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    Learn lua, create your own.
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    Use table if you need store only until scripts run. Use file with gg.saveVariable if you need persistent storage.
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    Hello Guys . In This Video You Will See Decompiler Which Can Decrypt Full Revo Encoding . It can decrypt Version : 1.0 , 2.0 , 3.0 , 4.0 , 5.0 , 5.1 , 5.2 , 5.3 , 5.4 and 5.5 . We Are Working For Full Decode Revo 6.0 By One Click . Decompiler By Darking Cheater And Top GEO .
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    You mess with indentation. So you can not see error in obvious way. Your code: for x = 1, 3 do chamPlayer[x] = {} chamPlayer[x].flags = gg.TYPE_DWORD end chamPlayer[1].address = gg.getResults(1)[1].address - 0x134 chamPlayer[2].address = gg.getResults(1)[1].address - 0x144 chamPlayer[3].address = gg.getResults(1)[1].address - 0x14C gg.addListItems(chamPlayer[x]) print(chamPlayer[x]) gg.clearResults() ScopeOffset() Proper indentation: for x = 1, 3 do chamPlayer[x] = {} chamPlayer[x].flags = gg.TYPE_DWORD end chamPlayer[1].address = gg.getResults(1)[1].address - 0x134 chamPlayer[2].address = gg.getResults(1)[1].address - 0x144 chamPlayer[3].address = gg.getResults(1)[1].address - 0x14C gg.addListItems(chamPlayer[x]) print(chamPlayer[x]) gg.clearResults() ScopeOffset() Now you can see: you try use `x` outside loop. And get nil. So you try index with nil. And get nil. This nil you pass to gg.addListItems. And if you print something, you need print it before error, not after. After is never run so it is useless. And one line can help you if you add before `gg.addListItems(chamPlayer[x])`: print(x, chamPlayer[x]) Here you must see `nil, nil` which not expected output.
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    I'm learning new things too from what you post, the Group Items was really helpful because it reminded me of how I used Cheat Engine and how better to use Game Guardian. When I first came to this board you were teaching us Group Items and how to look for DWORDs around the value someone was looking for, in that case Job Tickets. Since then I'm using a Search with 7;96;0~~0;QTY;0~~0::20 7 is the flag for Job Tickets 96 is the flag for ticket Items 0~~0 is a number I don't know but we know it's a huge number before the QTY QTY is the Job Tickets I have 0~~0 is a number I don't know but we know it's a huge number after the QTY When we subtract those huge numbers we are left with the QTY The other flags for tickets are 8 Equipment Ticket 9 Facility Ticket 10 Item Ticket 11 Friend Ticket So as soon as we unlock the Job Tickets, which is when we reach Level 3 Town hall, we are given 3 Job tickets, so we can immediately search 7;96;0~~0;3;0~~0::20 We are searching for 5 DWORDs, each DWORD has 4 bytes so thats 5 x 4 = 20 bytes As we have no Equipment Tickets we can search 8;96;0~~0;0;0~~0::20 Some other interesting Group Items when they unlock 66 Bronze Trophy;2152 67 Silver Trophy;2152 68 Gold Trophy;2152 69 Kairo Grail;2152 70 Crown of Courage;2152 Search for Flag;2152;0~~0;QTY;0~~0::20 QTY is the number you have or zero if you have none Crown of Courage 70;2152;0~~0;QTY;0~~0::20 Crown Of Courage unlocks as soon as you open a Chest with it
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    You can change the Reward Type as long as the item has been unlocked. Just some added information 39;25;9::12 39 is the Total Number of Materials you need to search for 25 is the quantity of the Award 9 is the quantity of the Materials you found, this will be zero if you haven't started the quest ; seperates the values you are looking for :: is an ordered search meaning that 39 will be first, then 25 then 9 12 is the range of bytes you want to search A DWORD is 4 bytes, so I'm searching for the values in a 3 DWORD Range, or basically one after the other These need confirmation, they are a work in progress Briefing Room Data Syntax DWORD Unknown 0 for mine DWORD Unknown 0 for mine DWORD Unknown 0 DWORD Action for Daily Quest (0 in this case for Materials) DWORD Unknown 0 DWORD Unknown 0 This is the part I was using an ordered search for DWORD 39 Total Quantity need to Complete Daily Quest (Points) DWORD 25 Quantity of REWARD you will get DWORD 9 Current Quantity you have done, change this to Total Quantity to complete Daily task DWORD Unknown 1 DWORD Unknown 4 DWORD Unknown -negative number DWORD Unknown -negative number DWORD Unknown 0 DWORD Unknown -1 DWORD Unknown 30 DWORD Unknown 1000 DWORD Reward Type (0 in this case for Diamonds) DWORD Unknown DWORD Unknown Action for Daily Quest Values Although you can change these, it's better to leave them as their own because you can just complete the Daily Task by changing the current quantity. 