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  1. zindy


    after 10 sec in game crisis action i will get this notice, but if i use GG v.8.12.0 im not get the problem..??
  2. zindy


    can u tell me why the latest GG version is not work auto pause in game but if i use GG v 8.12 work fine but i can't execute .lua script in there..???
  3. zindy


    crashed and auto restart on Asus Zenfone 2 deluxe ZE551ML 4/32gb...
  4. @NoFear does it work on FPS game called Crisis Action???
  5. can i use this method in different game??? can i unlocked all weapon in game Crisis Action???
  6. zindy

    Known problems

    @Enyby thanks, i can try to change fw...
  7. zindy

    Known problems

    i have problem with my Asus zen 2, every i close GG app my phone always reboot automaticaly... how to solve this??
  8. here is my logcat when i try hack Crisis Action game ver2.0, please help me to solved this.. thanks before 2017-01-19-09-57-38.txt
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