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  1. You can. But don't be surprised if banned.
  2. Now it works like a charm, thank you very much, dear Mario! Still don't get it, why the universal unlocker fails, though. But - who cares) Tne Genius did it again!
  3. Doesn't seem to work(. Not for the new cars, at least.
  4. Thank you, Mario. Yet, our Car Unlock Princess is in another castle. You are a Hacking God!)
  5. Real Racing 3 (9.2.0) Currency Hack (R$,Gold,M$) (#8go8hzxj) meanwhile, this version still works. One currency by one.
  6. Hello, dear Mario, Hope you are safe & sound! Please, be so kind to update your revolutionary scripts, if you will, to 9.3.0) Thank you very much in advance! Best regards from lazy RR3 MarioRossi93i fans)
  7. Real Racing 3 9.1.1 works with this previous version of Currency Hack. All hail MarioRossi93i!) rr3_currency_hack.v9.
  8. Dear MarioRossi93i, please update this wonderful script for the new 9.1.1 version (if possible, of course). And also VIP hack, if you wish). Car unlocker works fine.
  9. Dear MarioRossi93i, merry Xmas & a really Happy New Year to you for this blessing! Works like a charm ***** EA.
  10. Well, what can I say - ALL HAIL MarioRossi93i! When a man is a genius, he's a genius!)
  11. Well, what did you expect? There is no GG for iOS, AFAIK, so get an Android & be happy with it, as most normal people are.
  12. Have nothing to do, but to agree with GG creator).
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