0 - Materials 1 - Copper 2 - Caves 3 - Harvest 4 - Caves 5 - Collect Sturdy Boards 6 - Caves 7 - Invite friends to conquest 8 - Invite friends to conquest 9 - Defeat Monsters 10 - Defeat Monsters 11 - Defeat Monsters And so on Reward Type You can only get rewards when items are unlocked, so Tickets, Bronze, Silver and Gold has to be unlocked 0 - Diamonds 1 - Grass 2 - Wood 3 - Food 4 - Ore 5 - Mystic Ore 6 - Energy 7 - Job Ticket 8 - Equipment Ticket 9 - Facility Ticket 10 - Item Ticket 11 - Friend Ticket 12 - Bronze Coins 13 - Silver Coins 14 - Gold Coins 15 - Diamonds (Use 0 instead)
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    In our videos you can see the application GG Victim (formerly GG victum). This is a test application that we created ourselves. You can never get or download it, because it's a private application. You can not ask for a link or apk - this will never happen. The reason for creating this application: it is very difficult to find games that meet the necessary requirements to show some features of the work of GG. Also, there are copyright issues when uploading a video to Youtube. This application contains a lot of code that can help developers to strengthen protection or bypass GG. Therefore, this application can not be downloaded. If you need a test application for video recording or training, look for this application yourself. If you do not understand what a test application is, and you think that without GG Victim you can not work with GG, then GG is definitely not for you. Uninstall the GG.
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    get this ;premium_battle_pass_x20
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    Every time i want to log in on google play a "error" pops up and it says google play services doesnt work with out google play services thats currently updating (Picture is in dutch). I tried to search if someone had a solution in the forum, but ddnt find one. So is there anyone who can help me now? Thx
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    Name of Game: Royal Dice : Random Defense Game Version: 1.22.0 Name of Cheat: Coins/Diamons/Dices Search type: Dword Steps: Open Royal Dice, and GameGuardian. You can do it wherever you want (Daily Rewards, Daily Special Deal) I will take an example in daily rewards for diamons. Use speed hack to change the day in the game and refill the rewards. The first need to be 10 free diamons, and search for it. Speed up until it changes and get 100 gold. Refine your search until you get one value, usually only takes 1 refine. Change and freeze if u preffer to: 100,000 if u want gold 14,000 for diamons 8,000 aprox for dices 100 aprox for legends dices Continue to claiming with speed hack Tips: When you finish, I recommend deleting the game data or reinstalling it so that the date is corrected and not have to go through the days used by the speed hack. You cant give more diamons or gold, It has a maximum quantity limit that you can give yourself. If you give more than indicated your data will not be saved. For dices its the same steps just dont refine or change when you get a chest in your special deal. To get dices it will cost gold, so the best is get a lot of diamons and buy it. Any questions feel free to ask
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    999;1;1 999;1;20 1 in between 999 and 1/20 doesn't take any meaning. 999 means maximum shown number , so every time you see items exceed amount of 999, it shows only 999+. 1 and 20 is more easy to explain. It is amount that you take the item. There will be two 20 when you search this group search. Each 20 means for different category. If you pay attention every time you take item from inventory, you will found there are some item -1 when take once, some -20 when take once. 20 has 2 categories, 1 has another few categories. So for example you want to take 5 copper ore at once instead of 20. Change 999;1;20 to 999;1;5. 3 And the reason that "Infinite item" work is because you set taken amount as negative. Simple math. You take 20 stuff from inventory, your backpack +20, inventory -20. You take -999999 item from inventory, your backpack -999999 (but you don't store it to your backpack, so no deduction.), inventory +999999.
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    No. User must have cancel option.
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    Look like added some protection against speedhack. I do not see anything wrong about speedhack in the log.
