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  1. Thank you for the responses reed265 and Enyby. Appreciate that you took time off to explain and respond. GG still has my unconditional support. It's a great piece of software.
  2. I understand that. But can you give us a vague idea what possibly could have happened? What the developers must have changed on the server side? I went through other posts. Understanding that we should try "List of Timers", I did tinker with it -- switching on and off various options. It didn't help.
  3. Maybe Enby can help us understand if there's a workaround or it is now unhackable.
  4. Tank shooting game War Machines got a new update. It seems to have made the speed hack ineffective. When I change speed, it keeps me taking back to the starting point. Only after I stop the speed hack, the game starts working fine. Is there any way around this? Has War Machine made Game Guardian speed hack ineffective.
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