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  1. Yeh ik, the potted balls don't show, pretty easy to get banned. U could just have it to line up the shott then change it back before shooting but that would get annoying. Just find a modded version.
  2. Thought u were talkin bout the white ball, mb never noticed that they tracked all the potted balls, I guess just use it only for shotts that u have a hard time making. idk I've been using it for a while with no ban yet. Try looking for a modded version.
  3. Well don't over use it, I use it on my lvl 22 acc every other game, for a couple weeks no ban yet. but yes it is detectable idk I might just be lucky. with guideline hack u shouldn't be potting the ball anyways lol.
  4. Is their any antiban hack for this. All my accounts r banned and I only bought a few things with the mod. If they manually ban ppl they work to hard damn.
  5. Name of Game: 8 ball pool Game Version: 3.7.4 Name of Cheat: guideline hack Search type: dword Found this super easy and quick hack for 8 ball pool guideline. Steps: Play tutorial/game with beginner cue. Search 1075734118 dword. Change to 1085734118, freeze. Done ezzzz, change to whatever cue and enjoy. Screenshot of cheat:
  6. Idk if it's just me but every time I do this it just lags super bad on the servers, not really playable lol
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