't know y they try to hack a game whats the point lol
Jay Chimera> JOSHUA101 Because they suck at games lmao
JOSHUA101> xD so true


NotALemon> Even if this information changes only one person. You still did a massive help to our community. Good job Jay.

Jay Chimera> NotALemon Thanks man! And that's the plan!


JOSHUA101> nice video jay :)


Auto subtitle from Google:


what's up guys for today's video I
wanted to touch on something different
yet still directly related to what's
going on in fast for a while now I've
known that the application used to mod
fats is called game guardian and that in
order to use it you must have a rooted
android device but what really is game
guardian on the surface it's an
application that lets you modify games
allowing the user to achieve the
hundreds maybe even thousands of people
decide fast hackers have this
application knowing this I decided to
dig deeper into finding out more about
game guardian and I'll share with you
guys what I found when I first started
skimming along the web for information I
decided to see if the apple is available
on the place order because that's where
all the safe and trusted apps are
downloaded right one surprisingly it was
nowhere to be found but of course this
isn't enough to raise any suspicions so
in order to download game guardian we'd
have to go to their website and so I did
but upon entering this site I was met
with a pop-up saying that the website or
its third-party tools uses cookies
is necessary for the sites of motion
for those of you who don't know what
cookies are it's basically a packet of
data set by the internet server to a
browser which is returned by the browser
each time in steps of 1 can access to
the same server which is then used to
identify the user war tractor accident
to the server
and of course this is soft
because you can just clear on your
cookies afterwards but it still seems a
little fishy
just by proceeding on the
website you open yourself up to the
unknown so I chose not to now going a
little deeper I decided to use search
terms like game guardian virus and I
stumbled upon a post on Reddit the pulse
explained that game guardian had been
installed on their phone for a few weeks
now so they finally opened their Google
settings out after closing a message
from the app popped up saying spooky
cave guardian immediately claiming that
the app to potentially activates harmful
things of the device now before a lot of
you have come across this message and
thought nothing of it doubting that it
wasn't a malware problem too carried on
it most likely is it about where from
still thinking that it's just google
detecting a tool that lets you modify
their apps is dangerous thinking because
you're taking major risks with
downloading an app like this there are
other people who posted below say that
no issues with even one of the
developers of game guardian trying to
justify that is durable because it's a
hacking tool but here's where it gets
sketchy after the reddit page i found an
faq page on game Guardians website a few
people found out that when they use the
site's download link the second app with
the same the bitch's game guardian was
also being downloaded on their phone the
apt is called catch me if you can right
off the bat that would raise one pedal
arm in my head what the hell was catch
me if you can the user goes also ask
about this close that the depth don't
have malicious intentions the developers
are small with no explanation to what
the app is it says you cannot trust this
don't install games on unit don't using
interesting instead of assuring security
and safety and then updates you deserve
distrust in a way it seems like reverse
psychology like oh you don't trust us
then don't you see at someone then tries
to explain by saying that they believe
it is just a name placeholder as the new
package with you
name being installed whatever that means
I personally refused to compromise the
safety of the journey of my device
screens on trust and belief
now for the last bit of interesting
information on this faq page at the
bottom of solid commented that Hagrid's
in the sites of plant bugs and viruses
is that the website is to be refreshed
now although there isn't any evidence to
support that statement it makes me
wonder what else could be attached to
the websites link and who could be
attaching these things well ladies and
gentlemen I've discovered the answer
taking my last plunger to see if
information I finally came across the
gold line with the link title game
guardian unsafe I was curious and went
on to read what they had to say and
there was in all caps of red catch me if
you can as a tracker they go on to
explain that it was the second
installation along with Kang Guardian
that they didn't catch and so they went
these are settings essentially it's a
spyware that allows access to calls text
contacts GPS location web data even
camera and mic functions
holy shit and
what makes this true is that in order to
access the code in your game while
you're playing requires direct access
into your systems and take an outtake
data meaning that your phone security is
currently compromised that information
like bank cards passwords emails texts
and more are not only seen by you but
with whoever's at the other end of that
very safe spyware that secretly
installed on your device thus explaining
why there's two points of root access
which is similar to the control the
screen recorder which happens to be
silent what activated
potentially access your screen and Mike
without you know
a game guardian is
dangerous lastly for the icing on the
cake that another user search casually
as you can and saw the poofy
nevada-based alpha fraud
definitely hits out the fact that game
guardian to counterparty to lead to
Infante and odd things on your device it
seems they tried asking the devs about
it on the forum but it's been closed for
discussion and it seems they're trying
to avoid people bringing it up and
lastly his antivirus system detected
game guardian as a trojan back door that
goes malicious users remote control over
the infective device
so there you have
it guys this is why game guardian dis
is cheating in a game really
worth compromising the security of your
mobile device
I'd say it's literally
like selling your device's soul
but let
me know in the comments below and I'll
see you guys in the next video



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i use game guardian to speedhack nba live mobile via an android emulator(leapdroid).

However, game guardian doesn't effect the game;s clock due to ptrace protection. How can I disable it? the command deny-ptrace doesnt work in terminal emulator(i use it as command prompt).


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I just watched the video. It made me physically ill. I love how he says you shouldn't use the hack as it's just for educational purposes. Apparently that's what happened to me yesterday with a putt that was way outta range. The hacker moved the putter cursor ten yards and made the putt like it was a tap in.


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Developer try detect GG in game. GG still not detected but...



How to fix?
When you delete, YouTube writes "Phone / Messages detected."
So on all versions with which the protection against cheats appeared.
Version 4.6.1

I demand a response from the developers, I've been trying to contact VK, Gmail, GP for a long time, I also had to climb on 4PDA.


I have not decided to download for a long time ... Download I go and it's written to me by a game guardian detected and crashed, I deleted it long ago and do not use it !! I want to play but because of this nonsense (protection) I can not.


The same garbage only I did not put this app at all. The tablet is generally clean after the firmware.


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Where to download Game Guardian?

On the tablet you can download Game Guardian. Root provide no problem, the problem is that wherever I swing, GG (HW) and GG (SW) swing everywhere, and I need it written by GameGuardian. Moreover - after installing the file, the program does not work without installing the pntiewrlchvl file, which I absolutely do not need.
Your goal - to give a link to download GameGuardian (Android), without any gadgets, problems and tricks.


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