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  1. In short: no. In long: yes, but too complicated for simple usage. Need inject some code in proper place for make something like load own lib or run some manually crafted code. Examples: Regview (ARMv7) (#5rdiyt3s) GGInjector (#9c9qcq9g)
  2. You delete video, nobody can see it. But in your browser cache it still exists. Until it not delete from cache you can watch it.
  3. local a = -65 local b = string.format("%02X", a & 0xFF) print(b) https://www.lua.org/cgi-bin/demo
  4. For hacking, the ability to write and understand scripts, most often, is not needed. It is necessary to be able to use the help of GG, Google and have a general understanding of storing data in the memory of applications and games. This is usually enough for most hacks. Most people don't read anything and are just trying to waste other people's time. "Give, give, give ...", "Teach me" and so on. Most of the things are described in the GG help, on this forum and basically on the Internet. More sophisticated hacks will require a deeper knowledge of the design of applications, games, data storage, and more, including pointers. Scripts are usually needed to automate what you can do manually in GG anyway. Only in rare cases, scripts are absolutely necessary. For example, when you need to change very large amounts of data, perform complex calculations, or changes must be made in a tight time frame. In other cases, scripts just speed up everything that can be done manually. Additionally, I can say that no one will teach anyone. it is simply thankless work. Either you learn yourself or you pay money in games. All the information you need is usually in the GG help, Google help or this forum. You just need to take, read, understand and use. And learning is simply impossible, even if someone wanted it. There are much more people who want to tinker with them than the free time of any knowledgeable person. Moreover, he is absolutely not interested in it.
  5. Wrong site. Androld only here. Use google for search. Topic closed.
  6. Avoid brands with customized firmware like Samsung. Prefer clear Android with well known ways for get root. Avoid Huawei and Honor devices at all - broken kernels. I prefer ZTE, because they use clear Android and usually easy rooted. Sometime noname china better rather well-known brands in terms of root and game hacking. Before buy, search info how to root this device. After buy do not update firmware if not sure, because new update can make impossible get root again.
  7. Enyby


    Help other people on this forum.
  8. https://gameguardian.net/help/ Look at getValues API call.
  9. Better use Cheat Engine forums for questions connected with it.
  10. IDK what you mean by "Gameguardian Lag". In any case GG designed for run in Android. Not for "phoenix os" or anything else.
  11. Enyby


    If you want to add a new translation or improve an existing one (#bp2vdv5m)
  12. Enyby

    GG Cashed Log

    Install latest version. No support for old versions.
  13. Somehow ptrace produce bad results for process in log. So IDK what happen here. If tester work it is odd. Maybe firmware protection for some processes.
  14. Something wrong with ptrace on your firmware. GG can not work on this conditions.
  15. Detection based not on service name. The fact that you have imagined something does not mean that it is so in reality.
  16. Then no luck for you. I use some public version with disabled protection. Of course it not shipped with assist or x64. So I hope assist not contains protection. But look like it is not true.
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