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  1. We just made the post h.??️ ? @Enyby
  2. @Enyby bro what are you doing at gameguardian ? No clue . No offence. I am just helping other people like me wbo waste their time on people like you know what i mean . Cheers
  3. @Enyby Get the stuff the stuff workimg ill give actual reviews not fake ones. I am just helping other users before they DOWNLOAD something which is not right. Appreciated your reply @Enyby Post it somewhere else these fake scripts. There are actual REAL USERS who tey this and do reply ? Cheers New script coming soon Fellaw21
  4. Dude its sad when the poster of the script havent tried the game .this leads to ban to other users. For this script if u get banned follow this to get unbanned Will get back to you with proper script soon Cheers Fellaw
  5. Please find the review of the script whats working whats not. May be lot of reverse engineering is done but eod things should work.it doesn't look like its working. Some of given ban some does force close or restart phone itself. Again ? hope the poster of this post wud have tested and confirm what works. Then i can confirm top of that. Cheers
    It's no more working. It was working way back 2 weeks back. It gives straight way BAN. Liked your work but it's no more .. DONT DOWNLOAD .
    Its a fake script copied from one of the old scripts nothing works. Its a straight way to ban DO NOT DOWNLOAD........
  6. Fellaw21

    PUBG Free Script

    Its a copy of a old script Straight way to ban.
  7. Hi found a actual video by a expert hacker https://youtu.be/CjUq26Yciq0
  8. I want to block this user somehow Wasting time for users and copying their work.stfu
  9. Its fake and copy of one of the script below none of them work and it will give a straight ban..
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