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    Rules: 1. When translating or fixing a translation, don't translate any placeholders. All of them start from __ and end with __. For example "__app_name__" or "__search__". 2. If the string contains line breaks, don't remove them - it can destroy the interface when using your language. 3. Google Translate sometimes replaces quotes. It is not necessary to use them. Use only conventional, single or double quotes. If the source text is updated, We will use automatic text translation of the new strings until the new translation is ready, instead of the old version of the strings. If you need to add any language, reply in this thread or send me a personal message. Translate can be done here: http://gameguardian.oneskyapp.com/collaboration/ You must follow to the topic. When I update or add new strings to the translation center, I always write here "Strings updated." I can not write to each translator personally, more than 30 people. Follow this topic for notification about update translation source: https://gameguardian.net/forum/index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=notifications&do=follow&follow_app=forums&follow_area=topic&follow_id=7544
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    I've managed to do successfully using what you instructed. I have a question, can this be detected by the Game server or facebook or no?
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    Thanks. Will wait for it. Update: Manage to unlock all the Special items in the in-app store, make unlimited usage of scrolls and max out the Happy Clover. Only left is to get Golden Clover and One Million Store Item. I tested most of the near-far address but still unsuccessful. You can. The game will freeze and shut down by itself -- which is a good thing -- and about 70-90% of the modded amount is obtained after you restart the game. It took me 2 shutdowns and less than 15 minutes to obtain 20022 rice. If 200 at a time, it will take more than an hour or two.
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    Unknown float search. Goto a lower or higher spot on map. Unknown increased or decreased depending on if you and higher (increased) or lower (decrease). Keep repeating. Eventually you'll have small list of values. Ranging from 0 to maybe 4 (depending on height). If you have a value like 3.64567 Edit to something like 3.9 If character jumps ,you found the height value . Goto address ,and I think 8bytes below will be x axis speed and further down y axis. Got can edit the speed and basically teleport in a direction until you hit a wall. I'm sure nearby is your x/y location on map meaning you can teleport ANYWHERE, I just never tried or cared.
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    As I stated in my previous post regarding changing the gems amount in Fishdom, Yes, I also was able to change the amount! BUT was not able to use them for anything!! The game does not recognize the "new changed amount" of 100 OR 1272727277!! ONLY the original amount you had, before the change(in my case it was 8 gems). I also, could have taken a screen shot of my gem amount when changed to 100 and post it as you did....But good luck trying to use them!!

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