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    This is old but this might help those who don't have the habit of using automated scripts... Many of these values are still working... Specially for those who want to swap items.... LAST DAY ON EARTH ITEM CODE.pdf
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    Hello, I just created my first lua script on the Dragon Ball Legends game on Android and I would like to have your opinion on this work which took time because I started ... The ModMenu includes the following options: - GodMod: Become Invincible - Weak Ennemy: Make the opponent vulnerable (choice of the number of enemies to automate the task) For the Weak Ennemy, when the opponent dies in excruciating pain after your fatal blow with the infinity glove, you automatically return to GameGuardian and the next opponent is automatically made vulnerable, until you extermination of each opponent. ::start:: mort = 1 gg.setVisible(true) gg.clearResults() gg.clearList() menu = gg.choice({"GodMod","Weak Ennemy","Both"},nil,"VIP ModMenu Dragon Ball Legends") if menu == nil then goto stop end weakmod = 1 godmod = 1e30 if menu == 1 then both = false goto a end if menu == 2 then both = false goto b end if menu == 3 then both = true goto a end if menu == nil then goto stop end ::a:: data = gg.prompt({[1]='My HP'}, {[1]=nil}) if data == nil then goto start end gg.searchNumber(data[1], gg.TYPE_FLOAT, false, gg.SIGN_EQUAL, 0, -1) empty = gg.getResultsCount() if empty == 0 then gg.clearResults() gg.searchNumber(data[1], gg.TYPE_AUTO, false, gg.SIGN_EQUAL, 0, -1) end gg.getResults(12) gg.editAll(godmod, gg.TYPE_FLOAT) gg.clearResults() gg.toast("GodMod ACTIVATED") if both == true then goto b else goto stop end ::b:: choix_nb_ennemy = gg.choice({'1', '2', '3'}, nil, 'Ennemy Number') data = gg.prompt({[1]='Ennemy HP'}, {[1]=nil}) if data == nil then goto start end gg.searchNumber(data[1], gg.TYPE_AUTO, false, gg.SIGN_EQUAL, 0, -1) next_ennemy = data[1] gg.getResults(20) gg.editAll(weakmod, gg.TYPE_FLOAT) gg.toast("Weak Ennemy ACTIVATED") goto c ::c:: if gg.isVisible(true) then gg.setVisible(false) end if choix_nb_ennemy == 1 then nb_ennemy = 1 end if choix_nb_ennemy == 2 then nb_ennemy = 2 end if choix_nb_ennemy == 3 then nb_ennemy = 3 end while mort <= nb_ennemy do if mort == nb_ennemy then break end for i, v in pairs(gg.getResults(16, nil, nil, nil, nil, nil, gg.TYPE_DWORD | gg.TYPE_QWORD)) do if v.value > 1 and v.value ~= next_ennemy then gg.toast("Ennemy is DeadBack to GG...") gg.sleep(1000) next_ennemy = v.value goto d end end end gg.toast("Ennemy is DeadYOU WIN") goto stop ::d:: mort = mort + 1 gg.setVisible(true) gg.clearResults() gg.searchNumber(next_ennemy, gg.TYPE_AUTO, false, gg.SIGN_EQUAL, 0, -1) gg.getResults(16) gg.editAll(weakmod, gg.TYPE_FLOAT) gg.toast("Weak Ennemy ACTIVATED") goto c ::stop:: if gg.isVisible(true) then gg.setVisible(false) end gg.clearResults() os.exit() I also have a question: Can we make sure that the values are automatically found at the launch of the script without the user entering anything? For example when the fight begins, my character has 1 500 000 HP, can we find this value without the user entering "1500000" in the script? Thank you for your feedback! WebReveuse1
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    Address must be even for 4, for Dword data type. It is called data align in memory. jz is table with tables, Read API docs for getResults. So jz.address is just nil.
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    You got burley? Is burley a possible drop in bunkers ?
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    Essentially you want to clear all your coins? It's possible.
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    PlayStore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ExiliumGames.Anima Help me: damage, hp, mana, item, .....
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    Just curious, you just state a series of dwords like. I wanted to put the fisherman's rod But wasn't sure. is it same for x64 and x86 ?
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    I have a guy who wrote for me a 32bit script and I need it in 64bit is that possible? Sent from my ONEPLUS A6010 using Tapatalk
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    As the title suggests, it would be convenient having a ± function which will allow certain range searches to be done quickly, especially when there are large values at play. For instance, I know a health value in a particular game is always in FLOAT and is several figures long e.g. 1,234,567. I could do a direct search but it may have or may not have a non-zero decimal after that. Doing a search of 1,234,567 when the real figure is 1,234,567.891, no results are found unless it's an AUTO search (which is longer). A range search could amend this by typing FLOAT (1234566 ~ 1234568) = 1234567.891, though is can get cumbersome when doing it for multiple characters, over multiple battles/playthroughs in just one session (especially when the value is volatile). Instead, we could type FLOAT (1234567±1) = 1234567.891 Unless, I'm overlooking a current implementation, this could be useful!
