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  1. Why..No reply from Adims???? Almost 15+day..parallel speace not support google play id..Lots off people uploaded ther comment but still its not fixed...... Plzzzzz sir help us Fix google play issu..
  2. Love11

    Parallel space

    Why no reply???? Parallel space not support google play id.GU.. We already reported 5day ago..still its not fixed.. .... po lzzz help us..
    Pizza help....now parallel space not support google id..This problem was last 4 days....plzz Salf this.
  3. #pankaz bro u r best....but sadly now guns off boom not working in parallal spece......cant connect with google play id...plz help us....its not only my problems.. help..
  4. Hlw sir...plz help....its already 4 days now...parral spec not working with google play id...plz adim help
  5. Hlw sir.... Now google account doesn't work in current version...... Plzz do something......its 3 days now...plz sir help...T [added 1 minute later] Google account not working.....plz help
    Try to Fix.. Esp bro.. Its more imp..
  6. Thank u so much bro... Plz try to add ESP.. Its more Imp in game
  7. Thank u so much bro.. Try to fix.. Esp
  8. Thank u so much.. Punkz... Hope next time ESP works
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