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    Soo basically this is your FAMOUS VIP(original) hack?, if yes, i was expeting more because... I think you know that out there there are some free scripts Like punkaz and Mello Everytime you state *they steal my work, mine is much better* So I thought yours have everything
  1. LoL you are funny like a rock, AS ALWAYS. First: guns of boom is sleeping right now you cannot get banned easly. Im using the *dangerous* scripts every day nothing happens Second: we don't care at all about your business poor kid, you have been forgotted, you Lost your potential customers with your arrogance. you know you are not welcome in gg forums and you keep saying that everyone is poor ? HOW many lambos do you have? (this guy is depressing)
  2. Azreal if you got the money to put in hentai's a**, just do it we don't care. Hentai has been forgotten and despreciated because of his greedy and arrogance. Now he is constantly on gg forums to post "you steal my work". Azreal you are the only one who still follow an idiot Like XxhentaixX
  3. Really thanks for your script, don't listen to negative comments. Everything is working fine
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