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    View File On Off Multi Toggle Menu Base Template I don't really talk much in forums but noticed that some ppl where still having trouble with toggle buttons and auto hide menus so i made this simple menu base template that has multi toggles. Im in no way shape or form the best. Nor is this method the most efficient. But it is easy to understand.. i hope XD... Anyway hope someone can learn from this and create something amazing one day Submitter NexusLoveYT Submitted 11/18/2019 Category Templates  
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    Write to Virtual Xposed github.
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    I gotten far enough as running it with parallel space but the game crashes while loading.. please help
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    I think it's a rotating key. But there is another method no searching needed.
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    With hide toolbar: Is this height enough for you, or would you like to see more? For example, by hiding the tab bar. Something like this draft: Vote.
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    C'mon guys - learn to research! https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=game+guardian+xor The key was even posted here already: 1. click search icon 2. input your coin value 3. click down arrow 4. click "XOR=...?" 5. input XOR key 6. set Type = Dword 7. click new search
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    well...4500 address seem workable for me. select group of 100 results or more(however you like)...and change it. exit and enter the shop to see it change...revert and delete if nothing change. continue till you got it. simple.
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    First, as normal, search the Dword value. then set a variable for found value. Create a loop and table with help of that variable, address= t[loop].address +0x134. Then check if that offset meet the value you need, then set value for table[1] and gg.setValues(t)
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    We don't know for sure at the moment, pretty much everything can be hacked but its not clear what triggers bans.
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    Guys, I ve try it today and i have some problems. From 00:47 to 03:21 I did it, but I cant understand from 00:00 to 00:46, how to get these code
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    damm i know their is 1 somewhare but i cant find it i have a friend thar alters his uc he has evrything in game but he is an ashool he wont tell me how its done it sucks bro i have alsow been looking for a scrip or a way to do it but simpley ant find it
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    View File Template Multichoice Menu Inside Multichoice Menu It is a template for a menu which multichoice sub menus inside multichoice sub menus inside multichoice sub menus. It can be extended as many sub menus you want. Submitter AKRAMRAZA Submitted 09/09/2019 Category Templates  
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    Toram online is Now don't detect GG So can anyone make (Refine +S Always crt Always rare drop Copy of item Miss mobs atks) Plz anyone work on on think
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    Do you have any idea how to clone a city? I know that it's possible. There is a monas club which has 80% of cities with the same population and lvl. It would speed up the return of the war to the detection of fraud. Thans for help
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    View File Archero mod menu (AMM) Not Updating Anymore suggest me games in the comments for undetect Use @ItsSC Way OR download this mod made BY GAMEMOD.PRO Direct Link (recommended) if this go down Go http://www.mediafire.com/file/csov8b4cwzwxuf9/com.habby.archero_113_GMP_signed.apk/file if You Have a problem MENTION me at comments example ' @SB2P Archero detect GG' or something like that the script has: Unlimited HEALTH store hack(obsidian chest) Unlimited Gold unlimited energy stats(projectile speed) lvl skills hack(in game) Submitter SB2P Submitted 05/30/2019 Category LUA scripts  
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    View File guns of boom hack script 100% anti ban HACK Ammo hack, Esp hack, always headshots, light aim hack, heavy aim hack(sensitivity under 30), chams 1, chams 2, Fov changer, grenades throw hacks, speed(backwards/forward), speed(sideward) @@@@@@ 360_30_1.58_May052019.mp4 360_30_1.58_May052019.mp4 Submitter baljeet Submitted 05/05/2019 Category LUA scripts  
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    request 8ball pool hacked
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    Same here. We need an optimized version for android 9.0. The app off of playstore is working for 9.0, but gg wont work inside. Any idea on when this could be made available?
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    Hey I posted this topic but spelt the name wrong. Anyone able to script this game for credits/strong boxes, black keys and premium boxes. Game hasn't been updated since 2016. Any help would be amazing
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    View File StandOff 2 ▶StandOff 2 Fast Crawl Hack◀ ▶Feature : FAST CRAWL No Error ?My YouTube : Nxtmo Modz Submitter NxtmoModzYT Submitted 06/09/18 Category LUA scripts
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    Post moved to a separate topic: GameGuardian work without root (#jcig3ot)
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    Hey man I tried to follow your leads but after I tried to restart the game its didn't save the gold it take me back to the original gold I dont know where did I go wrong maybe if you can help me I would appreciate thanks man
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    I'm not VIP, but THAAANKS!! You help me a lot ^^ Sorry about my bad english, i'ts because my original leanguage is PT-BR :-P
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    If some one have the new script please include here. Thank you
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    please can you give us a script for "unknown currency" (UC) in Pubg Mobile? there are script but they all are for older versions.I want to check all the cool stuff in the game.

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