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  1. As I stated in my previous post regarding changing the gems amount in Fishdom, Yes, I also was able to change the amount! BUT was not able to use them for anything!! The game does not recognize the "new changed amount" of 100 OR 1272727277!! ONLY the original amount you had, before the change(in my case it was 8 gems). I also, could have taken a screen shot of my gem amount when changed to 100 and post it as you did....But good luck trying to use them!!
  2. Ok, so just new to Game Guardian. Using android emulator Koplayer. Rooted. Tried to change amount of remaining lives in CC. Easily narrowed down and found the one I needed, problem is though, I can't increase the amount? when I click on the amount, change it to 100 for example, it still reverts back to 3.(the original value)I've tried changing it several times but always goes back to 3(the actual amount of lives I have) And clearly doesn't change it in the CC game either. I've tried freeze but that didn't work. Can someone tell me what's the problem causing this?? Also, tried GG playing Fishdom but that was just a HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT! I tried to increase my gems amount.(8) I did the search, narrowed down to two, changed the value on both to 100, and VOILA! Gems amount changed to 100! Played the next level, had to use 9 gems (to add 5 more extra moves) to beat the level. When I tried to use the gems I added I wouldn't let me? It kept taking me to the store to buy more because it still recognizes that I only had (8) gems NOT 100. And when I went back to main screen of the game, it reverted back to only 8 gems. Disappointed. So GG hasn't worked successfully for me in Fishdom OR Candy Crush!
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