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  1. reed265


    I will try this 0.9.7 version bro. let's see whether it's working.
  2. reed265


    lol, how can i see the logcat record if my phone is not even rooted bro? i use non rooted phone especially just to test out this GG on non rooted device.
  3. reed265


    0.9.1 is working just fine for me bro. for now i will just use 0.9.1 i have tried to reinstall it twice and still not opening
    sorry bro, it's forced closed right after installation. it just opens, asks me to allow running in background and then closes. i redo the installation but it's still the same.
  4. no wonder. i was about to hack paradise island 2 and it says error 105. @NoFear sorry for the delay bro. i'm testing something cool. i hope the non rooted phones can do the hacks too.
  5. it will be posted soon enough, just wait a bit
  6. oh come on, don't be so mean @NoFear bro, can we hack this?
  7. reed265

    The sims mobile

    okay bro. sorry, been busy with my newborn baby this past weeks
  8. game guardian is meant to alter your phone memory, bro, not what is stored in the server. so if the speed of your tanks are now server sided, game guardian can't do anything with it, bro.
  9. @NoFear lucky he doesn't know our channel, bro LOL
  10. damn it's too obvious I cheat this game bro. maybe i won't be able to open this game again EDIT: No, I'm not banned bro, and I get all the prizes
  11. oh well, removed already. LOL damn, this virus makes me be the first in grand chase M!!!
  12. Whoa!! here comes the EPIC where've you been, bro??
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