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    Got banned at guest account when activating scripts. Plz dont use this new script. Bypass musnt be working v6 no problem v7 problem.
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    The comment section is too long so i put it here.. currenly the " Client APK " has currently update 1mb.. this would be the security of the Game.. so from now on please becareful using any cheat until the new mod apk appear TY!!
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    Good script , good hacks . Only 2 thing is bad here. 1) it is Russian . Add English language because this page is only in English it is this web page rule . ( this is better for public ) 2) change encryption because it is very easy to decompile . Just use "loader" and full script will be decoded with loaded files . ( this is better for you , change encryption method )
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    nIce bro. you are doing good work but something else when i am using grande hack enemy invisible. hide and i am not able shoot him
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    Your hack didn't work well. Like Antenna head is from player butt not point to the sky. Also didn't include new functions in it..
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    Thanks bro you help me ly❤
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